Libya Attack: Speak Softly and Carry a Very Big Stick!

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Muslim fanatics in the Middle East have been rioting, burning, and killing because of a film made by an American Jew that revealed some truths about Islam and Mohammed; however, we now know that is simply their “cover” story. Now we know that the riots were planned and U.S. officials had a three-day warning of the “spontaneous” uprising. Obama, Hillary and assorted incompetents have been stumbling over each other to justify their massive failure that cost four American lives.

I predict that if Obama continues in his lame response to the killing of these four Americans, it will destroy any hope to beat Romney in November. His advisors should tell him about Teddy Roosevelt’s  reaction in 1904 to the kidnapping of an American businessman (Ion Perdicaris) and his stepson. They were taken from their home in Tangier by Raisuli, the “Last of the Barbary Pirates,” and held for $70,000 ransom along with other demands. President Roosevelt (a progressive!) sent seven battleships to Morocco and a message: “This government wants Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead.” Perdicaris was released in a few days!

That international incident was an example of Teddy’s “Speak softly and carry a big stick” philosophy. Obama speaks softly (when he has a teleprompter) and carries a wet noodle.

What is usually missed is the impact Roosevelt’s action had on his political fortunes. The Republican National Convention was taking place in Chicago at the time, and Secretary of State Hay sent them a copy of Teddy’s message to the kidnappers. Teddy’s reelection campaign was lackluster, lukewarm, and lifeless but when the telegram was read to the delegates, the convention went wild with excitement.  Teddy got another term in the White House.

President Obama sent a strongly worded message with the understanding that money will follow! The U.S. can send a better message by closing every embassy in the Middle East. That action should be followed with all Muslim diplomats in America sent packing.  Muslim leaders know they are supposed to guarantee the safety of our diplomats but they always support their Muslim “brothers.”

The Libyan Government has promised full support but talk is cheap. Well, not so cheap since we purchase their support. The Muslim terrorists – it’s getting to where that is a redundancyshould be in a Libyan jail by midnight.  If they hang all the terrorists involved within 30 days, the U.S. should be satisfied. If not, Obama should send a covert team and take out every known terrorist.  There are photos and videos of the killings so there is no excuse. Besides, the U.S. has “boots on the ground,” maybe some were among the rioters.

Hillary’s statement was without passion and very lame. She did not use the words “terrorist” or “Muslim” and used a few lines to speak of the ambassador. She is a weakling.

Obama’s response was very lame and promised everyone that we don’t hold Muslims  responsible! Well, we sure don’t hold the Methodists responsible! He said, “While the United States rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others, we must all unequivocally oppose the kind of senseless violence that took the lives of these public servants.” Maybe he will send the terrorists more millions to carry out the “democracy” process in Libya.  He did not use “terrorist” or “Muslim” either.

This administration is the most incompetent, impotent, and inept in the past century and is reaping what has been sowed for about 4 years. We have a weak, wimpy, worthless president, and everyone who voted for him has bloody hands.  He laid a foundation for this by kowtowing and bowing toward his Muslim buddies. Jimmy Carter laid the original foundation for weakness and is no longer holding the title of “worst U.S. President.” He has probably asked his wife, “Do you think Americans miss me, yet?” I can answer that, Jimmy: No!

I suggest that it is past time for America to identify our friends and our foes, and to stop kissing our foes and kicking our friends. Friendly nations should be assured that it pays to be friends with America and our foes should be thoroughly convinced that it will cost them to be our enemies. The cost should start today: No more money to Egypt or Libya.

Obama’s weakness, waffling, and wobbling on principle is a major problem for us. I would not permit Obama to lead a Boy Scout troop on a nature hike in a city park, and Hillary should resign and go home and prepare for when Bill finally comes home, wagging his tail behind him.



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