South Africa was Not Colonized—Critics Are Wrong!

Were early Americans wrong to come to this continent and form a new society without getting permission from the Indians? Suppose we wanted to do the “right thing” after we had been here for 75 years and had built a thriving nation. First, we must discover what the right thing is. Even admitting the many failures of the Europeans, would anyone argue that it would have been better if our ancestors had not landed at Plymouth Rock, Jamestown, and Salem? Even if everyone agrees that we were wrong to come here (and I refuse to admit that silly proposition), how can we change it since we are here?

In 1700, there were about 300,000 white Americans located in the eastern part of the country from the settlements in Florida, Jamestown, north to Boston and along the northeast and as far west as Kentucky and Georgia. All estimates of the number of Indians are from two million to many millions, and many of those tribes hated other tribes similar to the hatred between various black tribes in South Africa.

Suppose in 1700, the National Association of Self-righteous Hypocrites convinced the leaders in each colony that all the wrongs done to the Native Americans had to be made right. Since white leaders could not all close the cities and sail back to Europe, it was decided that the Indians must have a voice in running each colony–one man, one vote. Any idea how that would have turned out?

Some argue that the Indians did not own the land simply because they were here. What determines land ownership? Many would say ownership of the land would depend if the land has been cleared, permanent homes established, animals domesticated, the land worked, and relevant taxes paid. Surely, riding around on a horse does not establish ownership.

After cataloging and confessing our many, many failures, surely almost everyone would agree that the world would be a vastly different and miserable place had Europeans not come to these shores. So, to atone for their mistakes and to move on with their lives, modern Whites recognized their failures in the 1800s and early 1900s and gave land for reservations to the Indians with many freebies. But that, too, has failed. There is no value in living with self-hate, sorrow, or guilt because of the many Indians’ present deplorable conditions; but we should learn from the failed attempts to help the Indian tribes.

There are shocking similarities with South Africa. Even if the left wingers were right about how greedy Whites chased out the black “owners” of what is now South Africa, they would have to live with where they are now. However, liberals have made that difficult by rewriting South African History to present most white people as vile and most Blacks as virtuous.

Uninformed or prejudiced commentators on South Africa often refer to the white population as “colonialists” but history totally refutes the concept of Whites taking control of or taking land from indigenous people. When the Dutch arrived in South Africa in 1652 to found a hospital and refreshing station for their sailors passing the Cape, they found unoccupied land near the Cape of Good Hope at the very tip of Africa. If the Whites had trekked far enough north, they would have found tribes of Blacks but does any sane person suggest those Blacks owned the unoccupied land where the Dutch settled?

When Blacks discovered that white people were established south of them, they moved southward amazed with the white people and their strange appearance, habits, tools, and inventions. The simple natives were drawn to the strange, pale visitors and were fascinated with their trading items.

It was a learning experience for both Blacks and Whites and the beginning of a dubious, dangerous, and deadly relationship that forever affected both races.

There was nothing there, not a railroad, highway, building, hospital, or school. Some French Huguenots arrived in 1688 followed by the English in 1795, so white South Africans–Dutch, French, and English–go back more than 300 years. They were not colonialists and did not displace any Blacks. The Germans arrived in 1857. Add to the mix a huge group of Pakistanis, Indians, and Chinese known as Coloreds, and you have a boiling pot in our day.

The ignorant or uninformed often speak of how five million Whites dominated about 20 million Blacks but the fact is that Blacks are not a homogeneous force. There were five million Zulus; about 5 million Xhosa (pronounced Koza); two million Tswana; etc., plus about three million Coloreds who have mixed blood that could be called mulattoes. Blacks hate the Coloreds as much as they hate the Whites.

The hatred displayed among the various black tribes is legendary and pathetic and ancient.

The anger, agitation, and aggression among the black tribes are well known. A white doctor who established a hospital for Blacks in Durban declared, “When a Zulu who has been in an accident is brought in, we must have a Zulu nurse for him. If we have a Xhosa nurse, she will pull off his bandages at night and let him bleed to death.”

