Obama and Biden: Rude, Crude, and Lewd!

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I am amazingly tolerant and can discuss, debate, and disagree with anyone about anything and still respect them in their wrong-headed beliefs. Every American has a right to be wrong. However, today I am shamed as an American by our crop of leaders (who can’t lead) who are daily embarrassing this once-great nation.

Obama (call him President if you choose, I won’t) blackened and besmirched his office and this nation when he told an interviewer, “Well, that’s a bullsh—er, I can tell,” referring to his opponent, Gov. Mitt Romney. I even blush using the word in a disguised form. Not only does that kind of talk reflect on Obama’s limited vocabulary but it is positive proof that he has no class and no character. And no cool.

While I have some criticism of Romney, I doubt that he has ever used that term in his life. He and his wife have more class in their little toe than the Obamas have in their whole bodies. To hear the leader of the free world speak like a street thug is disgraceful, discouraging, and dismaying. In fact, some street thugs have higher standards of personal behavior.

When I was a boy, my father and many other men (never women!) were coarse and crude but never in the presence of women or children–or people known to be Christians. But the “leader of the free world” proved that he is an insensitive jerk by cursing for all the world to hear and by slandering a man whose shoes he is not worthy to shine. (I just realized that I made what might be perceived as a racist statement but I refuse to change it since it is so apropos and has nothing to do with race. I also refuse to change it because I won’t give my critics that satisfaction.)

At a California “gay” and lesbian fundraiser, Obama, using a script, made a double entendre about his wife and oral sex! What a lowlife who would degrade his wife to get a laugh. It was called naughty, “provoking laughter.” Obama proved once again that he is rude and crude, and now we know he is lewd. I have been called a prude but I can live with that.

Then his vaudeville partner Joe Biden insulted the father of the Seal killed by the “peaceful Muslims” in Libya. Joe asked the hero’s dad: “Did your son always have b…. the size of cue balls?” A father’s son had just been murdered because of the inane, inadequate, inept, and incompetent administration and the Vice-President of the U.S. is so thoughtless, tactless, and tawdry to insult him at his son’s coffin! Joe is rude and crude, and also lewd. Wow, they come in pairs!

I think maybe Joe has a brain the size of a ping pong ball, no, that’s too generous. Maybe the size of a marble–which he loses from time to time. Yes, that’s it: a brain the size of a marble and a mouth the size of a melon–watermelon!

Then there is the Obama political sex ad (paid for by Obama’s campaign, not some ‘unaffiliated’ PAC) where a young lady, oops, strike that, where a young woman compares her first sexual experience with voting for Obama! She compares losing her virginity to voting for the first time. She said, “My first time was with Obama,” and “Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody.” The shill for Obama says in the ad, “You want to do it with a great guy.” Can a politician fall any lower than ridiculing a girl’s virginity and comparing it to voting for the first time?

Joe Biden’s wife, speaking at a New Hampshire political event, went on and on and on talking of her husband’s “manhood.” The report said, “Having planted the seed, every sentence seemed laden with sexual reference, so much so that Mrs. Biden was barely able to continue as spectators fell apart with uncontrollable laughter.” She really got into her speech as she got more sexual until “she was almost drowned out by delighted whooping from the crowd.” Did she or Joe not realize how demeaning this was for them? Anything for a laugh–or a vote.

It seems the Obama crowd is a bunch of lowlifes and has a collective mind like a race horse. It runs best on a dirt track!

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