Pundit, Professor, and Pastor Wrong About Homosexuality!

Cox columnist Rhonda Swan really got silly when she tried to make a moral equivalence of the refusal to permit Blacks and Whites to marry to the refusal to permit same-sex marriage! She is confusing a homosexual’s sin with a black person’s skin! I wonder if she took logic in college. That kind of reasoning (or non-reasoning) is not appreciated by many Blacks. In fact, they consider it an insult. The black female pundit was wrong.

Getting desperate, Rhonda tried to grab some credibility by quoting Michael Eric Dyson, professor of sociology at Georgetown University. And he is an ORDAINED Baptist minister! Wow, that is impressive but it gets better because Mike also supports same-sex marriage! Surprise, surprise, surprise. After all, he is a professor and a Baptist. Most professors and many Baptists don’t believe anything that is traditional, reasonable, and Biblical.

She quotes Dyson, “We cannot interpret the Bible literally.” That is the mantra of all Bible haters especially not believing the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Of course, like all books, the Bible contains poetry, hyperboles, similes, metaphors, along with history and doctrine. Most Bible critics don’t like the literal truths of the Bible because it deals with a real place called “Hell.” It also tears up the evolutionary myth which would mean that thousands of professors would have to get a real job and do some productive work for a change.

Dyson then says that “Marriage is a complicated affair.” No, it is rather simple. It is a public commitment between a man and woman to love, honor, and obey (on the part of women) and to cherish, love, provide, and protect (on part of the man) until they are separated by death. In ancient times, marriage was as simple as a man taking his bride by the hand and leading her into his home in the presence of their family and friends. Often there were days of celebration.

Much later the church and state got involved and marriage has been going downhill ever since. And today, marriage is plummeting free fall to the bottom, courtesy of progressive politicians, permissive preachers, and prejudicial pundits, all originally corrupted in their formative years by public pedagogy.

The professor descends deep into the dark, damp, dismal, dreary, and dangerous swamp of heresy when he said the Bible “is filled with contradictions.” No, the contradictions are in the lives of people like Dyson. In my opinion, people like Dyson who don’t believe in the validity of the Bible, should run, not walk to surrender their ordination credentials. People with character would not use an untrue, unreliable, unnecessary Bible to make a living or to give them some credibility that they don’t deserve. The professor was wrong.

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Rhonda hit bottom when she declared that God did not destroy Sodom and the cities on the plain because of sodomy but because the people were “greedy and didn’t take care of the poor.” I first heard this when a professor from Indiana University spoke to my committee at the Indiana House of Representatives in opposition to my bill that would reinstate sodomy as a crime as it had been in Indiana for decades. He sounded and looked as silly and desperate as Rhonda.

She used Ez. 16:48-50 and she was right as far as she went, but she didn’t go far enough! She and other Bible critics don’t finish verse 50 where God said the Sodomites “committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good.” They were not only greedy but were perverted as well. Very simple explanation.

Bible scholars are clear that the Genesis 19 passage vividly portrays the men of Sodom wanting to take Lot’s two male friends (angels) so they might “know” them. Lot was horrified and went out of the house and said to his friends and neighbors “Do not so wickedly.” But what was wicked about wanting to know some strangers? The “know” was perverted sex that precipitated God’s judgment on Sodom and will do the same to America.

She then quoted Jennifer Wright Knust, another professor and author, who said that the teaching of God destroying Sodom because of sodomy is “a modern invention, expressive of modern anxieties.” Jen slapped at the Bible when she said, “there is no single biblical view of marriage and no biblical passage defends marriage between one man and one woman as we understand that today. The idea that there is something called biblical marriage is false.” Jen is also an ordained Baptist pastor. Yes, I know. Real Baptists know that women are not supposed to preach, but we’re living in a day when anything is accepted–even defended.

The fact that she is a member of the American Baptist Convention might explain some of the problem. That group has been theologically and politically corrupt for 50 years. I really hate to correct a scholar at Boston University but here goes: she was wrong, very wrong even though she is an expert on the New Testament and ancient Christianity. The pastor was wrong.

The destruction of Sodom for the sin of sodomy is not a “modern invention.” The Bible is clear and early church fathers were adamant about the evil of homosexuality as my next column will prove.

Copyright 2013, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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