Principled People Should Boycott All Anti-family Businesses!

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We have been exposed to all kinds of business owners who have arrogantly thrust their own radical views upon others. Therefore, it is time for normal people to close their wallets and not use their plastic thereby putting the offenders out of business. If we don’t put them out of business, we can reduce their profits thereby sending a clear message: if you go public with anti-family, pro-perversion, or anti-American positions then it will cost you dearly.

When a business owner takes a public position that is anti-family, anti-American, or anti-biblical, then he or she deserves to be a very lonely person because so many potential customers refuse to purchase his goods or services. Sure, business people have a right to be stupid but they also have a right to go bankrupt. I’ll help them.

That is what should happen to National Geographic Magazine that has insulted every pro-family person in America. In January, they have a nine-year-old boy’s photo on the cover; however, he thinks he is a she! The magazine is known for its amazing photos and articles of exotic and often unknown animals but now they are promoting the deceitful, dangerous, and destructive falsehood of transgenderism! They have disregarded the scientific evidence that people who think they have another person inside them are deluded, deceived, and demented people. As many as 40% of “trangenders” have tried to kill themselves! They don’t need to have surgery; they need spiritual, emotional, and mental help.

So, now National Geographic, by supporting transgenderism, is anti-science and encouraging child abuse with junk science! Who would have thunk it?

National Geographic needs to go out of business and I will help them do so. I have cancelled my subscription and will no longer purchase their upscale clothing line. I will no longer support child abuse and pernicious pro-perversion propaganda.

Normal people need to decide that we are in a battle and will take measures to win by refusing to do business with any business that supports any issue that is perverse or promotes abortion and other anti-family issues. We should not wait for some group to start the boycott ball rolling and when enough of us immediately refuse to patronize such businesses and we inform them and others why we are no longer customers, then even the dullest and most ardent leftist will get the message. Most of them must understand that there is a connection between their anti-family positions and an empty cash register.

It seems large businesses can be very successful then do some very dumb things. Look at Target as an example. They are tottering on the brink of failure. So are J.C. Penney and Sears.

The LGBTQ lobby lists those businesses that do not support their cause and Exxon was number one on the unfriendly gay list followed by Dollar General, Family Dollar; Dick’s Sporting Goods and others. The MOST friendly businesses to perversion are Procter & Gamble; JPMorgan Chase & Co; IBM; Citigroup; Bank of America; AT&T; Ford; General Motors; Starbucks; Google; Men’s Warehouse; General Mills; American Express; Marriott; Disney, and others. Do your own research and stay up-to-date.

Some of my crowd, even preachers, will suggest that they are too busy to get involved in a boycott. Say what? Those same pastors give the impression that they work day and night preaching the Gospel, visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, knocking on doors, etc. Of course, everyone knows they spend time on the golf course, bowling alleys, hunting, fishing, and watching some of the new vile television shows. So, I think all religious leaders and decent laymen can spare a couple hours every couple months to take a public position on decency as supported by the Bible they profess to believe. Preachers who are critical of boycotts are willing to preach from the pulpit but not practice in the public and on social media what they say they believe.

Others will tell us that they can’t be involved in boycott because it is not right to demand a business owner serve them as did the Civil Rights demonstrators. But that’s the point: we don’t want them to serve us. We want to serve them! We want to convince them that it is a stupid business decision to antagonize 98% of their customer base. We want to help them, not hurt or harass them. An aggressive and successful boycott is “tough love.”

It is declared that we cannot know the position of every business firm so it is impossible to be consistent. That is true but it is a senseless argument. If I am uninformed about a firm’s position on homosexuality, abortion, etc., then it must not be a big problem and a boycott is unnecessary; however when we know a firm is actively anti-family then we must react.

We who are committed to using money as a weapon will do our best to encourage pro-family firms by telling our friends about them and spending our money at their businesses. At the same time, we will boycott anti-family (usually pro-homosexual) firms and tell our friends about it. That is the Christian thing to do.

We are determined to remind all who will listen that we are the people who love homosexuals and transgenders enough to tell them the truth about perversion. We are in the ministry of nudging, not pushing, other decent people to get involved.

Furthermore, no lucid individual says it is wrong for a person to be selective in the spending of his own money. If he does not like the business owner, does not like the service, or the excessive charges, etc., he can choose to spend his money elsewhere. So, why is that perfectly legitimate if done by one person but wrong if multiple people do the same thing?

So, no Coke and Girl Scout cookies, and I hope you will do the same. Anyway, that kind of stuff might send you to Heaven quicker than your scheduled departure. I will survive not reading National Geographic; besides, they still haven’t received the message that evolution is false, a failure, and a fraud, another reason they should shut down their presses and quietly disappear. Moreover, I would not go to Disney if the entrance fee were a dollar.

I think it is more than a dollar.

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Muslim Invasion

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Muslim Invasion

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