Quack Doctors Are Carriers of Social Disease!

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Each Wednesday I publish one of my early columns that I hope will be informative, instructive, and maybe inspirational. This column was published early this year.

Some highly respected doctors seemed to validate our suspicions about quack doctors when they declared after the Sikh shootings in Wisconsin, that gun violence is a social disease! I think the quack doctors are actually the carriers of social disease.

I would like to know if I had to shoot an intruder in my home at night would these doctors support my plea that I am not responsible since I am diseased? It might be a safer defense than “stand your ground.”

The white-coated “experts” say that the disease pattern spreads “much like an infectious disease circulates.” The surprise is not that the stupid statement was made but that the hearers did not fall to the floor holding their sides in raucous laughter. One physician even said, “There’s sort of a contagion phenomenon” after a shooting, where people feel they need to have a gun for protection or retaliation. Do I also see this “contagion phenomenon” as we hear so many professionals calling for gun control?

These “experts” should take off their white coats and come into the real world and admit that the healthy normal reaction to danger is to protect. No sane person wants to be a victim, so he buys a gun, learns to use it, and determines that he will use it to protect himself and his family. Is protecting one’s family an indication of a disease? Really now! If so, just how would they treat or contain such a disease?

If these doctors succeed in making their gun problem a national health issue then they will expect the government to regulate guns to stave off the infectious disease. Some will think that is farfetched; however, some doctors are already asking new patients if they have a gun in their home. A patient should inform that doctor that it is none of his business or the government’s business. Teachers have asked students if there are guns in their homes! I think that is straying from the usual Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic or more correctly, baking, basket-weaving, and basketball. The schools have become nut factories, athletic clubs, and social clinics and children should be taught by their parents to refuse to answer any personal questions and to report to their parents any teacher who asks personal questions.

I predict that within five years, every insurance policy will ask a question about gun ownership, and every IRS form and other federal forms will ask the gun question under penalty of perjury! If Liberals rule much longer, you can count on that becoming reality.

Liberals demanded their way and the world has become a nut house: they wanted the Bible out of the schools since the kids might actually believe that it is wrong to fornicate, steal, and kill; they wanted no Christian prayers since any religion is acceptable, even an obscure pagan religion in the Amazon jungle; they demanded we not spank children since it would warp their personalities; they made Dad a joke and Mom the hero; they ridiculed Dad as head of the home; they made movies that are extremely violent and full of sex where the bad guy often wins and ends up in a beach house on a Caribbean island drinking mint juleps; they developed video games that went from innocent Pac Man to the most vicious, vivid, and violent possible with no holds barred; they highlighted villainous, vulgar, vile rap and rock music with no personal or social value; and taught kids that they came from animals so it would be reasonable for them to act like animals.

There seems to be an incurable disease eating out the brains of many scientists and doctors. They lose ability to think coherently when they put on a white coat. They assume a Messianic Complex, thinking they always know best, speaking with “divine” authority, even labeling a tragic incident as an indication of a spreading disease!

Someone should tell these doctors that putting on a white coat does not improve their intelligence or ability to think coherently. Maybe that white coat spreads social diseases! They make fools of themselves. They are board certified but not qualified. Makes one wonder about that Board. Most liberal doctors are social disease carriers; maybe they should be quarantined. Their silly thinking is almost as bad as the clergy!

Questions for the gun grabbers: Had they been at a mass shooting, would they not prefer that a law-abiding, praying, Bible-clinging man be there to pull his gun and with excellent aim, gripping his gun with both hands (the best kind of gun control) kill the killer before the killer shot and killed them and others? Hopefully, the legally armed person would drop the killer before he drops others.

Gun owners should stop being on the defensive. They don’t need to justify gun ownership because they are “hunters,” “shooters,” “collectors,” etc., but because they have a right to keep guns whatever their reasons and it is no one’s business as long as they live lawfully.

If honest citizens surrender their guns then the bad guys will have all the guns. What protection do we have since, in emergencies, seconds count, but the police are many minutes away? I await their answer but won’t hold my breath until the answer comes since blue is not my favorite color.

Many doctors are dangerous people. Maybe we should license them! Oops, I believe that has been done.

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