Send Marines to Rescue Americans!

I’m perceived as a hawk although I’m really a cross between a hawk and a dove! I believe in “just wars” as espoused by Augustine of Hippo and extended nine hundred years later by Thomas Aquinas.

Few people know that the first example of a just war was Abraham who led his army of 318 men to pursue a four-king confederacy from, at that time, the small lands of Chaldea and Persia. Those kings had invaded the land and taken Abraham’s nephew and servants captive along with some property. Abraham was outnumbered but he chased the invaders almost to Damascus and rescued the people and property. He was not concerned with attaining land, riches, or power, but to right a wrong. That is the reason all wars should be fought.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with those who declare that America has a mandate to right all the wrongs of the world and to establish freedom around the world–at taxpayer expense!

I’m all for freedom; however, it is insane to try to impose a democracy on people who have no history of freedom and no desire for it. Totalitarians of all stripes find true freedom anathema. All true Muslims are totalitarians. Read their books and listen to their leaders. They don’t want democracy or representative government but desire, demand, demonstrate for sharia law.

Moreover, since I demand consistency of myself, I believe that all nations are sovereign; therefore, we have no right to infringe on a nation’s sovereignty unless there is just cause for doing so. We now have two examples that justify our incursion into two sovereign nations–Mexico and Sudan.

There is an American Marine in a dirty, dangerous, even deadly Mexican prison because he made a wrong turn! Sgt. Andrew Tahmooresi, being treated for PTSD in San Diego, served faithfully two tours in Afghanistan and while driving south in California on March 23 he inadvertently drove into Mexico. In his car were three legal guns. Mexican thugs physically abused him, stripped him naked, and chained him to a bed. While he languishes in a Tijuana jail, American politicians don’t even talk about his intolerable, illegal, and immoral incarceration.

Tomorrow, Obama should announce that within 24 hours a detachment of Marines will land in helicopters outside the prison and achieve his release. He should say that no one wants bloodshed but the Marine will not be “left behind.” However, a massive pile of rubble may be left behind.

Corrupt Mexican officials, like most tyrants, like to push innocent people around but they are not known to be courageous warriors. They have the same reputation the French have in warfare: French WW II military rifles can be purchased cheaply since they have never been fired and only thrown down once! The Mexican thugs in uniform will cave like a house of cards when real warriors arrive. The fact is they will cave following the President’s warning which is the reason for the warning.

A more egregious case is Meriam Ibrahim who was arrested by the Sudan government in August of 2013. Meriam’s father was a Muslim who abandoned the family when she was very young. She was reared by her Christian mother and was married in a Christian church to Daniel Wadi, an American citizen. Her father’s family complained about the marriage resulting in her conviction for adultery since her marriage was not recognized by the religious tyrants and apostasy although she had never been a Muslim.

In an Islamic paradise a man is permitted to marry a non-Muslim; however, a woman is forbidden to marry outside the Muslim religion. Her original sentence was to be lashed 100 times for adultery followed by death by hanging for apostasy. Furthermore, the law requires that children must follow their father’s religion. (But then, that would make Obama a Muslim!) Just another example of barbarians trying to control every aspect of one’s life.

The 27-year-old mother recently gave birth to her second child, Maya, while in prison along with her older child. It was reported that she was chained by her ankle while giving birth!

A few days ago she was freed from prison after an appeals court overturned the original conviction; however, she and her children, along with her husband were detained at an airport in Sudan a few hours after her release. Then on Thursday she and her family were released although she is in imminent danger and has received death threats from “peaceful” Muslims. At present, she and her family are in the American Embassy waiting permission to leave the country.

We need to enforce the old truth that Americans should feel safe anyplace in the world and our government should guarantee that fact. There is ample precedent for doing so especially based on the Teddy Roosevelt adventure.

In 1904 American businessman Ion Perdicaris and his stepson were kidnapped by Muslim terrorists. They were taken from their home in Tangier by Raisuli, the “Last of the Barbary Pirates,” and held for $70,000 ransom along with other demands. President Roosevelt (a progressive!) sent seven battleships to Morocco and a message: “This government wants Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead.” Perdicaris was released in a few days!

That international incident was an example of Teddy’s “Speak softly and carry a big stick” philosophy. Obama speaks softly (when he has a teleprompter) and carries a wet noodle.

Obama doesn’t need to send seven battleships to Sudan; one frigate should do the job since Muslims seem to have the same lack of courage Mexicans have. Although Muslims do seem to have their way with women and children! Obama should use his phone to warn the cowards in Sudan to release the family or a frigate loaded with Marines will sail into the Red Sea within twenty-four hours.

This administration is the most incompetent, impotent, and inept in the past century and is reaping what has been sowed for about six years. We have a weak, wimpy, worthless president, and everyone who voted for him has bloody hands. He laid a foundation for appeasement by kowtowing and bowing toward his Muslim buddies, refusing to identify terrorists as terrorists and his unskillful, unprofessional, and unforgivable bungling of Benghazi.

We should officially recognize that all Muslim nations are terrorist nations and should close all our embassies in those nations and send all Muslim ambassadors packing for their desert homes.

I suggest that it is past time for America to identify our friends and our foes, and to stop kissing our foes and kicking our friends. Friendly nations should be assured that it pays to be friends with America and our foes should be thoroughly convinced that it will cost them to be our enemies. The cost should start today: No more money to any Muslim nation. Frankly, there should be no money to any nation! The International Welfare Window should be closed!

Obama’s weakness, waffling, and wobbling on principle is a major problem for us. I would not permit him to lead a Boy Scout troop on a nature hike in a city park, and I would not trust Secretary of State John Kerry to procure a bottle of Ketchup from the corner Seven Eleven.

Meanwhile, Obama, should call out the Marines and rescue our people. He would be using his phone for some good for a change. Watch these 8 minute videos of my lecture at the University of North Dakota: “A Christian Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up!”

Muslim Invasion

The Fuse is Burning!

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Muslim Invasion

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