Michael Sam, Homosexuality is Wrong and I Won’t Apologize!

Michael Sam is a former defensive end with the University of Missouri who was recently drafted by the St. Louis Rams. He seems to be a mediocre football player who planned his career well. He came out of the closet before he was drafted and on the day he received the good news, his white boyfriend just happened to be there. Cameras from Oprah’s network were there because he had signed to do a reality show for her network–an agreement now put on hold. The script called for the “couple” to be overwhelmed with joy so naturally (or maybe not) they wept and kissed each other–passionately. All staged and scripted and the level of America’s decency went down as ESPN’s ratings went up. Sam was into his fifteen minutes of fame. It was a sham and shame but good showmanship.

ESPN showed the clip Ad nauseam while knees jerked in the homes of decent people, buzzards gagged from their roosting places, and champagne was uncorked in the homes and offices of politicians, poets, pundits, and perverts across the fruited plain.

Sam has tenure since he is black, gay, and has a white lover. Wow, that’s more job security than a public school teacher has. He promised that “he was not going to promote his sexuality and that he was going to focus on playing football.” However, his focus and everyone’s focus was on Sam, his lover and “the kiss.” He did exactly the opposite of what he promised. Homosexuals have told us often and with volume that it is nobody’s business what two men do in their bedroom yet they shove their perversion into our faces with impunity. What else will they bring out of the bedroom?

I would be outraged if my children or grandchildren had seen that depravity. Even if one’s sexual activities are private in the bedroom, they should not be public on national television. However, they seem not to be interested in keeping them private. When will normal people start making such hypocrites pay for their deception? No decent person should watch ESPN again. In the interest of higher ratings or, conversely, in the interest in promoting perversion, the network has earned the disdain, distrust, and disgust of the American people. STOP is suggesting that anyone with a modicum of decency stop watching ESPN and NFL games.

Sam declared on a network television show, “I have gotten messages from college and NFL players and other athletes … about how courageous I was.” Oh, yes. Those fleeing the closet are always “courageous,” “brave,” “historic,” but never narcissistic, fame seekers, or manipulative. The fascists at the Homosexual Lobby are thrilled that Sam has strolled out of the closet in support of their twisted, tangled, tawdry agenda. The homosexual leaders are the most vile, vicious, and vitriolic people in the world. However, they label as haters and bigots those of us who disagree with them, criticize them, and declare that homosexuality is wrong, has always been wrong and will always be wrong and no President, Supreme Court or Legislature can change that fact.

President Obama even magnified the gross actions by gushing, “From the playing field to the corporate boardroom, LGBT Americans prove every day that you should be judged by what you do and not who you are.” I certainly agree with that but no one wants to discuss what homosexuals do! They don’t just lock lips, hold hands, and bake cookies. Want to discuss “fisting”? No, no, not that. Too gross. How about “rimming”? No, not that, for sure. Well, how about “water sports”? No, better not. So, we are not to make a judgment based on what they do. The whole bunch are sanctimonious hypocrites.

We have witnessed in a stunning short time the normalization of sodomy in America. It is strange that homosexuals can do, say and advocate almost anything, no matter how crude or lewd and when a normal person disagrees, he is plummeted into submission. Whatever happened to the right to discuss, debate, and disagree over an issue in a civil matter? Furthermore, the use of good, time-honored words such as “sodomite,” “pervert,” and “deviant” are not uncivil, unkind, or untrue.

Note what happened when Dolphins’ safety Don Jones tweeted, “OMG…horrible.” He was forced to apologize, banned from team activities and sent to a re-education camp where he will undergo sensitive training! May I remind everyone that this is still America, but it is no longer the land of the free and the brave? Obviously we are not free since the homosexual fascists and their fellow travelers will not tolerate any disagreement and we are not brave as is proved by those who capitulate at the first volley from the thought police.

An NFL official pontificated, “We were disappointed to read Don’s tweets during the NFL Draft,” and added, “They were inappropriate and unacceptable, and we regret the negative impact these comments had on such an important weekend for the NFL.” Note that Sam’s kiss was not inappropriate or insensitive, or inane, or insane but Jones’ mild disagreement was! And some tell us the world is not turned upside down.

Michael Sam was wrong. Homosexuality is abnormal, aberrational, and afflictive and I love him enough to tell him the truth: homosexual behavior is disgraceful, dangerous and deadly. However, his supporters are greasing the skids for him as he slides further into a life of shame, sordidness and, yes, sin. And sin has repercussions!

Sam has also brought additional stigma upon a profession already known for its druggies, thugs, rapists, and killers. And now, his new team mates have to decide: to shower or not to shower.

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