Major Disaster Requires God, Groceries, Gold, Guns, Garden!

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I’m not certain that some rogue nation will explode an EMP device over the U.S. knocking out all electronics including automobiles, cell phones, air travel, radio and television stations, computers, etc., or that a natural solar storm will accomplish the same thing. Nor can I be sure that Muslim fanatics will detonate a dirty bomb in one of our major cities. And I can’t be sure that the President will run off the rails and initiate martial law, placing his critics in reeducation camps, and remaining in office for life. And it would be extreme for me to guarantee that a pestilence will smack America in the face killing hundreds of thousands. No, I believe any of the above could happen but they are only possibilities.

However, I am sure that America and the free world face a catastrophic financial meltdown because it is not reasonable to believe we can spend far more money than we take in. Almost 19 trillion dollars of debt is proof of criminal behavior. Everyone knows it is immoral to pass on trillions of dollars of debt to our posterity and repudiation of that debt is just as immoral. The meltdown will be heightened because we have a nation of free loaders who don’t know how to work and don’t even think they are required to work. The fact that the dollar is almost worthless will destroy us even quicker.

My support for belief in a total collapse of the economy with attending gang wars, race wars, home invasions, breakdown of law and order (remember Katrina?), disappearance of food and its production, and massive unemployment is the following.

It was a fantastic year when the stock market boomed and major U.S. companies made huge profits in domestic and foreign markets. New technology totally changed many industries, and financial pundits told us that we were on the edge of a new level of prosperity. Politicians, business leaders, and economists told us that the future was incredibly bright. No, that was not in recent years but in 1929! From May of 1928 to September of 1929, stocks jumped forty percent! In fact, trading in 1929 was more than twice that of 1928.

Newspaper headlines on Oct. 24, 1929 (Black Thursday) screamed, “Wall Street in Panic as Stocks Crash.” President Hoover (not President Roosevelt as Biden declared!) assured the American public that it was only a little correction, but the prosperous became paupers overnight. The best stock on Wall Street was General Motors, selling for 73 and after the crash, it fell to eight!

Men jumped from skyscrapers when their wealth was wiped out in the market. Powerful men were reduced to selling fruit on the streets for pennies. Bread lines were a block long. U.S. unemployment was 25% and about 10,000 banks failed. In addition, our nation did not come out of that depression until the Second World War– twelve long years! Better keep that fact in mind.

It must be kept in mind that even after the stock market crash, political, business, and financial leaders were telling all who would listen that it wasn’t really that bad! The U.S. Secretary of Commerce reported in early 1930 that business was doing well! He said that 1930 would be a “normal” year and those who predicted prolonged depression were “foolish.”

The New York Times jumped into the parade in its Jan. 24, 1930 issue with a headline blaring, “TRADE RECOVERY NOW COMPLETE—No Stimulants Needed—PROGRESS IN ALL LINES BY EARLY SPRING IS FORECAST.” Many major leaders gave such false assurances with no solid, sensible, or sane reason to support them. America was being broken, and our leaders were playing politics to keep everyone from further panic.

Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon assured the nation in early 1930, “I see nothing in the present situation that is either menacing or warrants pessimism.” Mellon must have been President of the League of the Willfully Blind!

Then, on Dec. 6, 1930, when the market had plunged through its 1929 low, unemployment was rising sharply, and business and bank failures were setting records, the Secretary of Commerce said in a radio speech, “We have weathered the storm and signs of stability and recovery are already appearing.” He must have been Vice-president of the League.

We are hearing the same kind of assurances today as the world is brought to its knees. (May not be a bad position!) So get ready for a wild ride that may last for years and be far worse than the hot shots in Washington and New York are telling us. Remember that these are the same people who took months before they used the word “Recession” while some of us knew we were in a “Depression.” It may be that in a few months everyone will use the word, “Panic.”

Economist Richard Yamarone said, “There is no light at the end of the tunnel, and the outlook is pitch black.” With a volatile stock market, U.S. jobless number is now about 9 million (although Forbes reports that the real number is twice that) and major banks and corporations are going belly-up. Millions have stopped looking for work and millions more are working fewer hours because of Obamacare. Your 401-k account may be worth only $401.00! It is almost too late to lash yourself to the mast to keep from being washed overboard.

While pessimism is not my nature, I see a dark cloud on the horizon. First, a major Depression followed by massive inflation. Informed Americans should make plans for some very difficult years ahead. Because life is so uncertain, every thoughtful person should always be prepared for anything. Get ready today for whatever may come tomorrow. Preppers are not only wise but are playing it safe.

I have written before that we don’t have to know the future to prepare for the future. So prepare today. The most compelling preparation is spiritual. Do you know Christ in forgiveness of sins? Are you in a good church that will provide support in time of disaster? Take care of those things immediately.

Try to get out of debt; keep as much cash on hand as possible; purchase some gold and as much silver as you can afford; look for a place to go if chaos hits town as gangs take over and law and order disappear; keep vehicles’ gas tanks full and extra fuel in a safe place; have a safe water supply that you control or stored water in glass jars; have a couple guns for protection against home invasions; have bleach for use in purifying water; purchase food in bulk such as large bags of rice, beans, oats, wheat from Sam’s or Costco’s; also purchase salt, pepper, peanut butter, raisins, nuts, honey, toilet paper, soap, tape, nails, tools, medicine, etc. Be sure to rotate the perishable food. Finally, everyone should have a garden, if only a few plants.

If the cock-eyed optimists are right and nothing happens then you have lost nothing and experienced many good nights of peaceful sleep. You can pour the water on your garden and the food you can eat for the next few months. For sure, the food will not be cheaper. It is win-win.

This is a good time to prepare a garden spot if you have any ground to use so you would need garden tools and other supplies as well as non-hybrid seeds. It would be good to plant some fruit trees.

Simply put: for the storm that is approaching, you need God, groceries, gold, guns, and a garden. Forget about living well because those days are gone for a long time, if not forever. Look for this headline: Panic on Wall Street and Main Street!

And that’s from an optimist! There is no silver lining, just a massive, dangerous, swirling, black cloud. It’s a major storm that will smack everyone. Watch these 8 minute videos of my lecture at the University of North Dakota: “A Christian Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up!”

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