Same-Sex Marriage is Not Marriage: Not Now, Not Ever!

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In the 1600s nautical flags were lowered during a naval engagement as an indication of surrender. If, during a battle, the mast of the Admiral’s ship was blasted thereby removing the flag, it often meant they would surrender. However, if there was to be no surrender, a sailor would nail the tattered flag to the remaining rigging telling the enemy that they would fight to the last man or until the ship was sunk. Such action was known as “nailing the colors to the mast.” It was especially crucial to “nail the colors” if it was a major battle involving a fleet of ships. With the flag not waving, it sent a signal to the whole fleet that the battle was lost.

If a naval captain sailed into battle where there must be no capitulation, he would have the flag nailed high on the mast. Every sailor knew that they must fight to the last man. The flag would not be lowered. Surrender was not an option.

That is where we are today with marriage. Christians must draw the line and say, “We will not surrender what the Bible clearly teaches regarding marriage and perversion. We will go down with the ship if necessary. If government closes our churches and Christian schools, they will do it with the world watching. We will not go softly and silently and supinely into the night.” No church, school or other ministry should ever willingly close; they should force the government to take overt action to the jeers (and to some cheers) from the world.

When abortion became an issue, Christian leaders failed to take a militant stand and that inaction condemned millions of innocent babies to be butchered. If Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Robert Schuler, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and W. A. Criswell–all powerful anti-abortionists had stood on the steps of the Supreme Court and defied those judges, we would not have legal abortions today. They failed and horrendous results followed. If we fail in the marriage battle, we are condemning America to all kinds of sexual arrangements: polygamy, polyandry, polyamory, promiscuity, perversion, and even pedophilia!

Our flag has been shot off the masthead and some of us are willing to nail it to the highest rigging: no surrender.

Marriage is what it has always been and no man, authority, court, or legislature can make marriage mean anything other than the covenantal relationship between a man and woman. Fallen man has toyed, tinkered, and twisted marriage into various sexual experiments such as polygamy, polyandry, polyamory, and promiscuity. In recent years perversion has been added: same sex “marriage.” All have failed and are totally contrary to God’s original plan of one man married to one woman for a lifetime. And if the Progressives have their way, not only will perversion be accepted as “normal” but pedophilia will follow. In fact, some have been telling us for years that children have a right to a sexual life with adults of their choosing!

Same-sex “marriage” (SSM) is like Grape Nuts–neither grapes nor nuts. Marriage is not only private but a public affair. It brings together a man and woman to continue the human race and to rear children to contribute to society. If same-sex “marriages” become legal, homosexuals will accelerate their aggressive promotion of perversion in the media and schools. Polygamists and pedophiles (and sex with animal activists) are standing in the wings. Maybe two men and a goat!

SSM is not marriage. SSM ignores a child’s best interest. Comparing SSM to interracial marriage is silly, stupid, and senseless. If there are educational, cultural, racial, and financial differences between a couple, they can often be overcome; but SSM “couples” cannot overcome their problem. Pastors, photographers, bridal services, bakeries, etc., will be in court. Chaos will reign!

One major reason Christians cannot accept same-sex “marriages” is because of the Bible teaching that marriage is a figure of Christ and His church (Eph. 5:23). It is a mystical, spiritual, eternal, and holy union. For two people of the same sex to “marry” reduces that very special connection to a grotesque, abnormal, and unholy relationship.

Legal homosexual “marriages” will mean churches will lose tax exemption and possibly be forced to close if they don’t go along with the depravity. Schools will teach perversion in conflict with parents’ teaching forcing young kids to decide between the school and the home.

Most Christians are too fearful, lazy, or occupied with the newest garbage on television that they won’t grab a sword and get into the fight. They will be the first to whine about what happened to all our freedoms. Your children and grandchildren will ask you, “Grandpa, what did you do when the battle was raging for biblical marriage?” How will you answer them?

The Federal courts are legalizing perversion and calling it good, kind, and commendable. However, it is time–past time–to tell all the courts, legislators, presidents, and governors that same-sex “marriage” is not marriage, not now, not ever.

H. G. Wells was right about one thing when he said, “Man, left to his own depravities, will usher in only one thing and that is Armageddon.” A sexual Armageddon is on our doorstep. Watch these 8 minute videos of my lecture at the University of North Dakota: “A Christian Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up!”

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