Require All U.S. Muslims to Repudiate Atrocities in Saudi Arabia or be Deported!

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In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the ruling family is the House of Saud consisting of 25,000 princes and princesses who own most of the valuable land and live a royal life of leisure, laziness, license, and luxury, all provided by the purchase of oil. Saudi Arabia produces 25% of the world’s oil and with those funds they sponsor, support, and give succor to the Muslim extremists in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Plus, they founded and now direct 80% of U.S. mosques! They also support the rebels in Syria and have demanded the resignation of Assad, Despot of Damascus. It is an example of hypocrisy since Saudi restricts all public protests and freedom of speech and religion yet they want human rights in Syria! Did I mention that the Saudi royal family are sanctimonious hypocrites? It seems to be in their DNA.

The U.S. Government should issue an ultimatum that not one more barrel of oil will be purchased from Saudi Arabia until they step out the 7th century into the 21st century. The royal family consists of prissy princes who shop for clothes in London and New York, sip wine and gorge themselves at famous restaurants in Paris, and romp on the beaches of the French Rivera while at home they pretend to be sincere Muslims and the Muslim Wahhabi fanatics pretend to believe they are sincere! I say, “A pox on both the royal family and the Muslim fanatics,” both of which are responsible for a reprehensible system that permits a barbarian judicial system. No more U.S. oil purchases from them. They can pour their oil over their pancakes and eat it, and while it may not be as tasty as French food, it will be considerably less expensive and they won’t have to put up with arrogant French waiters.

Rich, rapacious royals walk a tightrope between themselves and fanatic Muslims. The royals have to pretend to go along with the fanatics since those fanatics could take out the royals any day of the week. The House of Saud is so resented and hated by the Saudi people that that hatred has brought some cooperation between the two main Muslim factions who hate each other: the Shiites, and Sunnis. Moreover, Muslim fanatics hate all Muslim political leaders who are hypocrites. Major former leaders of Muslim nations such as Mubarak, Assad, Hussein, Arafat, and Gaddafi have been Muslim in name only with an occasional photo-visit to the local mosque. Those leaders always had all the liquor they could swill, all the tobacco they could smoke, and all the prostitutes they could solicit.

The Arab Spring is coming to Saudi Arabia although the simmering protests are not publicized. They would have us believe that all is as peaceful, prim, and proper as the Realm of Disney. Of course, that is called Fantasyland. The 87-year-old Saudi king will soon point his toes skyward and the always-simmering palace intrigue may remind us of the succession of bloody, brutal Roman Emperors.

Meanwhile, 70% of Saudis cannot afford to purchase their own home and 40% live below the poverty level. Their nation is held together by workers from the U.S., Africa, Asia, etc. I have spoken to some of them and have been emailed by one oil worker who is a born-again Christian. He has to leave his Bible at home and any prayer and Bible fellowship he has with other Christian workers must be secret or he will be expelled from the country.

We have no right to interfere with any other nation because each nation is sovereign; however, we do have a right to buy oil wherever we please. If U.S. politicians were not so determined to destroy our nation so they can see a new, socialist state emerge from the ashes, we would be producing all our needed oil from restricted areas in and near the U.S. While the U.S. cannot force any nation to comply with our demands, we can use our money, influence, and threats to pressure the Saudi barbarians to make changes now, not after a lengthy study, but now. No changes, no oil!

The Saudi royal family lives in the lap of luxury in gilded, gaudy, grandiose palaces, and they speak of freedom but their handling of the Muslim cleric who raped, burned, tortured, and killed his five-year-old daughter is sterling proof of their hypocrisy. Their pious proclamations served up on gold and silver platters are nothing more than smoldering, steaming, and stinking piles of camel dung.

We will see if our leaders, also living in the lap of undeserved luxury, will use their influence to see that no other child is raped and killed by a Koran-quoting butcher-torturer-rapist-brute of a father who passes in a barbarian society as an influential imam scholar.

In light of the relevant facts, it is not too much to expect wannabe U.S. citizens to agree, adhere, and admit to a civilized lifestyle and repudiate the extremists everywhere who defend the right to molest, rape, and kill anyone even their own children. Any Muslim who clings to his Koran and his explosive vest while defending those brutes like the imam who raped and killed his daughter should be expelled from our shores. Many U.S. mosque leaders are extremists, beating the drums daily for sharia law which is used to condone such brutality. They cannot plead freedom of religion to justify brutality because Koranic Islam is clearly terror with a religious fringe.

The U.S. should put all Muslims who defend brutality and terrorism on ships and send them to the desert of their choice. They are a threat to the safety and freedom of our nation.

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Muslim Invasion

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