Sexual Accountability: A Gentle Breeze Becomes a Hurricane!

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A gentle breeze of sexual accountability has become a hurricane resulting in enormous destruction–some good, some bad. My concern today is that everyone be treated the same. Let’s be concerned for all abused women (or men) and equally indignant about all perpetrators. I will seek fairness and accountability for everyone–no exceptions. You say, “Anyone should agree with that” but many, in reality, do not agree, as you will discover in this column.

It is encouraging to see that sexually abused women are turning and confronting their abusers, holding them accountable. Many aggressive, abusive, and audacious men have lost lofty positions, huge sums of money, and may even go to prison. Good! There is little doubt that the women would have more credibility and chances of legal and financial redress had they complained at the time of the abuse or shortly thereafter.

Some powerful members of Congress are being metaphorically horsewhipped in public and chased out of Washington to their backwater towns where they will be humiliated and left to die a natural death. Congressman John Conyers is the first to be chased out of Washington although he characterized his long delayed, disgraceful departure as “retirement.” Yea, that’s about like Pete Rose or Lance Armstrong saying he retired. Or, maybe Richard Nixon saying he retired.

Yes, there is a wind blowing across the fruited plain that has developed into a hurricane force. It may not be a revival of morality but it is at least a return to a modicum of decency. And maybe a return to a minor witch hunt mentality about which we had better be very vigilant. We can be thankful that villagers are not rushing down the streets with pitch forks and tar and feathers in hand. Just a few resignations, pink slips, broken contracts, divorce decrees, and a renewed interest in of prenuptial contracts.

However, I will be convinced that the outrage is genuine when there is a consistency. (Nevertheless, we can be thankful for positive results whether the motives are pure or not.) Ah, yes, sweet consistency. Ralph Waldo Emerson (died 1882) foolishly and falsely declared, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.” The fact is Emerson, a failed preacher but successful writer and lecturer, was wrong. He did not believe the Bible or in miracles or that Christ was God, but he was a major proponent of the transcendentalist movement.

An inconsistent person is a dishonest person.

An honest person will react the same way toward all people who are sexually abusive toward any person! So, why has no one decided that Martin Luther King, Jr. should be scorned for his sexual and physical abuse of women? Oops, did I touch a sore spot?

I have a copy of an AP article with the heading, “FBI and Abernathy Say King Was a Sex-obsessed ‘Tomcat’” following with a graphic description of King’s last night on earth. “The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. spent parts of the night before his assassination with two women and then fought physically with a third, according to the memoirs of the Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, King’s top aide.”

The AP article condenses Abernathy’s detailed account of King’s last night on earth just after he delivered his “I have been to the Mountaintop” speech. It seems after King went to the mountaintop he and a male friend went to the home of “a friend” of King’s. Abernathy is quoted as saying that “Martin and his [female] friend” came out of the bedroom after 1 a.m. then King and his male friend returned to the Lorraine Motel where King got together with “a black woman…a member of the Kentucky Legislature” with whom King had a “close” relationship. Abernathy admitted that King did not return to the motel room (that they shared) until after 7 a.m.

King was only 12 hours from death at the hands of a white supremacist with a cheap rifle in his sweaty hands. He was shot at 6:01 p.m. and died at a Memphis hospital at 7:05 p.m.

The morning of the day of King’s death, he asked his best friend Abernathy to settle a dispute between himself and “another young woman Martin knew well” who had come looking for King earlier that night. Evidently, Abernathy was not very successful in dispute resolution because King shouted at the woman and “knocked her across the bed” according to King’s best friend.

Well, not your typical Baptist preacher! However, many people reading this will foam at the mouth for my writing this but won’t be disturbed about King’s activities!

But it gets worse, much worse!

The Assistant Director of the FBI, Charles D. Brennan wrote a letter to Senator John P. East of North Carolina in which he stated that King’s activities consisted of “orgiastic and adulterous escapades, some of which indicated that King could be bestial in his sexual abuse of women.” How can any honest feminist not condemn King’s violence and treating women like objects to be used and cast away? They will not because of a lack of character, courage, and convictions.

FBI Assistant Director William Sullivan, who was in charge of the bugging of King’s hotel rooms, said that King also had affairs with many married women. In an incident in New York City, King got drunk and asked a young female civil rights worker to satisfy his weird sexual tastes and when she refused, he threatened to jump from the skyscraper window. She changed her mind and satisfied the reverend.

Many newspapers reported on the files released by the National Archives concerning the death of President Kennedy (some files related to King): “As early as January, 1964, King engaged in another two-day drunken sex orgy in Washington, D.C. Many of those present engaged in sexual acts, natural as well as unnatural, for the entertainment of onlookers. When one of the females shied away from engaging in an unnatural act, King … discussed how she was to be taught and initiated in this respect,” the document reads.

King tried to justify his immorality by saying that everyone did it. This was reported by the London Daily Mail on January 17, 2017: “Sleeping with female members was the norm rather than the exception and King himself admitted that he didn’t know a single black preacher who was chaste.”

That was an incredible insult to every black preacher in America, including some good friends of mine.

David J. Garrow is a well-known leftist author and friendly King biographer who revealed to USA Today King’s justification for his sexual immorality: “He [King] explained it as someone on the road 27 days a month and needing sex as a form of anxiety reduction and for emotional solace.” Anxiety reduction and emotional solace are now excuses and justification for immorality!

Would any reader accept that excuse from their pastor as justification for unfaithfulness to a wife? I think not.

The only explanation for a conspiracy of silence regarding King’s use and misuse of women is an excessive, almost sick, hero worship that is normal in children but abnormal, abhorrent, and absurd in adults.

Some tell us that a Black must be able to walk on water before he can be accepted as a black leader but we don’t demand that. We do expect a leader, white or black, to be decent, fair, consistent, honest, law-abiding, and a gentleman in his interaction with women.

Let’s be thankful for this resurgence, reverence, and return of sensitivity for decency and a concern for the safety of women; but be sure we are consistent in honoring the truth without giving any person–politician, preacher, performer, or product peddler a pass for sexual abuse of anyone.

Yes, a new day has arrived for which all people should be grateful, but let’s be consistent in our concern toward the victims and our condemnation toward the villains.


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