Marriage Makes Rude, Crude, and Lewd Men into Softies!

Marriage for centuries has made rude, crude, and even lewd men into softies and developed a stable, normal, decent society where women are cherished and exalted and children are trained and protected–until recent years.

Marriage and the family survived 6,000 years, yet in the last 60 years both have been damaged, denigrated, almost destroyed; however, marriage should be the most cherished function in society since in establishing marriage God provided for the continuation of the human race. Marriage is a safe haven on a tempestuous sea of troubles, trials, and temptations and has been known for thousands of years to have a civilizing effect on men. Men have been known traditionally to “clean up their act” when they took a wife. Marriage also tends to protect women and children physically, emotionally, and financially. The “civilizing effect” has made a incredible impact upon every nation.

Marriage and the family are under attack from hedonists, homosexuals, and humanists, and since marriage is our most important social act, we should know its source and foundation. Most people would agree that whatever the kind of wedding, the key should be commitment. Not like a movie star and her famous fiancé who announced at their engagement that their marriage would be different. They each had a tattoo of the other’s name on their rears, but they didn’t even make it to the altar! Without commitment, even branding on the rear end does no good.

Marriage with commitment also adds zest, excitement, pleasure, contentment, and is very rewarding to each person. Married people are twice as happy as divorced and cohabitating couples and married people also live longer and are healthier than unmarried people. Single men drink twice as much as married men and also smoke more, so it is not surprising that married men live longer. There is less suicide and mental illness among married people, and there is also less likelihood of contracting a sexually transmitted disease within marriage than outside marriage.

Young people growing up in a normal family are less likely to be involved in homosexual activity since they have a strong male image and observe and understand what a normal family should be. It also helps if they are taught that God forbids such sinful activity. According to the American Medical Association “homosexual youth are 23 times more likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases than heterosexuals.” Sounds to me like a good reason to be married to one of the opposite sex!

Since single people are not as contented as married people, the singles are more lonely and at higher risk of depression. Furthermore, “couples who cohabit before marriage are much more likely to split up later. And 86 percent of couples in unhappy marriages report being happier five years later if they stay married.” Women who live with a boyfriend are four times more likely to be abused and their children are 40 times more likely to be physically abused!

Married people far surpass unmarried people in accumulating and maintaining their wealth and worldly possessions. In fact, married people are worth twice what unmarried people are worth.

Married people say that married sex is better than unmarried sex according to a report by Linda Waite and Maggie Gallagher in their The Case for Marriage. “Married women are almost twice as likely as divorced or never-married women to have a sex life that (a) exists and (b) is extremely emotionally satisfying.” The message is to choose your spouse carefully, stay faithful, and stay married.

Everyone, except rabid fanatics, agree that children do better in homes where there are married two-parent (male and female) families. The children have greater success in school, experience fewer problems with the legal system, and are less likely to use drugs, tobacco or be promiscuous. They are also 20 times less likely to be physically abused. God’s plan for the family works!

The studies that have been done show that throughout Scandinavia (and the West) cohabiting couples with children break up at two to three times the rate of married parents. So marriage pays in every way.

I suggest that government stay out of marriage and family and permit rude, crude, and lewd men to continue to be influenced and civilized by decent, dedicated, and determined ladies.

(Fifth of nine columns dealing with no state involvement in marriage. Next column: “Marriage License Was to Permit Interracial Marriages!”) Watch these 8 minute videos of my lecture at the University of North Dakota: “A Christian Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up!”

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