Should Christians Support Donald Trump!

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I would not vote for Donald Trump as my pastor but I would vote for him for President if the alternative is Clinton, Biden, or Sanders. To not vote for anyone under that circumstance is insane. Trump has proved that he is no “flash in the pan” but a viable candidate for the Republican nomination for U.S. President. He has amazed politicians, pundits, and party leaders with his success in the polls. As always I will vote for president depending on what a candidate believes and his (or her) record. While Trump does not believe as I do on biblical issues, he is not a candidate to be my preacher but my president. However, what he believes is very important to me.

Trump has had big problems with his personal life. He has been married three times and fathered a child out of wedlock with the woman who became his second wife with the birth taking place two months after the wedding. He was married the third time to a Slovenian model in 2005. While that history does not seem as bad as Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton’s filthy flings, it is part of his résumé and must be part of the equation. It would not be precedent-setting to have such a man in the Oval Office.

Tom Jefferson had an affair with an English woman when he was Ambassador to France and many historians believe one of his slaves was his mistress with whom he fathered many children. After looking at the evidence, I have reluctantly taken that position. President Woodrow Wilson had a fling while in Bermuda; Grover Cleveland admitted to fathering a child before his election; Warren G. Harding had an affair that produced an out of wedlock baby born a year before he was elected with the affair continuing in the White House. Franklin Roosevelt’s longtime affair in now commonly known although Dwight D. Eisenhower’s affair is relatively unknown. President Kennedy had numerous affairs including a steamy, squalid, and sordid affair with Marylyn Monroe; Lyndon Johnson boasted that he had more women than Kennedy indicating that he had the instincts of a Turkish sultan in Istanbul; Bill Clinton had numerous affairs including the scandalous affair with a young intern while in the White House. Compared to those dudes, Trump seems almost virtuous!

As a manager or business magnate, Trump has proved himself although he has had four business bankruptcies. But when looking at his record as well as his bank account, there is no doubt that he can get things done on time and with a good profit. Of course, I detest his gambling association at his properties.

Trump wants to build a fence on the Mexican-American border and use predator drones; and he wants Mexico to pay for the wall. He calls citizenship for illegal aliens “suicide,” and wants to limit legal immigration as well. This position has proved a winner for him.

I like his comment that “government should do public works and safety [police and fire] and little else.” I would add that it should coin money and provide a strong military defense.

He, like all sane people, believes that ObamaCare is a “catastrophe and must be repealed and replaced.” However, in 2000 he advocated universal health care.

He wants to defeat ISIS and stop Muslim terrorists even if it means “boots on the ground,” but the “boots on the ground” should all be filled with Muslim feet. He said that “American interests come first; no apologies.” He is against the Iran deal because it “gives Iran a lot and gets nothing for us.”

He believes that welfare programs should lead to work not more welfare; food stamps should be temporary. I think he would agree with me that this nation of gutsy pioneers has turned into a nation of grabbing parasites.

He is against gun control–even has a gun permit.

On issues concerning Christians, he is prolife although he came to that position based on “personal stories” not because it is the taking of the life of an unborn child. He, like most politicians, would permit abortion for rape, incest, and life of the mother.

He is opposed to “gay” marriage–even benefits for civil unions. He bashed Rosie O’Donnell on television so he can’t be all bad.

He is tough on crime demanding that judges be held accountable; he is not for shorter sentences. He says that capital punishment is not uncivilized but letting those criminals live is uncivilized.

He doesn’t smoke, drink, or chew or go with girls that do. He doesn’t even drink coffee. Nor does he use drugs and he fired a Miss America because of drugs.

He is for school choice; wants citizenship taught; opposes dumbing down of schools; and says Common Core is a disaster. He wants to cut back on the Department of Education; however, it should be disbanded along with the Department of Energy.

Recently Trump came out for strong families which is good; but we must remember that he has been married three times.

He is a strong supporter of Israel and believes there should be strong sanctions on Iran. He recently suggested a 35% import tax at the Mexican border and a 20% tax on all imported goods.

My take on Trump’s popularity is that people want a politician to tell the truth whatever the consequences, be confident, and not be concerned with being politically correct. I believe he generally tells the truth; however his confidence comes across as cockiness and he seems to be willing to change his mind. That’s good if he is convinced that his new position is the correct position but bad, if he is being politically expedient. His arrogance is appalling not appealing and his statement, “I’ll apologize when I’m wrong” is disgusting.

Of course, Trump may go up like a rocket and come down like a rock. He is not my first, second, third, or fourth choice. I hope and pray that one of the other strong, sincere, solid, and saved candidates will soar to the top but I would vote for Elmer Fudd before I would vote for Hillary, Jo, or Bernie.

So, Trump trumps Hillary, Jo, and Bernie and if Elmer gets involved, I still may have a difficult decision to make.

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