Newsweek Hit Piece Attacks and Slanders Me Because of My Question to Pete Buttigieg!


Since June is Pride Month for the LGBT etc. crowd, I expanded and rewrote a 2019 column that produced late-night phone calls, death threats, and scores of hate-filled emails from the “peace-loving,” “all opinions have equal worth,” “fair-minded,” and always “compassionate” homosexuals.

No doubt, many homosexuals—maybe most of them—agree with the thesis of my article while disagreeing with my criticism of homosexuality which is still legal in America. Both homosexuality and my right to disagree with it are legally protected—for now. But the Homosexual Lobby will not permit any honest disagreement with their positions.

You know, like the knee-jerk response of some homosexuals to the Tampa Bay baseball players who refused to give credibility to perversion by wearing a rainbow version of the team logo on the team’s “Pride Night,” because of their religious beliefs. It seems everyone has a right to make up his own mind as long as you don’t imply that homosexuality is wrong.

The journalists at Newsweek had every right to accuse me, attack me, and even assassinate me (symbolically) but not use illegitimate and spurious and twisted information to do their job.

I’m not whining about Newsweek, just wanting to hold their feet to the fire. After all, they did spell my name correctly and pulled a good photo from one of my lectures at the University of North Dakota.

The Newsweek piece, about my article published on numerous conservative websites, was filled with errors. Even the first word of the headline was wrong! It yelled, REPUBLICAN PREACHER RUNS SHOCKING BLOG POST ABOUT PETE BUTTIGIEG, CLAIMS GAY PEOPLE DIE YOUNGER THAN ‘NORMAL PEOPLE.’ I have not been a Republican for decades, although I admit to voting Republican most of the time, I’m politically independent as a hog on ice.

Journalists, including news magazines like Newsweek, should try that sometime.

A quick phone call or email from the author would have kept him from adding to the escalating charges of fake news. All journalists are taught to verify the facts; maybe he was sleeping during that class.

The author called my article “Pete Since You Brought it Up, How ‘Gay’ Are You?” offensive, and of course, it was. It is impossible to deal with perversion (and politics) without being offensive; however, if we deal with the details, it would be disgusting.

The author suggests I was offensive because I mentioned that homosexuals don’t live as long as normal people. Well, that may be offensive, but it is also a fact according to Columbia University. Of course, they suggested homosexuals died early because of an anti-homosexual environment rather than their perverted practices.

Another widely cited study from Vancouver revealed, “life expectancy at age 20 years for gay and bisexual men is 8 to 20 years less than for all men.” This was supported by a study done by Paul Cameron, Ph.D. It revealed the latest CDC report “tends to strengthen the overall finding based upon obituaries: that the lifespan of MSM [males who have sex with other men] is shortened two to three decades by AIDS and, possibly, other causes.”

However, the last study was done by a Christian psychologist who is viciously hated by the LGBT crowd. Cameron is allegedly biased by his biblical worldview, but somehow, homosexuals are not biased, blinded, and bigoted by their twisted lifestyle which they cannot defend. The Homosexual Lobby doesn’t understand that facts don’t lie, but that can’t be said about the radical left.

Most mainstream journalists like the ones in Newsweek deal in fantasy, falsehood, and fiction—not facts. They have an agenda that must be disseminated without regard for reality.

Homosexuals die about 20 years earlier than normal people because their lifestyle is really a deathstyle. The human body was not made to endure violent attacks—their use of illegal drugs; their autoerotic playtime; their bondage and sadomasochism; their fisting; ad nauseam—all shorten lives. After all, if eating fried foods will shorten your life, living the dangerous, diseased, and depraved life many homosexuals live will be more deadly than eating fried chicken.

The hit piece charged, “The former lawmaker [this writer] said it was his right as a voter to ask ‘how gay Pete is’ and if his medical records would be made public. Boys, asserting that ‘homosexuals are notoriously promiscuous,’ made a series of baseless claims and suggested Buttigieg should address them.”

It is interesting but common that Newsweek did not list any baseless claims, and they rejected my well-documented charges knowing few readers would discover their deception. And, yes, a politician must answer questions (most Democrats are sorry they did not ask about Biden’s health) but then maybe Pete has been given a No Obligation to Answer Card. That isn’t surprising since homosexuals have demanded and received numerous special rights from cowardly judges, legislators, college presidents, media personalities, and Hollywood.

And everyone, even some Conservative and even Christian websites are careful not to offend them by suggesting that perversion, like fornication, is always wrong, even wicked. The safe pitch is that each person can make his own decision about such issues and then we will all “live and let live.”

The almost universal message is to be very careful what you say about homosexuality. However, an American does not have to worry what he declares as long as it is truthful. Moreover, no one, especially a Christian, should be malicious, hateful, or even unkind.

Newsweek’s use of claims suggests that my assertion about homosexual promiscuity is not true when everyone with an I.Q. equivalent to his ring size knows it is true. It’s like saying some people claim the earth is round.

The hit piece suggested that homosexual promiscuity is dubious, so let me be clear: no honest, informed, and sane person disagrees, debates, or even sees a need to discuss the issue—homosexuals change partners as often as they change socks—almost.

A 2006 study of 2,294 homosexuals in the homosexual magazine The Advocate reported that 248 men admitted to having more than 300 sexual partners with fewer partners for the others.

The classic Bell and Weinberg study, produced with the help of the American National Institute of Mental Health, consisted of about 1100 men. That pre-AIDS report revealed that 83% of the homosexual men in their survey said it was likely they had sex with 50 or more partners in their lifetime, while 43% estimated they had sex with 500 or more partners. But it gets worse because 28% had sex with 1,000 or more partners!

