Same Sex “Marriage” Will Destroy America!

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I realize that my heading is sensational, shocking, and critics will say it is silly, but even if that is true, that would not make it imponderable, improbable, or impossible. Other nations have destroyed themselves by flaunting their wicked behavior in the face of God. Many Americans are experts at flaunting even as they profess motives of love, equality and justice. I suggest their motive is fear: fear of being laughed at; fear of being ostracized; fear of inadequate ability to defend the biblical position. So, it’s easier, and more popular, to go with the flow–even if it’s over Niagara.

It is shocking that any court, especially the U.S. Supreme Court would discuss, debate, and presume to decide same-sex “marriage”! God decided it a long time ago! Even ten years ago the subject would not have been discussed in polite company, and anyone who predicted that homosexual “marriage” would be seriously discussed by sane people would have been hooted out of the market place of ideas.

Any day the highest court will decide the future of America; however, I don’t believe we have a future. The fact that same-sex “marriage” is before the court indicates our moral depravity, depression, and destiny. Disobedience to God is costly. I think payday is coming and the chickens are getting ready to roost.

I believe the above because as a nation we decided that we rejected the Bible as our standard and guide. We expelled God and the Bible from our schools making them incompetent nut factories. We have been killing innocent, helpless, unborn babies for decades even killing them after they survive abortion! The media have ridiculed genuine Christians for a generation, dismissing godly living, etc. Now we have national leaders, of both parties, who have endorsed and encouraged perversion. Maybe it would be helpful if I reminded everyone that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their evil activities.

The reason we are at this juncture is because the American people have rejected God’s standard so as to make decisions based on how they “feel” or “think” about something. When there is no absolute standard, anything can be affirmed, advocated, and approved. But where does it end? There are some things that are wrong if done by anyone, at any time, under any conditions. Murder, rape, perversion, cursing, thievery, and personal hate are always wrong. Same with drunkenness, abortion, and illegal drugs.

It matters not how one “feels,” “thinks,” or “believes.” Nor does it matter if some misfit, cowardly preacher gives such things a pass and seeks to make them “respectable.” No person on earth has the “right” to do those things even if they don’t believe in a Supreme Being. To say otherwise is to drive society to the place where “everyone did that which was right in his own eyes.” With the present debate about same-sex “marriage,” we are at that place.

Can anyone defend multiple wives or husbands; how about sex with children? How about sex with a favorite goat? Preachers of permissiveness ridicule those questions but they don’t reply to them! Their only reply is “bigot.”  It matters not what I think or anyone else thinks but it sure matters what a holy, all powerful God thinks. And we will all stand before Him and give a personal account as to what we believed and how we lived. The Bible is the only safe, sure standard by which anyone can make a decision about any issue. To live any other way is anarchy and treason against God and the Bible.

When homosexual “marriage” becomes lawful (but never right) I wonder if the broadminded proponents will be broadminded and tolerant of preachers who refuse to marry Fred and Frank (and maybe Frick.) Will those paragons of equality support those churches that refuse to hire homosexuals as staff persons? Of course, they will not support resisting churches since most of proponents of perversion are hypocrites.

Therefore, those people who want to live without any restraints and support homosexuality proving their broadmindedness are defending the indefensible. They are defending a castle in ruins.

Apostles of permissiveness denounce marriage “inequality” not knowing that “inequality” came from God’s original creation as humanity was divided into separate but equal genders, man and woman. Earliest civilizations followed this pattern because it was best for society. Differences between man and woman will not go away just because some court changes some laws. And I will never adjust my convictions whatever the price, privation, pressure, persecution, or prosecution.

No Christian can choose to be exempt from this warfare and ever live in peace with his or her conscience. To acquiesce to unquestioned evil is a disgrace, disobedience, and disaster for the cause of Christ as well as the compromising person. Many Evangelicals, not wanting to “swim against the tide” of public opinion, have taken a cowardly stand; and others, including some Fundamentalists, are standing in safe shadows, having taken a vow of silence–at least on this “hot” issue.

In this case, it is so obvious that old-fashioned Christians are on the right side that it should not require any defense to thinking people. The real Christian realizes that personal honor is dearer than life itself. And personal honor is more important than receiving honors especially from a corrupt, compromising, and craven populous. Many silent preachers are not morally bad or scripturally deficient but are cowardly. Most people are afraid of someone or something. So many leaders live in fear and, on very controversial issues, they stand silent in safe shadows or join the herd.

Martin Luther said, “If I profess with the loudest voice and clearest exposition every portion of the Word of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Him. Where the battle rages there the loyalty of the soldier is proved; and to be steady on all the battle front besides, is mere flight and disgrace if he flinches at that point.”

I stand with Luther and God. Pretty good company.

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