Moody and Biola Graduate is an Admitted Lesbian!

Dr. Jennifer Lingenfelter is the daughter of respected former professor (and provost) of Fuller Seminary, Dr. Sherwood Lingenfelter. While she is an admitted lesbian, she is NOT a professor at Fuller as per the Internet, and that fact was confirmed to me today by one of Fuller’s professors. However, Fuller Seminary does permit an LGBT club to meet on campus! With this new club, I sure hope and pray that we don’t start hearing the closet doors slowly creaking open in other Christian schools.

My critics will question why I feel a need to deal with this issue since there are numerous homosexuals who have “come out of the closet.” I have chosen to do so because she is a high profile Evangelical who presents her sexual relationship as rather common, caring, and commendable. After all, she is honest about her perversion! I also deplore, detest, and deny her explanation as if any sane, sensitive, and scriptural person would agree with her. Frankly, she and others like her should have stayed in the closet.

Jennifer was somewhat disingenuous when she declared that “there are LGBT Christians everywhere. There are LGBTQ Christians at Bob Jones University, Azusa Pacific University, Biola University, Fuller Seminary, Wheaton College…” Note that she presented a mixed bag to confuse the issue. That was disgraceful, disingenuous, and dishonest. Bob Jones University and Biola do not enroll “outed” homosexuals and do not recognize LGBT clubs. Fuller Seminary does! Of course, her disgraceful action is an old ploy used for millennia to prop up a weak argument and to justify personal sins.

Jennifer was reared in an evangelical home but she admits to having two lesbian relationships in high school but is not apologetic for them. She now lives with a partner and is “one of two mothers to our adopted boys, now ages four and five (and a stepmom to my partner’s 15 year old adopted daughter).” She doesn’t seem to know or admit that unmarried sex (normal or abnormal) is always wrong back when she was in high school and today! Her evangelical parents support her in her abnormal relationship!

She enrolled in Moody Bible Institute and admitted that she “always felt defective and ashamed.” As a seminary graduate, Jennifer should know that she feels defective because she is defective. It is called the sin nature. At Moody she reports that she was taught “that women were somehow weaker, and therefore not allowed to preach or teach the Bible.” Moody did not teach me that. They taught me that women are not to teach and preach in the pulpit because the Bible forbids it, not because women are weak. It is God’s plan to use men in leadership positions.

Jennifer whines on: “If God gave women gifts in preaching and teaching, why would he not allow them to use those gifts?” There are many ways a woman can use her talents but not in leadership positions even if they have far more ability than many men. A committed servant would be willing to be used in a capacity that is not glamorous or public. It seems many highly qualified women rebel at sincere service and revolt at hidden service. Feminists want the forbidden pulpit the way Eve wanted the forbidden fruit.

Jennifer asked, “What about this emphasis on women’s submission to men? I never saw this emphasis on submission in either my grandparents’ or parents’ relationship.” Bingo! That may be a part of or the source of her problem with choosing a bed partner. Like most feminists, she rebels at submission as many Christian women do. Often the reason is an overbearing, arrogant man who always talks about being the “head.” Usually, such a man doesn’t have much inside his head. Whatever the reason, God planned that a wife should submit to her husband. (As teeth grind from sea to shining sea.)

Jennifer admits that she did not observe submission on the part of her mother or grandmother. At Moody she was shocked to hear that being taught. She should have been taught that at home and “caught” it at home and church.

She started attending a Metropolitan Community Church (specifically for homosexuals) so that explains more about her decision making. But she, like so many homosexuals, seeks her own kind to provide solidarity, support, and security.

She seeks to cover her perversion by applauding her honesty. She said, “I have chosen to be honest with everyone in my life, a value I believe is integral to my faith.” Honesty is one of the most important personal attributes; however, it never justifies one crawling into bed with one of the same sex! (Or with one of the opposite sex if unmarried.) That is an abomination which I’m sure Jennifer has heard before. Personal purity is also integral to personal faith.

One of her supporters compared her perversion to his poor eyesight placing them on the same level. One does not choose to have poor eyesight but one does choose to sleep with one of the same sex. Did I mention that God calls that an “abomination”?

Jennifer claims that God now accepts her as she is with all her failings; however, He does not condone, commend, or congratulate our sins (“failings”). That kind of warped thinking gives one permission to almost glory in his or her sins then profess victimhood for any criticism.

Like every homosexual I have debated on talk shows, Jennifer declares that her perversion must be accepted because Christ never said a word about perversion. I’m not sure whether she is being self-serving or is ignorant of the Scripture. It doesn’t matter whether Christ said it or John, Paul, or Peter said it. Christ’s words are no truer than any Bible author! (I’ve never read that or written that before, but it is true.) Truth is truth and truth cannot be any truer than truth. It is a misnomer to say, “true, truer, truest.”

Moreover, homosexuals seek to move the conversation away from perversion to honesty, greed, gluttony, anger, etc., and they pride themselves in observing the proper way to deal with those sins while they continue to live an abnormal, aberrant, and abominable lifestyle. Of course, when I express that truth, critics want to call me a hater and bigot! Happens every time. That is easier than dealing with the issue in an honest, biblical way. It is interesting that I’m expected to be tolerate of their perversions but they aren’t tolerate of my positions.

Jennifer declared, “I truly believe that this [lesbianism] is the way God made me. God doesn’t make junk.” God never made a homosexual any more than He made a thief, killer, or liar. We make ourselves what we choose to be with small decisions very early in life.

Dedicated Christians do not hate and are not mean when they tell the truth about perversion. They are simply standing (hopefully without self-righteousness) for the truth.

I always thought truth was important and never changes.

Copyright, 2013

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