Racial Conflicts Have Sad Consequences for U.S.–Distrust, Distaste Disdain and Death!

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Freezing U.S. cities are simmering with protests over the alleged racist attacks upon black men by white cops and I’m afraid that some irresponsible policeman, protester or provocateur could ignite a dangerous, disastrous, even deadly confrontation between the races. Blacks say attacks by white cops against Blacks have been going on for a hundred years and it has been building to a crescendo since the Ferguson fiasco and continues to escalate after Eric Garner’s tragic death. Now white cops are in the bull’s eye of haters with three of them being killed recently.

It seems race only matters to the racists–white and black. Of course, fools, frauds, and fanatics tell us that Blacks cannot be racists! (Here is the appropriate time to explode in raucous laughter and hold your sides as you roll on the ground.) People should be treated like people not black people, white people, etc.

The results of Ferguson are tragic on many levels: robbery, riot, and rebellion with the loss of Michael Brown’s life; Wilson’s reputation, job, and future; and loss of income and business properties; but the longtime distrust between the races, and the distaste and disdain (contempt) for rioters will take years to dispel–and now death of innocent cops. And it was all unnecessary but was promoted by the racists in low places: Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and even in high places: Obama, Holder, and de Blasio.

It is astounding that President Obama, “the most powerful man in the world” would meet with protesters before a verdict was reached! Obama, Holder, Nixon, de Blasio and others “poisoned the well” of justice and are partly responsible for the mayhem that is taking place across America. They have played a worn race card one time too many and now innocent, unsuspecting cops are being slaughtered as a result.

Darren Wilson may be one of the most maligned men in America. He simply did his job, defended his life, was mauled by a bully, and now his life will never be the same. Racists, white and black, have used him as bait for the haters. The fact that Blacks take the side of Blacks and Whites take the side of Whites whatever the facts is indication that racists come in all hues and are without character. Decent, honest, kind, thoughtful people want justice for everyone.

Wilson has been slandered by lesser people such as Holder, Obama, Nixon, Jackson, and Sharpton, ad nauseum who don’t deserve the right to polish his badge or his shoes. If I had my way, that’s what those jerks would be doing.

There was no way the grand juries could look at the facts and find the two police officers as villains and the two Blacks killed as innocent victims. As a result of the two decisions there is a massive reaction by people who have been looking for an excuse to riot.

It is commendable that some police officials and others are trying to calm the tempers, cool the hotheads, and contain the troublemakers. However, many people are determined to vent their hate while calling it justice and innocent people will pay as they have in the past.

Detroit, Newark, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York could burn. And maybe Dallas, Denver, and Dayton, also. If you live in a large city, it might be wise to go visit grandma in the country for a few days.

The political riots following the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 1968 in at least 110 cities were a nightmare as rebellious, rampaging, and racist Blacks took revenge against what they perceived as the white establishment. Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Chicago experienced the worst, primarily in black urban areas.

In Washington, things deteriorated quickly as the White House sent about 13,500 federal troops to assist the District police force. The city was a war zone as Marines set up machine guns on the steps of the Capitol while the Army guarded the White House. Newspapers reported that rioting took place within two blocks of the White House. By Sunday, April 8, twelve people had been killed, about 1,097 injured, and over 6,100 arrested along with 1,200 buildings burned. Damages were estimated to be $27 million.

In Chicago, it was another nightmare of violence. The Chicago Tribune blared, “City Erupts.” The day following King’s death, huge mobs of men, women, and children lunged from store to store, breaking plate-glass windows and taking what was not screwed down. The Tribune reported, “Television sets, clothing, food and liquor were carted away from largely white-owned businesses.” Some black businesses escaped damage by writing “soul brother” on their windows.

About 210 buildings were burned to the ground, 11 people (all black) were killed with 500 injured. Mayor Richard Dailey ordered police “to shoot to kill any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in his hand . . . and . . . to shoot to maim or cripple anyone looting any stores in our city.” An astounding 10,500 police were sent to protect the fire fighters, and were soon joined by 6,700 Illinois National Guard troops. That was followed by 5,000 federal troops ordered by President Lyndon Johnson. No mayor has issued a “shot to kill” order since.

During the last six years Obama has presented himself as the savior who provides whatever is needed or wanted, be it cell phones, foot stamps, housing, etc. Add to that, the “entitlement” attitude that many Americans (white and black) have and you have a dangerous, explosive situation when such freebies are threatened.

Justice for Wilson was a shock and an affront to the black agitators who flocked to Ferguson like swallows returning to Capistrano and buzzards flocking to Hinckley, Ohio. Especially the buzzards.

Look for more fires to rage, stores to be looted, police and firemen to be killed during the “Brown and Garner protests.” “Protests” sounds better than “riots.” Thousands could be arrested; however, if the norm takes place, few violators will go to the slammer for arson, looting, and rioting.

Man has been on a slippery slide since his disobedience in the Garden of Eden. Riots manifest that fact following the declaration of innocence of Wilson because of the failure of the rioters’ homes, schools, and churches to inculcate them with Christian, or even civilized, values.

Rioters have no respect for self and no respect for others so violence is a natural result. They are ready prey for the radical agitators. The rioters and looters have been trained to hate, kill, loot, and burn. The innocent always suffer when parents, teachers, and preachers fail to do their jobs.

Furthermore, look for white police officers and firefighters to refuse to enter black areas where they are hated and may be killed for trying to help! After all, black protesters can’t have it both ways: if a white officer can’t be trusted to properly do his job then maybe those black areas should be protected by black officers. White officers will police white areas and Black officers will service black areas. Is that our future? Or maybe there will be mass resignations of police!

I hope, I pray that I am wrong, but don’t count on it.

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