Now, that’s black on black hatred.

The Brits and the Dutch turned the barren tip of South Africa into one of the most advanced, modern, and safest nations in the world. They built a civilization that lifted millions of Blacks from poverty to Africa’s highest standard of living–2 to 5 times greater than anywhere in Africa.

While it is true that many white men got rich, so did some Blacks. About a million Blacks from surrounding black nations used to illegally enter South Africa each year to work in the mines. No other African nation has a problem with people trying to slip across their borders to live and work.

Even today with the transfer of power from a white minority to the black majority, the white minority still controls most of the wealth in South Africa. Thus, the pot is simmering and the top is ready to blow. Following the funeral of Mandela, Blacks jockeyed to replace him but that’s like the junior officers on the Titanic fighting for the opportunity to replace Captain Smith while the giant ship was sinking!

South Africa is sinking!

South Africa is the murder and rape capital of the world. South African men rape very young females, even babies, thinking it will cure them of AIDS! They need a cure for their stupidity and brutality. A personal encounter with biblical principles will often solve the brutality problem, but there is little hope for stupidity.

Blacks throughout the African continent were much better off under white racist government but since Whites were in control, the local Communists and international globalists screamed that it was unfair for a minority to rule a majority. So, they demanded an end to colonial rule and the now-black controlled nations have experienced famine, insurrections, genocide, Islamic terrorism, and black dictatorships. But that is acceptable to globalists because Blacks are in charge.

The U.N. Human Development Index (HDI), reveals the downward spiral of South Africa. It reveals that before 1994 during the years of white minority government, South Africa’s HDI ranking was progressively climbing and the nation was ranked far ahead of the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. It was also higher than the world average. However, by 2001, their HDI score had fallen below the 1975 level.

Communism has historically failed. If Communists were in control of the Sahara Desert, it would be running out of sand in three years.

The failure and decline of South Africa was put in the spotlight when headlines shrieked, “King Of The Zulus: Slams ‘So-Called’ South African Democracy, Says Country Was Better Off Under Apartheid!” The long-time and respected black king found himself in hot water with his praise for the former white minority government.

Liberals squealed like a stuck pig when any credit was given to the white minority government known as apartheid. However, now that Blacks are in total control of a failing nation, the injustice by Blacks against white farmers is far worse than Whites against Blacks during apartheid. Why are leftists not screaming about the crime and mistreatment of white farmers?

Leftists were sure concerned when Blacks didn’t own many farms and had little political power. It seems Liberals, black or white, have a major problem with consistency. Maybe if it were lions, tigers, and elephants that were being killed, the radical leftists might get concerned. But white people don’t seem to matter.

The Communists in African National Congress (ANC) and the South Africa Communist Party (SACP) also called for the nationalization of mines, banks, and other major industries in South Africa and black leaders are demanding that white farmers surrender their farms that have been in their families for many generations! The first two farms were taken in August, just the beginning, so “Katie Bar the Door.” The major civil war between Blacks and Whites that Mandela allegedly diverted has obviously only been delayed.

South Africa is well on its way to being another black tragedy because of power, pride, politics, and possessions. South Africa and Zimbabwe are rich with coal, platinum, iron, chrome, gold, diamonds, etc. And if the Communists get total control of the minerals that are crucial to the free world, then free leaders will have to go, hat in hand, to totalitarians for what is needed for their survival. So, the battle in Africa is not only a black-white issue.

While apartheid was horrendous, the nation’s primary problem was politics, not prejudice. It was Communism not colonialism.

Mandela and his cronies at the ANC and SACP are/were not fools, just Communists, and you can always trust a Communist–to be a Communist. Contrary to what the ANC and leftists in the free world have said, South Africa was not a colony. It was founded on unoccupied land by Whites–some good, some bad.

Why are even Conservatives afraid to tell the truth?


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