Looney Liberals Loathe Witch Hunts But Make an Exception for Trump!

Unprincipled people have leaned deep into the barrel to pull out the most odious charges to make against fellow politicians. And it didn’t start in the U.S. in our day.

Cicero who died 43 B.C. was advised by his brother Marcus to accuse one of his political opponents as having “disgraced himself by going down to the market and openly buying a girl to keep at home as a sex slave.” Of another, he “was brought up in debauchery with his own sister…and shed his first blood killing Roman citizens and businessmen as a henchman of [the dictator] Sulla…He even murdered his own brother-in-law.” The coup de grâce was, “He was a friend of actors–can you imagine?”

Yes, I can since I know politicians who have been the same at all times in history–deplorable, dishonest, and determined–to stay in office and grabbing even more power.

President Donald Trump is a flawed person–as am I. As is everyone. He was not my first choice but became my choice when I realized that Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office would doom millions of unborn babies to death. It could also kick off a national sex orgy comparable to ancient Rome and earlier pagan societies and the total decimation of our military.

My choice was clear: Donald Trump for President.

Trump won but the leftists made a pact to destroy him. Liberals don’t usually conduct witch hunts, but they have made an exception with Trump. In fact, the hunt started long before he was elected. Before his Inaugural Address, there was talk of impeachment! As of now, over 1.2 million citizens (well, I assume they are citizens) signed a petition to impeach him. Radical leftist politicians, in bed with the media, decided to undo what the American people had done! I always thought that was treason.

Of course, the leftwing media has jumped onboard the Dump Trump Bandwagon.

Some members of Congress have jumped on the band wagon that they hope rolls on to impeachment. They include Reps. Maxine Water, D-Calif., and Al Green, D-Texas. Even a Republican, Rep. Justin Amash claimed there are grounds to impeach President Trump. And Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., invoked “Watergate.” On August 31, a huge “Impeach Trump” billboard was erected within a mile of Trump’s Florida White House stating, “No one is above the law. Not even the president.” I wonder if that includes the Clintons?

Leftist zealots, foaming at the mouth and lips purple from drinking the Kool Aid, plastered fliers around Washington D.C., demanding all White House staffers resign. The posters read: “If you work for this White House you are complicit in hate-mongering, lies, corrupt taking of Americans’ tax money via self-dealing and emoluments, and quite possibly federal crimes and treason. Also, any wars will be on your soul. … Resign now.” That was self-righteous hokum.

However, they have a problem because even constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, who voted for President Obama, warned impeachment enthusiasts not to get ahead of themselves with President Trump because there is no evidence of a crime!

But that little matter doesn’t bother fanatics. Full speed ahead.

Harvard University released a study revealing the mainstream media’s bias against Trump as revealed in his first 100 days in office as compared with the three previous administrations. They looked at ten major television and print outlets. Unsurprisingly, they discovered that the tone of some of the outlets was negative in as many as 98% of the reports! It was far more hostile than the first 100 days of the three previous administrations. What happened to a fair and balanced media?

Some leftists even called for Trump’s assassination! Kathy Griffin’s infamous beheading stunt of President Trump even shocked some on the left. A Missouri State Senator suggested on Facebook that Trump should be assassinated and even a Republican refused to vote for her expulsion from the Senate! After all, Missouri senators have not been removed after being arrested for DUI or marijuana possession! However, we are talking about an influential official writing, “I hope Trump is assassinated!” To his credit, the chairman of the Missouri Democrat Party has demanded she resign. She refuses.

The Julius Caesar play in New York that depicts the main character, a Donald Trump look-alike, being assassinated was deplorable. The production of “Julius Caesar” at “Shakespeare in the Park” in Central Park is sponsored in part by The New York Times and CNN’s parent company Time Warner and they have refused to cancel their sponsorship!

Where is the nationwide outcry from leftists demanding that Trump-haters and similar jerks be sent back to their earlier job at the car wash?
Well, they are too busy greasing the wheels of the Dump Trump Bandwagon before they ride it to a symposium on “How to have a gentle, genteel, and gracious society free from hate and all conservative Christians.”

Liberals chant, “Let the witch hunt continue!” as powerful, princely, prissy people of the press pursue the persecution and prosecution of the President!

If Trump walked on water across the Potomac River without getting wet, the media headline would not be that Trump is a miracle worker–he walks on water. No, it would be–Trump Can’t Swim!

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