Major Media Refuse to Honestly Deal with Evolution!

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Everyone knows that active creationist Christians usually do not get a fair, honest, and balanced hearing of their views on origins. When honest people demand that creation be considered along with the guess of evolution, evolutionists’ knees jerk incessantly (left ones of course). It seems it is not destructive for students to be exposed to all kinds of kinky sexual activity, death education, feminism, transgenderism, socialism, etc., but it is destructive, divisive, and dangerous for them to inquire into the various theories of origins! I am shocked, shocked that the media and liberal groups have come down on the side of bigotry and intolerance!

ABC News commissioned me to write an article for their website on the evolutionary controversy when state school districts were considering a balanced presentation of origins. I wrote the article, and then rewrote it to conform to their space guidelines, but it never showed up on their website. I was told that it was “too militant,” and the readers couldn’t comprehend it! Isn’t that interesting? I pointed out that famous evolutionists have called Creationists “kooky,” “yahoos,” “stupid,” “liars,” “not to be trusted in any way,” “ignorant,” “insane,” and a “gang of ignorant crackpots.” Yet, I’m too militant!

Yes, I am militant, mad, but not malicious; after all, this a war, but the problem is that I put the evolutionists on the spot! And, of course, the media elite are, for the most part, evolutionists, so I am attacking them when I attack evolution. They don’t have answers so they suck their thumbs and whine about creationists being militant and unfair! Their accusing a Creationist of being unfair is like a skunk accusing a rabbit of having bad breath!

I pointed out that ABC News could have asked me to “tone it down” a bit since they don’t like militancy unless it is from screaming feminists, radical Blacks or homosexual activists. The fact is, as I told my ABC contact, the network is guilty of suppression, if not official censorship! Bigotry! Intolerance! Gasp! Is it possible for ABC to be guilty of such atrocious sins?

About the same time I had my differences with ABC, a letter from a university professor was published in USA Today that had to be dealt with in the interest of fairness, reasonableness, and balance. But the “nation’s newspaper” was not interested in fairness, reasonableness, and balance. They refused to publish my reply. Surprise, surprise, surprise! It is interesting that USA Today paid me for eight years to write columns for them on various subjects but they refused to publish this pro-creation, anti-evolution piece for free! I’m not sure there is a connection but have you noticed that since I refused to write anymore for them, the paper has become almost like one of the weekly give-aways? (OK, just a little self-serving, but an interesting observation.)

Creationists are often called “Bible-thumpers” but I seldom thump my Bible. Well, now and then a few thumps, but not really hard ones. What ABC and USA Today don’t want is to put evolutionists on the spot. The paper did publish an excellent column but it did not deal with the scientific reasons to reject evolution. It could not do so in less than 600 words, but they can say, “Hey, we published a rebuttal to the evolutionist.” That is devious, deceptive, and dishonest; but it is standard operating procedure for the secular media.

The professor’s letter in USA Today seemed to reveal that he had not read anything on the subject of creation/evolution in the last 25 years! The average layman is not expected to be aware of the scientific literature, but it is outrageous for a college professor, who takes it upon himself to speak to the issue, to be so uninformed.

The professor relied on hyperbole to convince the uninformed that his philosophy/religion (not science since it doesn’t meet the definition of science) of evolution is a fact. He compared evolution to gravity, which exposed his desperation. Then he said that evolution is not controversial among mainstream scientists and “among most of the general population.” John must be living in a cave!

Why should creationism be taught in schools? Because that’s the way man arrived on the planet! Creationists believe a sovereign God created everything out of nothing, while most evolutionists and atheists believe nothing created everything out of nothing! Or, nothing became something and something became everything! I choose to believe, “In the beginning, God created….” I choose to believe that because Scripture and science support that fact.

Some facts: The People for the American Way admitted that most Americans want both evolution and creationism taught in public schools. Huffington Post reported that only 15% of Americans believe that man arrived on this planet through evolution without God having any part of the process. The remaining 85% believed in creationism or God-directed evolution. A recent poll asked, “Since the universe has organization, I think there is a Creator who designed it.” More than 72% of Americans agreed!

According to USA Today, scientist Eugenie Scott was appalled that some of our presidential candidates also believe in fairness, reasonableness, and balance. I debated Eugenie at least twice and on Pat Buchanan’s radio show where she admitted that God could have created the universe!

Well, that was a huge concession for an avid evolutionist, and most evolutionists will not willingly go to the origins issue. They have to be pushed there. They want to jump over “billions of years” to Darwin’s mythical “warm, little pond.” Well, I’m ready wade in that pond of which there is not a shred of evidence but I first want to know where the pond came from! Where did the earth come from? What about the universe? Evolutionists stampede away from that issue as if their hair was on fire!

The media think they are sophisticated even scholarly in promoting evolution; however, they are only proving what most people have known for years: they are incompetent, irresponsible, inept, imbalanced, and insincere.

Additionally, they are the most overpaid people east of Hollywood.

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