Modern Visigoth in the White House: Barbarian Bent on Destruction!

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The civilization of a thousand years could see the handwriting on the wall: the brutal barbarians were at the gates of Rome and collapse was imminent. In 410 A.D., Rome collapsed as the city of the Caesars fell to uncivilized, uneducated, uncouth barbarians. With the collapse of Rome, a chill went throughout the civilized world.

I sense a cold shudder throughout the free world and it seems especially obvious following each presidential press conference.

Perspicacious people are aware that the “city on a hill” is being destroyed by its own leaders: Visceral left wing progressives in the White House, Congress, and the Courts are the modern Visigoths who have ravaged, ruined, and raped America.

This should be no surprise since Obama promised to fundamentally change America and he has been immensely successful. This amounts to a coup d’état with collusion of Congress and the courts. The progressives seem to subscribe to the ancient Roman adage “whatever pleases the king has the force of law.” But then Obama is not king, only President of a constitutional republic. However, Obama seems to have assumed the mantle of Emperor Charles IV who “legalized anarchy and called it a constitution.”

Obama has the mentality of Humpty Dumpty (who had a great fall!) who declared to Alice, “Words mean what I say they mean.” Obama has his own interpretation of the Constitution so anything he does is “legal.”

Obama justifies executive action because Congress has refused to act consequently he has made laws for the good of Americans. That means he can make illegal aliens, legal immigrants! He can make vile immorality very decent, even wholesome morality! He can redefine marriage that has stood since the beginning of civilization into something sleazy, specious, and sullied. He can take over a private company and run it as a government enterprise; he can send fighter planes to terrorists in Egypt; he can spy on Americans, even politicians with impunity; he can spend money the nation doesn’t have to impress people we don’t like; he can target Christians and Conservatives using the IRS as a tool and IRS officials arrogantly deny culpability. He plays while the world burns.

Furthermore, he can take over the health care industry with grandiose false promises and turn it into a third world industry; he can honor every minor Muslim organization and denigrate Christian groups; he can have radicals at the White House (our house) but never has a Fundamentalist Christian; he can tell us that government should not be in our bedrooms since it is no one’s business yet use tax dollars to pay for what goes on in those bedrooms; he can speak of our Constitution yet purposefully refuse to use the word “Creator” when quoting it; he can have a White House dinner for the Muslim Ramadan celebration but not have one for the National Day of Prayer; he can disinvite Franklin Graham from speaking at the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer Event but Muslims come and go from the White House as if it were the Mosque of Omar.

I could go on and on and I think I will!

Obama can demand and get a change of definitions; so now a terrorist is no longer a terrorist, a jihadist is no longer a jihadist, and a radical Muslim is no longer radical. He can (contrary to federal law) spend 23 million dollars to back Kenya’s constitution to support abortion. He can refuse to release pertinent personal documents as other Presidents have done and spend millions of dollars to hide them!

We have a Visigoth in the White House, a brash, boorish, barbarian bent on destruction!

Obama thinks he can choose what laws he will obey, not understanding that makes him a rogue leader. Equally shocking is the lack of horror from Congress and the Courts. Moreover, it is incredible that the streets are not full of pitchfork-wielding taxpayers demanding strict adherence to the Constitution by every elected official. Alas, the streets are empty; after all, most of us are eating three meals per day and still have access to television. This is not a call for violence but for vision, vigilance, verity, especially verity.

I do not think America’s greatest days are ahead of us. We are not made of the same necessary material as in our early years. With few exceptions our leaders are compromising, cowardly, and corrupt. Early American leaders were not paragons of virtue but they were patriots who put America first. Our present leaders do not think patriotism is a virtue but a vice.

Obama is like the rooster who struts out each morning thinking the sun has risen just to hear him crow! But he can’t crow unless he is reading a script written by a hired hack. When he wanders away from the teleprompter, he does a great imitation of Elmer Fudd.

Straining, sweating, and struggling, whether he is trying to learn how to use a teleprompter, trying to memorize his talking points, trying to stop smoking, or straining to keep his wife’s mouth duct taped, Obama struggles to the top of the hill. There, surveying the world at his feet, he puffs out his chest, puts his hands on his hips and discovers that he has forgotten to put on his pants. The Emperor (or messiah) is naked as a jaybird!

Of course, informed and honest people have known that for a few years. Watch these 8 minute videos of my lecture at the University of North Dakota: “A Christian Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up!”

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