Muslim Prayer at the Republican National Convention!

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I first thought the Republican National Convention was a dream then realized it was a nightmare! Surely Trump and GOP leaders are not so uninformed, unconcerned, and unaccountable that they would have a Muslim and a Sikh pray at their convention and have a homosexual speak to them! (Sikhs teach their gurus are equal with God; reincarnation; humans are born good; good deeds are necessary for salvation; do not believe Christ is God; all religions lead to Heaven, and other heathen teachings.) Can any political party be so thoughtless? The DNC also had a Muslim pray for them. Well, Liberals have had a great deal of experience with stupidity, and some of their leaders are known to regularly take stupid pills–covered by ObamaCare.

I’m not sure if they considered asking a Baptist to pray! Hey, why didn’t the Republicans ask me to pray for them, since God knows they need it? And I could have represented the Fundamentalists/ Evangelicals in America. I might have been persuaded to do a fair imitation of James Cagney in “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy” although without his agile footwork. No, that stirring patriotic song would give heartburn to every Democrat and RINO within a hundred miles.

Pro-sharia Muslims (all Koranic Muslims) may be a little out of the American/Canadian mainstream, such as when Muslims beheaded 16 youths for dancing; beat 15 teen girls back into a burning building to die in a fire because they did not have their faces covered; beheaded a famous American (Jewish) newsman and videotaped it for all to see; encouraged, even demanded honor killings of innocent females; killed innocent civilians because they were Jews or non-Muslims; and beheaded many homosexuals for their perversion. I think I’ll stop now. I’m getting tired and really need to find a barf bag.

Democrats and Republicans embarrassingly pander to the LGBT crowd knowing that homosexuals are beheaded in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., yet remain strangely silent! Moreover, the LGBT crowd is so bereft of respect, love, and support that they permit the hypocrites to embrace them–for political booty. It’s a tradeoff. The LGBT crowd hugs the progressives and the progressives hug back feeling warm and fuzzy for being so broadminded. Everyone’s happy and the party picks up a few votes.

Muslim prayers at the RNC (and the DNC) was a kick in the face to all decent, lawful, sane Americans by leaders of the once respected Republican and Democrat parties. Politicians will promote, placate, pacify, and pander to women ad nauseum during their conventions; however, they will not reveal, reject, and repudiate offensive Muslim positions regarding women. And the media will not reveal their hypocrisy. I will.

Women are third class citizens where Muslims are in control. Proving that Muslims are not too perceptive, they purposely antagonize women which is close to suicidal! But no one says Muslims are highly intelligent. Remember that these dudes think the Jews belong in the Mediterranean Sea not in Israel; it is heroic to strap explosives to their bodies and blow up innocent people; that Satan sleeps in the nose of each Muslim; Satan pees in the ears of all who go to sleep during mosque prayers; ad infinitum. (See my eBook, ISLAM: America’s Trojan Horse! for more.)

Following are reasons for all sane, serious, and sincere people to demand that the pagans praying at national conventions be officially rejected at least until Islamic leaders repudiate their denigrating, degrading, dangerous, and deadly positions on women:

*Mohammed married Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine. There is no debate about that fact yet we are not supposed to say or write it. Modern Muslims follow Mohammed’s example and little girls are forced into marriages with dudes old enough to be their grandfathers.

*Women in Islam are sex objects as revealed by Mohammed’s life and practice. He had about 18 wives, concubines, and a Coptic slave named Mary. His wives caught him sleeping with Mary and it caused havoc in the harem. Mohammed tried to calm the ladies by threatening to get rid of all of them and replacing them with more obedient and understanding wives. They stopped fretting, fussing, and fighting but Aisha, his youngest wife, ended up feeding him poisoned goat as the story goes! Payback time.

*A wife must always be willing to sexually satisfy her husband even on top of a saddle. One translation says, “On the top of a hot oven,” but I assume that is hyperbolic. But who knows?

*A woman’s testimony in court counts for one-half that of a man.

*Muslims show their hatred of women by their abhorrent, aggrieved, and abusive policy of female circumcision whereby the clitoris is removed often with a dull knife or broken bottle! About 97% of Egyptian women who are Muslim have been sexually mutilated. And it’s happening in the U.S.A.

*Mohammed told men to beat their wives if they are not cooperative, and Muslim television stations give instructions how men should beat their wives. Obviously, Islam is not female friendly!

*Muslims make much of male terrorists who are greeted in Paradise by 72 green-eyed virgins lounging on decorative beds who will satisfy them for eternity; however, nothing is said of the benefits for female Muslims. Wonder why?

*Mohammed said that three things will interrupt a man’s prayers: a black dog, an ass, and a woman.

Maybe now we know why Aisha fed Mohammed poisoned goat sending him, as Muslims say, on his way to Paradise to be greeted by 72 green-eyed virgins. They would allegedly take care of him on decorative beds; however, I think he is more likely on one of the “hot ovens.”

Will some brave (and soon to be politically decapitated) Republican or Democrat, offer a resolution that the DNC and the RNC repudiate all the above offensive anti-women Islamic positions?

Maybe, when pigs learn to fly in formation and do backward somersaults over the White House, maybe. Hypocrites!

Boys’ new book Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! was published recently by Barbwire Books; to get your copy of Muslim Invasion, click here. An eBook edition is also available.

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