Obama Nominates Muslim Attorney to the Federal Bench!

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President Obama has nominated 300 people for federal judgeships and 43 percent of his nominees have been women, 29 percent have been nonwhite, and 11 have been openly homosexual! Well, that’s diversity, but none have been “born again” Christians! (Of course, that’s the only kind of Christians!) That seems strange, if not unfair, since polls reveal that about 42% of Americans claim to have been born again.

If a Hispanic judge is a better judge because of her cultural heritage then why not have a born again judge to empathize with Christians who come before the court? As of today, all current Supreme Court justices are Roman Catholic or Jewish. I feel left out and unrepresented!

President Obama, wishing to shore up his bona fides with the radical Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has nominated attorney Abid Riaz Qureshi to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Abid is reported to be a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a major terrorist organization with tentacles reaching worldwide.

Major news outlets such as the Washington Post and The New York Times gushed about Abid being the “first Muslim nominated” to the federal bench but that is not true. In 2009, Obama nominated Abdul Karim Kallon to the federal bench and he serves in the northern district of Alabama. Kallon works closely with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a far left hate group that specializes in harassing conservatives and Christians who lean to the right. The SPLC calls itself an “advocacy” group but they seem to advocate for left wingers and are not too concerned with the truth if it hinders their advocacy for leftists.

Various Muslim groups and other radical leftists stood in line to be among the first to gush over the “brave” and “courageous” nomination of Abid. Such praise makes me suspicious even if Abid is a faithful, loyal American dedicated only to the U.S. Constitution.

The major Islamic group that praised Obama’s courage was CAIR that pretends to be a civil rights group dedicated to improving relations between Muslims and Americans; however, it is a front for implementing Sharia. It has connections to every Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group in North America and has refused to call Hamas or Hezbollah “terrorist organizations.”

The nominee’s connection with the Muslim Brotherhood should be enough to queer his nomination; however, in a nation that has lost its moral compass and worships at the shrine of diversity and toleration, his nomination may be continued into Hillary’s administration!

As to the Muslim Brotherhood, I reported in Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! that Mohamed Akram, a top Muslim Brotherhood operative, wrote a memorandum in 1991 that revealed their purpose. It was an internal correspondence that was meant for the eyes only of the organization’s leadership in Egypt. It unambiguously states that the mission of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America is to destroy “Western civilization from within … by [the infidels’] hands and the hands of the believers so that Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” Yet, their spokesmen have been White House guests! And now a person that is reportedly one of their own is recommended to be a federal judge!

The Muslim Brotherhood’s main objective is to introduce the Islamic Sharia as “the basis for controlling the affairs of state and society.” The Brotherhood says, “Allah is our objective; the Qur’an is the Constitution; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish.” U.S. Marines and Navy Seals would be happy to fulfill that wish.

Keep in mind that Muslims are permitted to lie if it furthers the Islamic push toward a world caliphate and make no mistake, that’s where they are headed. I want to know if Abid is also headed in that direction. Surely, he will be asked to comment on that important subject.

You can expect the apostles of tolerance (of everyone except conservative Christians) to object to those of us who want to know where the Muslim attorney stands on issues that affects everyone. However, even asking questions will incur the wrath of the haters. But we have a right to know how he will rule if he becomes a judge:

How would he rule on Sharia law that is demanded by 51% of Muslims in America? Will he permit Muslims to be judged by one law and other Americans to be judged by local American laws? Only a fool, fraud, or fanatic would suggest that such a question is insulting.

How would he rule on honor killings? After all, they are part of the Muslim culture and are common in Pakistan, the attorney’s birth place?

How would he rule in a case involving female sexual mutilation? After all, Jews are permitted to circumcise males on their eighth day of life so what’s the difference? But then, circumcision does not do irreparable harm as does female sexual mutilation.

How would he rule if I were accused of hate and causing psychological harm because I have told the truth about Mohammed being a thief, killer, and child molester? Would he come to my defense or defend the founder of his religion?

Where does Abid stand on multiply wives? Would he rule in favor of the leader of his religion and the teaching of the Koran and the Hadith? Inquiring minds want to know.

Where does he stand on the nation of Israel? Does he believe the Koran teaching that Allah turned Jews into pigs? Will he ridicule, reject, and repudiate that silly but stinging insult to Jews?

Where does he stand on freedom of speech? Would he put me in jail for saying that all true Muslims are terrorists as maintained by the Muslim scholar the “Blind Sheik” and others?

Will Abid repudiate all terrorist activities worldwide? Will he repudiate all fundraising for terrorist groups? Would he be willing to freeze or confiscate all Muslim funds tied to terrorist groups? Will he repudiate Sharia law whether in the US or in the Islamic world? Will he support the right of anyone to convert to any religion at any time under all conditions?

Muslim groups across the nation are gushing like a plain teenage school girl over the handsome football star. It is said that Obama is very “heroic” in making the appointment; however, it is unlikely that it will go anywhere. After all, the Senate has refused to act on his Supreme Court appointment and lower nominees. We can hope, even pray!

And when I pray, it is to the God of the Bible in the name of Jesus Christ. That is still my right–for now.

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