Richard Dawkins: Homo Sapien or Homo Ignoramus?

New Atheist Richard Dawkins told CNN, “It’s [evolution] as certain as the fact that the earth and the other planets orbit the sun.” However, if he read the Bible he would discover how the earth and planets arrived in space. One thing for sure, he would stop making the silly, stupid, and shocking declaration that nothing created everything! No Christian would ever make such an incredible, insane, and inaccurate statement. In fact, no thinking person would do so!

Dick said that those creationists who don’t believe the earth is millions of years old are ignorant. Dawkins claims that creationists have a “deep, profound ignorance.” I suggest that the best example of “profound ignorance” is the New Atheist, such as Dick, who believes that nothing created everything! That’s very scientific!

“There are many very educated people who are religious but they’re not creationists,” he said. Wrong again if he means that no educated “religious” people are creationists. It is amazing how many times this dude is mistaken. There are thousands of scientists who are creationists (or are critical of evolution) as all informed people know. Maybe Dawkins is not a member of Homo sapiens species but Homo ignoramus that most atheists, evolutionists and many politicians belong to.

When Dick was asked by CNN if he believed life “just ends,” he replied, “Of course it just ends. What else could it do?” Dawkins declared, “My thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings are all in my brain. My brain is going to rot. So no, there’s no question about that.”
Finally, a point of agreement between an atheist and an apologist! He admits that his brain “is going to rot,” however, he used the wrong tense: his brain has already rotted! However, inquiring people want to know the cause of his brain rot. I think I can reveal that to the world at this time! Are you ready for an amazing revelation?

It seems that the genes (a scientific fact) and the memes (a scientific fake, farce and fraud popularized by Dawkins who invented memes out of thin air) came too close while he read The New York Times. That mental jolt caused a reaction of opposite spinning of the genes and the non-existent memes resulting in a plethora of chemical reactions that eventually produced terminal brain rot. So sad.

It seems the only cure is for the afflicted one to immerse himself in non-stop reading of the Bible starting with Genesis. I understand that relief will come when he reaches the Gospel of John, chapter three. In fact, not only does the infected one seem to receive a new brain but he becomes a totally new creature! It’s like being born again! Absolutely incredible!
I don’t think brain rot is contagious but Dawkins and all New Atheists should be kept away from normal, healthy people just to be safe, especially young people who should be taught to defend their beliefs and challenge college professors who attack them.

One thing is sure: Don’t read their depressing, deceitful, dishonest, and dull (very dull) books. Their books, like The New York Times, The Washington Post, et al., might result in terminal brain rot.

For my critics who think I am too tough on Dawkins and all New Atheists, I remind them that we are in a war, a war of their making. I’m not interested in making friends but in winning the battle for the sake of the next generation. They want to make it child abuse if any child is taught about Hell or an exclusive way of salvation. That is a declaration of war!

The battle continues until atheists surrender to faith in Christ or skulk back into their ivory towers and spend their last days sucking their thumbs watching their belly buttons.

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