School Shootings: The Answer is More Guns!

No, the title is not hyperbole. I believe that school shootings, such as this week’s slaughter in Connecticut would disappear if everyone knew that each school had two or three teachers (or administrators) who were armed and considered dangerous (to the bad guys), and willing to defend the defenseless.

Guns are not the problem. People are. Liberals booted God from the schools: no prayer, no Bible reading, no Ten Commandments, no teaching based upon the Bible. No speaking of Christ. After all, kids might really take those teachings to heart. They may decide not to lie, steal, fornicate, rape, and kill! They might honor and obey their parents, the law, and school officials. They might become kind, gracious, fair, honest, and principled! 

Heavens, we can’t have that can we? After all, we demand a secular society. Well, we have it and our schools have become Ignorance Factories, sex clinics, self-esteem laboratories, sports clubs–and killing fields. I am weary of hearing radical leftists whine about how guns are corrupting young people (but the violent and sexual Hollywood movies aren’t bad!) and are a deadly threat to all our citizens especially those in schools. However, guns are inanimate while people are initiators so the problem is not with guns but with people. Anti-gun parents are horrified to see their small children playing with guns and “shooting” each other. Has the world gone insane? Most of us grew up “shooting” other kids. I “shot” them with wooden guns, cap pistols, sticks and even my finger! Never once did I consider getting my dad’s shotgun or .38 revolver and really shoot anyone. 

I believe the world has gone nuts. Don’t the “experts” know that girls like playing house with dolls and miniature furniture and boys like to be more aggressive and play with guns? Males are more aggressive because of their God-given nature as a protector of the family. 

Kids should grow up with knowledge of guns and have experience in handling them. For sure, gun training is far more valuable than most of the fluff classes in most schools. I am weary of gutless politicians, even “conservative” Republicans who are so uninformed or so desirable of liberal approval that they cannot defend guns and the use of force when necessary to protect the innocent and helpless. 

The Israelis don’t have much of a gun problem because their school children are protected by gun totters. Some facts: Guns are protected by the Second Amendment. This is the heart of the argument. Why do politicians act as if the Second Amendment is not part of the Bill of Rights? To suggest that it refers only to an organized military organization is an abdication of reality. The “militia” of the Second Amendment was simply thousands of farmers with a gun in the corner of the house or over the mantle.

 The Second Amendment is there to protect us against the tyranny of government. Our founding fathers were well aware of government’s propensity to evolve into tyranny and they knew a well armed citizenry mitigated against that possibility. (It is also true that the Second Amendment guarantees the First Amendment!) 

As knees begin to jerk all across America (left ones, of course) let me make it clear that I am saying what our founding fathers knew might someday be required: that our government could someday become so despotic that citizens must do again what they did in 1775! Yes, it could be that Americans might have to defend themselves against their government and that could only be possible if those Americans are armed! That is the reason that non-principled politicians whine constantly about guns. 

Guns are not evil, and only a flunky, a fool or fanatic says they are. In fact, guns are used over two and a half million times per year by honest citizens to protect themselves against criminals determined to do them harm! Armed citizens kill about 3000 criminals each year while the police kill about 1000. I have never heard a gun controller (read: confiscator) tell me what they will do about the bad guys out there who will continue to have their guns when supine Americans are browbeaten into surrendering theirs. Does any sane person think the criminals will register or surrender their weapons? Since the police show up after a crime, who is responsible to protect your family?

So, what do I want to see? Glad you asked. I would enforce present laws and keep felons in prison. People who are rebels to society should be separated from society. That means throw away the key for those who are incorrigible crooks. I would also like to see more guns in the hands of honest citizens! When good guys are armed the bad guys will be a little slower to act out their hostility. When a shooting took place in a Mississippi school a few years ago, the assistant principal ran to his car, grabbed his gun (good thing the gun-grabbers didn’t get there first) and stopped a massacre. He should be commended not criticized! 

Now, a question for the gun-grabbers: Would it not have been desirable for one of the teachers in Connecticut to pull his gun and drop the killer before so many innocent victims were killed? I wait for an answer. 

All sane, sensible people would agree that fewer deaths would be preferable, but no one says the gun-grabbers are sane, sensible people. At least, I don’t. They are fallacious, frivolous, fruity, foggy, fluttery, flushed, flimflamming, flagellating, feverish, frightful, fanatical, frenzied, fraudulent, foolish fascists. For those educated in public schools, I am saying that gun-grabbers are fools. If common sense is ever resuscitated, guns will be prevalent in the schools and those determined to do harm to innocent ones will be blown away before they blow away helpless people. Start passing out gun permits to teachers and school officials before more innocent kids are killed! We need more guns in schools and society not fewer!

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