Obama’s Loss or Win: Will The Cities burn?

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I am not a prophet, fortune-teller, or soothsayer, nor am I clairvoyant. But I do know people and history. Upon that foundation I will “stick my neck out” and predict major problems in our largest cities for 48 hours after November 6 whether Obama wins or loses! Detroit, Newark, Los Angeles, and New York will burn. If you live in a large city, it might be wise to go visit grandma in the country for a few days.

We have observed irresponsible actions of unruly, unlawful, and unrestrained mobs (often called “fans”) after the win or loss of a sporting event! That speaks volumes about the condition of people around the world. I mean such people really know what is important! Maybe one can stretch his morality and his mind to believe that the disappointment of a loss could trigger a riot, but how can a win-triggered riot be defended on any grounds? It is called a “celebrating riot” that too often occurs in America, England, and South American cities.

The U.S. has seen major rioting in Boston, Los Angeles, Columbus, and rioting is common following sporting events. A riot in Egypt resulted in 79 fans killed following a soccer match.

The political riots are far worse than sports’ riots as we saw following the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4,1968. At least 110 cities for five days experienced a nightmare as rebellious Blacks took vengeance against what they perceived as the white establishment. Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Chicago were among the worst, primarily in black urban areas.

In Washington, things deteriorated quickly as the White House sent about 13,500 federal troops to assist the District police force. The city was a war zone as Marines set up machine guns on the steps of the Capitol while the Army guarded the White House. Newspapers reported that rioting took place within two blocks of the White House.

By Sunday, April 8, twelve people had been killed, about 1,097 injured, and over 6,100 arrested along with 1,200 buildings burned. Damages were estimated to be $27 million.

In Chicago, it was another nightmare of violence. The Chicago Tribune blared, “City Erupts.” The day following King’s death, huge mobs of men, women, and children lunged from store to store, breaking plate-glass windows and taking what was not screwed down. The Tribune reported, “Television sets, clothing, food and liquor were carted away from largely white-owned businesses.” Some black businesses escaped damage by writing “soul brother” on their windows.

About 210 buildings were burned to the ground, 11 people (all black) were killed with 500 injured. Mayor Richard Dailey ordered police “to shoot to kill any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in his hand . . . and . . . to shoot to maim or cripple anyone looting any stores in our city.” An astounding 10,500 police were sent to protect the fire fighters, and were soon joined by 6,700 Illinois National Guard troops. That was followed by President Lyndon Johnson who ordered 5,000 federal troops into the city.

I believe the November 6 election will produce something similar whether Romney or Obama wins! And for sure, there will be multiple lawsuits by the losing side.

During the last four years Obama has presented himself as the savior who provides whatever is needed or wanted, be it cell phones, foot stamps, housing, etc. Added to that, the “entitlement” attitude that many Americans (white and black) have and you have a dangerous, explosive situation when such freebies are threatened.

If Obama wins on November 6, the jubilation may be as extreme as a loss might be. Look for fires to rage, stores to be looted, police and firemen to be killed during the celebrating riots. Thousands will be arrested; however, if the norm takes place, few violators will go to the slammer for arson, looting, and rioting.

I have discovered that you will usually be correct if you count on the worst in mankind. Sounds cynical but it is correct. Man has been on a slippery slide since the Garden of Eden. Riots will manifest that fact following the November 6 election because of the failure of the rioters’ homes, schools, and churches to inculcate them with Christian, or even civilized, values. Rioters have no respect for self and no respect for others so violence is a natural result. The rioters and looters have been trained to hate, kill, loot, and burn. The innocent will suffer for that failure.

I hope, I pray that I am wrong, but don’t count on it.

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