Obama: Black Pride is Good; Boys: White Pride is Also Good!

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Saturday President Obama spoke at the historic black Howard University commencement and said a few things I agreed with. He told the mostly black audience to “Be confident in your heritage; be confident in your blackness.” That is certainly true and there have been many Blacks who have made a lasting contribution to this nation and world such as Ben Carson, George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Percy Lavon Julian, Patricia Bath, Keith Black, Samuel L. Kountz, and many others. If the black family is strengthened with fathers back at the head of the homes, there is no end to what Blacks could accomplish.

One main problem in recent years is that too many young Blacks (and Whites) have chosen low-life druggies, entertainers, athletes, and communists as people to emulate. All people should look up to those Blacks who are great examples who inspire hard work, principled living, decency, and family. Of course, the graduates should be confident in their heritage and blackness.

Do I have the right to feel the same way about my heritage? If I had spoken to a predominantly white audience and said the same thing using “white” where Obama used “black,” the race- baiters of MSNBC, CNN, etc., would have demanded my head. Why won’t white and black opinion-makers agree that such a statement would be acceptable? Surely, they know that White people have many examples of courage, character, and convictions. All sane, honest people know that is true, but it is an “inconvenient truth.” And it makes the leftist haters uncomfortable.

However, I insist on balance, consistency, and fairness. If any Black or Hispanic can be proud of his or her heritage, so can I as a White. Frankly, there has not been much emphasis placed on white accomplishments in recent years. And please remember that we would not be here if it weren’t for white people! I didn’t write that to antagonize black racists but because it is the truth.

Blacks, Indians, Latin Americans, Arabs, etc., should be proud of their race, after all God made them that way. So would you mind if I believe that Whites should feel the same about being white? Would the racists out there forgive me for pointing out that white Christians (along with some scoundrels) came to this continent and discovered a land of forests, swamps, and tribes of warring Indians? There were no roads, no businesses, no churches, no hospitals, and no factories.

Our ancestors drained the swamps, built log cabins and churches, planted crops, dug copper, coal, gold, and silver from the ground, built railroads, communication systems, attempted to civilize the warring Indians (and made friends of the friendly Indians) and established a land of freedom and incredible opportunity like nowhere on earth. My critics will point out the mistakes and excesses which I am willing to admit; but I will add the many failures of the Indians and others, all proving mankind’s fallen nature. Yes, Blacks made a contribution to our success and their enslavement is a source of embarrassment to all honest people. However, that does not mean I share any guilt for wrongs done to Blacks in the past since I had nothing to do with it. I admit to being embarrassed what some Whites (and some Blacks) did during the U.S. period of slavery but I harbor no guilt.

Moreover, I will point out that for thousands of years nothing had been done to develop the land, forests, rivers, and mining opportunities. Indians lived as they had for more than a thousand years, sitting around their campfires while their children and elderly died unnecessary and often early deaths.

Whites have had their share of scoundrels but generally have made an incredible contribution to civilization often having to fight the system to accomplish that task, as have others.

Many think the Nobel Prize is a worthy measure of success. Since 1901, the prize has been awarded to over 850 persons in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, (the four major disciplines) plus Literature, and Peace. Economics was added in 1969. Over 20% of the total prizes have been awarded to Jews who make up only .2% of the world’s population! Although I’m not a Jew, I don’t denigrate them for their sterling accomplishments. I simply can’t explain why so many Jews have made such an incredible contribution to civilization.

Muslims make up over 23% of the world’s population; and they have won twelve Nobel Prizes as of 2015! Seven of the twelve winners have received the Nobel Peace Prize, not in one of the major disciplines. Note again that Jews make up only .2% of the world’s population and Muslims make up 23%! I’m not sure what that means but it is a shocking difference.

Blacks have been the recipients of 16 Nobel Prizes; twelve were for the peace prize. One was in economics to a man from India; the other three were for literature. None in the major disciplines.

The more astute readers quickly noticed that the Blacks and Muslims won the Peace prize (which can mean anything) or in literature. The Peace prize was given to the Muslim terrorist Yasser Arafat and the American President Barrack Obama! All thinking people still gag over those awards.

Some will play the slave card as an excuse. After all, it works for almost everything else. Some will say that it was the American educational system that hindered Black achievement. However, we are speaking of Blacks worldwide.

Others will say correctly that the Nobel Prize is not the only criterion. All races have contributed to our civilization, our culture, and our country but Blacks have not done so proportionate with their numbers. Most people confuse civilization and culture and while there is some overlapping, they are distinct. Civilization has to do with economics, political philosophy, religion, architecture, etc., while culture has to with our habits, music, entertainment, food, sports, fashion, etc. Blacks have made an indelible mark on our culture (for good and bad) and have had some degree of impact on our civilization. That is for the experts to analyze.

I have no desire to be identified with white supremacists and I hope my critics would not want to be identified with black supremacists. A supremacist is one who makes everything a racial matter. Any plight on their race is because of the other race. These are little people who refuse to face the truth, make some necessary decisions, and become productive people for all races.

I choose to exercise my right to be proud of my heritage, even my whiteness. After all, God gave it to me. Nothing for me to boast about or be ashamed of.

Yea, I know I will be accused of being a racist for telling the truth; but One greater than I said that Truth will set you free. However, it often stings as well.

Truth to the radical leftist is like salt to a slug!

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