No Criticism of Islam: They Can’t Defend their Irrational Religion!

It is astounding that any American would give any consideration to the demand by the Muslim world that the U.S. should annul the First Amendment to our Constitution to forbid any criticism (speaking truth) about Islam! As I carefully parse my words I want to make it clear that any U.S. official who even considers such a rape of our treasured document is a traitor. I am not speaking symbolically or hyperbolically but literally. Such a person is a traitor making Tokyo Rose look like a misguided school girl and Benedict Arnold look like a rebellious Boy Scout.

It is incredible that U.S. politicians take these jerks seriously. U.S officials smile, talk, and shake hands with Muslim terrorists and treat them like gracious gentlemen with whom they have some minor disagreements. U.S. officials who don’t recognize their enemies are fools on the slippery slope to disaster. The problem is that they are taking all of us with them.

Understand that every Muslim is obligated to make the nation in which he lives a Muslim nation and make it easier for a world Caliphate to be established. Any non-Muslim politician who does not know that should run, not walk, to hand in his or her resignation. Then get a real job where they can’t do irreparable harm to future generations of Americans.

Turkey heads the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a body of 57 nations that has demanded a resolution prohibiting any criticism of Islam. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan belched, [the] “West hasn’t recognized Islamophobia as a crime against humanity.” First of all there is no such word as “Islamophobia.” It was cobbled together by fanatics to suggest that any criticism of Islam constitutes fear and hatred of the “peaceful” religion of Islam. He and other Muslim stooges demand that the U.N should “Ban criticism of Muslims worldwide.”

Wonder what these Muslim leaders fear? What they fear is being challenged to explain how they can promote a religion that majors in distortion, destruction, and death. They are fearful that they will be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. They will have to admit that their “holy” book is filled with mistakes, mishmash, and madness. They will be challenged to treat women in a respectful, reasonable, even reverential way. Not willing to change their act, they demand that no one challenge them. They are crude, craven, and contemptuous bullies.

The Prime Minister of Turkey is the same dude who says that Israel is the biggest problem in the quest for Middle East peace and asserts that Israel should apologize for defending itself against Muslim enemies that surround them! In fact, Turkey may even use their military against Israel’s interests.

It may turn out that Turkey will play the key role in future Middle East intrigue seeking to dominate the Muslim world as in the distant past.

Turkey was a major threat to Europe during the reigning Ottoman Empire when Mehmed II (a firm proponent of sharia law and considered a hero in Turkey) at age 21 captured Constantinople (seat of the Roman Empire) in April of 1453 with up to 200,000 men and 320 ships. That victory destroyed the last remnant of the Roman Empire. He then extended his rule into Asia and Europe. The Turks still have visions of grandeur and would like to return to those glory years.

I’m saying that Turkey may be the main player in all the Islamic mess that is developing today.

I wouldn’t trust Erdogan to walk my dog. I predict that he will lead Turkey to constantly, consistently, and completely move away from partial freedom into the full fanatical Muslim orbit. The Hebrew prophet Ezekiel prophesied that a coalition of nations, headed by Russia (about 20% Muslim) will conspire with Iran to pull Turkey, Sudan, Ethiopia, Algeria, Libya, and Germany, mainly Muslim nations to attack Israel. I believe the planning is going on before our eyes.

Erdogan said that he is the “prime minister of a nation…that has declared anti-Semitism a crime against humanity. But the West hasn’t recognized Islamophobia as a crime against humanity – it has encouraged it.” Well Turkey can do what they want but don’t expect a modern, sophisticated, diverse, and civilized nation like the U.S. to be lectured about freedom by barbarians from the Middle East.

As to criticizing Islam, I will do so at any opportunity whatever law may be passed. If I end up in jail, that is my problem. If I present facts that offend Muslims, that is their problem. They can always move back to the Middle East where there is plenty of living space on the Arabian Desert (900,000 square miles) where the days are flaming hot and the nights are freezing cold.

Not as nice as Southern California but there are no fruits, flakes, or nuts there. Well, a few nuts.

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