Obama’s “My sons” Was a Cover for “My Muslim Faith”!

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FLASHBACK: Each Wednesday I post one of my old columns that is pertinent and interesting. This one is from 2012.


In a recent Iowa speech, Obama said, “I want women to control their own health choices, just like I want my daughters to have the same economic opportunities as my sons.” My sons! Both the video of the speech and the transcript distributed by the White House unequivocally documented his “mistake.” And he was using a teleprompter but I understand he uses the teleprompter when he tells Michelle “Good morning.”

He made the same “mistake” in a New York speech a few days later! Does he not know that he has two daughters? But then who knows, maybe he does have sons. Again, the White House transcript confirmed his mistake.

On Jan. 12, while speaking at a campaign event at a private residence in Chicago, our eloquent President, according to the White House transcript, again mistakenly mentioned “my sons.”

I wonder if his sons will campaign with him and if they ever visit the White House. Are they in a family portrait? How old are they? How many sons are there? Where do they live? Who is their mother? What are their ages? Do his two daughters know that they have brothers? When did Michelle learn about this? Are his sons black, white or what? Do they look like Trayvon Martin?

Is it possible to refer to sons you do not have? Is it remotely possible to do so repeatedly? And reading a teleprompter! What is going on in the head of Obama?
What is the explanation? Maybe marijuana does make mush of the brain. Maybe he always wanted sons and his brain is not cooperating with him, producing such mishmash. But then, maybe he does have two or more sons and it is a mental exercise to reveal this fact to the world. It could be that his Freudian slip is showing. It is his way to reveal his cloudy past.

Maybe it was only a slip of the tongue, but could you make such a mistake and refer to children you do not have and do it multiple times while reading s script?
Then maybe he was speaking hyperbolically, but if so, the hyperbole did not work. It made no sense but then again, Obama often makes no sense.

There are many speculations as to his reference to sons and they all miss the mark. My brilliant and analytical wife posited the correct answer: It is all a campaign strategy. He knows religion will play a big part in the election and he is setting us up for an explanation for his reference on ABC television to “my Muslim faith.” The ABC host gently corrected him. Muslims have not received the most positive press in recent years so it would be wiser for him to wear a cross around his neck and have “Onward Christian Soldiers” played when he is introduced rather than admit being a Muslim.

Obama’s official campaign site has a page titled “Obama has never been a Muslim, and is a committed Christian.” I would say, “Obama, I know thousands of committed Christians. They are my friends, and I can tell you that you are not a committed Christian. Committed Christians are truthful, consistent, gracious, kind, thoughtful, generous, Bible-reading, and church-going people. Everything you are not.”

His site also does damage control when it falsely states, “Obama never prayed in a mosque. He has never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim, and is a committed Christian who attends the United Church of Christ.” However, being a member of Trinity United Church of Christ gives him no credibility since it is probably the most unchristian church in America. But he has never been a Muslim!

However, the facts indicate otherwise. He was listed as a Muslim while a young student in Indonesia and often attended a mosque. Obama’s campaign released the statement that the senator “has never been a practicing Muslim.”

Yet he was enrolled in the Besuki Primary School, a public school in Jakarta, as a Muslim. Didn’t his mother know what religious affiliation her young son had when she filled out the enrollment forms? Of course, she knew his father, stepfather, and grandfather were all Muslims.

Obama clearly admitted to studying the Koran and identified his school as “a Muslim school” in his autobiography, Dreams From My Father. Many of his childhood friends commented on his Muslim religion, and the media in Indonesia made many references to his Muslim faith.

So, it is cover-up time. Damage control because we are speeding toward the election. So, he can say, “Hey, I have a tendency to misspeak as I did about my sons. It is the same way when I spoke about ‘my Muslim faith.’ It was simply another example of my normal misspeaking. That harmless tendency is part of my charm.”

Informed, educated people know that people can mistakenly say, “He has went” or “You was,” or “I seen” but for a Jew to say, “My Christian faith,” or a Hindu to say, “My Baptist faith,” or a Methodist to say, “My pagan faith,” is downright silly. No one believes that is possible. Same with Obama’s charming tendency to speak about sons he does not have.

Daddy said, “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.” Daddy was right. So is my wife.

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