Even if they are “married,” male homosexuals set aside a “night with the boys.” Of course, there are exceptions, but let’s say it all together now, “Homosexuals are notoriously promiscuous.”

The claim that homosexuality is not influenced by family or trauma was shot down by Neil E. Whitehead in the Journal of Human Sexuality: “It is simply a myth that there are no sociological data showing influence on adult sexual orientation.”

Newsweek reproduced significant points of my column, which added some much-needed juice to their article: “Purporting to cite ‘the largest study ever conducted,’ he said 23 percent of homosexuals ‘participate in golden showers.’” The writer was careless in his use of purporting. He used the wrong word because I did not purport—or claim or assert or allege to cite “the largest study ever conducted” that revealed that 23% of homosexuals “participate in golden showers.” I cited the report and received no rebuttal.

He was trying to denigrate the study without dealing with it, which is common among desperate people. The Gay Report was done by Karla Jay and Allen Young and involved 4,400 respondents. In that study, homosexuals admitted to their usual vile practices, and homosexual leaders criticized it from its publication. Critics never have revealed that the authors were “gay!”

It is much worse today. In a 2006 study of a group of “male S&M practitioners,” 47.3% admitted participation in “watersports” according to The Health Hazards of Homosexually.

Since Pete said: “I’m gay as a… I don’t know, think of something really gay, that’s how gay I am.” I want to know what he meant. No doubt some homosexuals are fairly strait-laced compared to others but just how “gay” is Pete? No one expects him to go into details, but on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most degraded, diseased, and dangerous, where is Pete?

Most people expect a national magazine to produce quality work but not this time. Newsweek’s source, the Friendly Atheist, is such an embarrassment it would make any honest reader run for a barf bag.

My article appeared on May 15, and was picked up by Joe.My.God. on the 17th, the Friendly Atheist on May 18, and was critiqued by Newsweek on May 21. Newsweek did not do any original reporting, just some ramblings from the Friendly Atheist and some of my brilliant comments. So, it was not a total loss.

The Friendly Atheist piece supports the would-be censors out there who want to eliminate bad writing. The blogger is Hemant Mehta, whose claim to fame is “selling his soul on eBay.” He titled his blog “Christian Bigot: Pete Buttigieg Can’t Be President Because Gay People Die Young.” Hemant is right in calling me a Christian but completely wrong using the B-word. Evidently, he is infected with the virus that makes leftists lash out rather than support their position. Accusations are much easier to make than answers and argumentation. Hemant probably doesn’t even know he is infected. Tragic.

Far leftists don’t seem to understand that an American can disagree with their agenda and not be a hater. Disagreement is healthy. It is good to challenge people to analyze an issue and produce their reasons for believing it. Facts are not emotional. Unstable, dishonest people often are.

He then accuses me of declaring that Pete would not be a good president, but I never suggested that. Far leftists have a difficult time reading or comprehending or telling the truth.

In response to my demand that Pete release his medical records, Hemant seems to run off the rails. He charged, “His bigotry [mine] isn’t worthy of a response, but it should be noted that Donald Trump never released his proper medical records.” However, the president is examined annually, and his medical reports are released.

Voters have an obligation to make decisions about a candidate’s total life: his family, education, associations, criminal record, politics, etc., when deciding whether to vote for him.

After many embarrassing gaffes, Hemant dug a deeper hole by writing, “The rest of the article is no better, with Boys arguing that we should know everything about Buttigieg’s sex life.” I did not write that we should know everything about Buttigieg’s sex life. As a voter, I want to know if his “gay” lifestyle will affect his effectiveness as president.

Buttigieg is in Biden’s cabinet, and will no doubt be a national candidate again so I still want to know if his lifestyle might affect his ability to serve Americans.

Hemant continued with his convoluted tirade by charging, “Boys doesn’t bring up how Donald Trump had an affair with a porn star (without protection).” Hemant failed (again) to research the facts. Had he not been so lazy or incompetent, he would have discovered many of my critical articles about Trump. I voted for him because the alternative was Horrific Hillary. Trump’s affairs were despicable, deplorable, dumb, and double dumb without protection— just as homosexual perversions are dumb and disgusting.

Finally, Hemant runs out of steam, takes a deep breath, wipes the foam from his quivering lips, and writes, “This is conservative Christian ‘logic’ for you. A gay guy in a monogamous marriage is somehow a threat to family values, but President P****grabber is somehow a man of virtue.” I wrote nothing about Pete’s “monogamous marriage,” and neither Hemant nor I know if Pete’s “marriage” is monogamous or not, although many studies do not reflect faithful monogamous homosexual “marriages.”

The national homosexual magazine, The Advocate reported in 2006 that less than half of homosexual “couples” were monogamous, a fact supported by the Male Couples Study and others.

It is a fact that homosexual “marriages” or live-in arrangements last two to three years, according to Male and Female Homosexuality, by Saghir and Robins and other studies.

Moreover, I did not refer to family values nor refer to Trump as “a man of virtue.” I doubt if Trump can spell virtue, but he at least did what he promised, something few presidents have done in a hundred years.

Is Pete traveling in the homosexual fast lane that always comes to a dead-end?

Voters have a right to know just how “gay” Pete is.

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Boys authored 20 books, the most recent, Reflections of a Lifetime Fundamentalist: No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets! The eBook is available at for $4.99. Other titles at Follow him on Facebook at Don  Boys, Ph.D., and visit his blog. Send a request to for a free subscription to his articles and click here to support  his work with a donation.)

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” – John Bunyan


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