Obama–Stop Playing at Stopping Muslim Terrorists!

Following the Paris massacre, the president of France, who never saw a socialist he didn’t like, made an international fool of himself when he declared, “Those who committed these acts have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.” The fact is, everyone except he, Obama, and some other fanatic leftists know it had everything to do with the Muslim religion.

A few days before the massacre in Paris, President el-sissi of Egypt personified courage when he spoke at the foremost Muslim university in Egypt telling them a major reformation was needed in Islam amounting to a “religious reformation.” Wow, not one Muslim leader in the world has said that! Not many non-Muslims either. Might be dangerous to stand close to him. He told the imams they had a duty to stop the crescendo of Muslim violence around the world although he did not promise freedom in Egypt since he is an authoritarian leader. When then General el-sissi was head of the military he kicked out the Muslim Brotherhood and quickly felt retaliation when Obama cut all foreign aid to Egypt. Yes, courage costs and I suspect it will cost him much more.

It is interesting that Obama spoke at the same university to the same audience in 2009, saying, “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism. It is an important part of promoting peace.” The President did not try to document his claim since every Tom, Dick, and Mohammed knew it was bogus. (That’s a kind, pussy-footing way of saying he was lying through his teeth.)

Americans have seen many wars: war on poverty, war on drugs, war on fat, war on terrorism but all have been miserable failures. And the war on terrorism is the most serious war we ever fought–even more serious than World War II! In that war we recognized our enemies as Germany, Italy, and Japan. We knew their leaders. We knew where to attack to cripple their war production. However, in the war on terrorism we aren’t even willing to call them by name: Muslim terrorists. To wage war, first you must identify the enemy.

There are 49 nations that have a majority of Muslim citizens and they all have one thing in common: they revere the Koran and many hold the Hadith as sacred as well. The Koran teaches that Allah is God, the world must recognize that fact, and that Mohammed was his prophet. Moreover, all koranic Muslims believe that their sacred duty, their first duty, is to make all nations Islamic. Islam means to “surrender.” They will work for surrender, pray for surrender, vote for surrender, lobby for surrender, and finally will behead you if you don’t surrender.

There are Muslims that will not carry out their koranic obligations; but they are weak, wobbly, and not considered worthy Muslims. They would be similar to people who call themselves “Christians” but don’t believe or follow the Bible teachings and seldom attend church. There are “backslidden” Muslims as there are “backslidden” people who claim to be Christians. Those feckless, fearful, faithless Muslims are hated by true Muslims.

Koranic Muslims recognize every non-Muslim as the enemy. They will be patient (even accommodate, acclimate, and acquiesce) when they are in the minority but once on the rise as in some Europe nations, they can get mean.

It doesn’t matter if they are part of organized hate groups or lone sleepers in a quiet mosque, they are the enemy. They butchered innocent people in Paris because of an insult to their prophet. Frankly, it is impossible to insult him. It is a crime in many Islamic nations to blaspheme Mohammed. In fact, a 2012 poll by Wenzel Strategies revealed that almost 60% of American Muslims declared that criticism of Islam should not be protected speech! Moreover, 11.5% affirmed that those who parody Islam should be put to death! Some may live on your street. They will wave to you in the morning and behead you that evening.

Muslims have killed other Muslims in America and called it “honor” killings. Muslim leaders in many nations defend the beheading of innocent civilians. Others defend and promote the sexual mutilation of little girls.

Where is the general outcry from “moderate” Muslims? Why does Obama refuse to tie Muslims and terrorists together? Is it because he is a Muslim in keeping with his birth and training? Is that why he refuses to honor Christian events yet gives dinners for Muslim leaders during their holidays? Is that why he wears a Muslim ring?

Maybe someone can tell me why the Fort Hood killer of 13 American soldiers is still alive after five years. And remember, his slaughter was not classified as a “hate crime” but “workplace violence!” Wonder why? As he started shooting his fellow soldiers, he yelled, “Allah is the Greatest.” That same killer told other medical doctors in a lecture before his attack that “non-believers should be beheaded and have boiling oil poured down their throats.” That’s not hate?

It is way past time for informed, incensed, and indignant Americans to demand that officials stop playing this “Let’s stop the terrorists” game and stop the terrorists, at least those here at home.

When a mushroom cloud forms over an American city, Obama’s pandering to Muslims will be discarded as quickly as long johns in a Texas heat wave. However, it will be too little, too late and he will be known as the most incompetent President in world history.

Islamists have declared war against the U.S. producing a clash of civilizations, cultures, and creeds. It is time for everyone to take sides. It seems Obama and his director of Homeland Security have taken the side of the enemy! They have appointed dedicated Muslims to Homeland Security! The loonies have taken over or is “loonies” too kind. Would “traitors” be more accurate?

It is time for the President and Congress to take action first by recognizing the enemy as the enemy, then by ferreting out terrorist moles. I suggest that:

We pull up the ladder. No more immigration from Muslim nations for at least five years and at the same time, plug all holes in our borders.

Authorities should immediately close all jihadist training camps in more than 20 locations across America. I did just say America! Are U.S. officials idiots or incompetents or traitors? Young jihadists, many of them Blacks, are being trained in explosives, kidnapping, weapons use and guerrilla warfare and are linked to a Pakistani militant group known as Jamaat al-Fuqra. Why would the FBI bomb, shoot, and burn 76 innocent Waco, Texas’ cultists (including women and children) and leave these self-confessed terrorists to train for our destruction on our own soil?

Every Muslim in the military must be investigated for treason and when discovered they should be tried and imprisoned.

Every Muslim FBI agent should be investigated with the same results. We know of federal agents who have refused to wear a wire to secure proof on other Muslims and others have tipped off fellow-Muslims who were being investigated for criminal activity. They shouldn’t be agents!

Muslim military chaplains should be investigated to determine if removal from sensitive positions of influence is necessary.

Every Muslim chaplain in the prison system should be investigated for removal from service since the prisons are the number one place of recruitment into radical Islam.

Muslim pilots should be investigated and removed from their jobs if they are fanatical followers of Islam.

Some will think I am too hard, harsh, and even hateful with my answer to the problem of terror, but no one will think that if a mushroom cloud rises over one of our cities tomorrow morning.

Let’s stop playing at stopping terrorists and get the job done: an all-out war on terrorists everywhere starting right here in America.

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