South African Chaos: Rape and Murder!

Leading black politicians in South Africa sing hate songs at public rallies that glorify killing white farmers so there is no surprise that thugs are carrying out their leaders’ threats. Former South African President Zuma sang the genocide song himself, leading a crowd in a musical chant: “We are going to shoot them with machine guns, they are going to run…The cabinet will shoot them, with the machine gun…Shoot the Boer, we are going to hit them, they are going to run.”

Deputy Minister of Higher Education Mduduzi Manana, a member of the ruling African National Congress (ANC), declared on the floor of Parliament during a discussion of the killing of white farmers, “Bury them alive.”

Black thugs are listening and following their orders.

An employee of the Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation took his cue from black leaders and posted a tirade against all Whites. Velaphi Vel-hova Khumalo launched a hate-filled tirade against white South Africans on Facebook stating, “I want to cleans (sic) this country of all white people. We must act as Hitler did to the Jews…White people in south (sic) Africa deserve to be hacked and killed like Jews. U (sic) have the same venom moss. look (sic) at Palestine. noo u (?) must be bushed alive and skinned and your off springs used as garden fertilizer.”

I don’t think Khumalo wants to hold hands with white South Africans and sing Kumbaya around a campfire.

More than 3,000 white farmers have been murdered since the end of apartheid, according to Genocide Watch. Today there are about 30,000 white farmers while there were 60,000 twenty years ago. Is it any wonder that the nation is forced to import food to feed its people?

Last year, South Africa had an astonishingly high murder rate of 31.9 per 100,000 people according to police statistics; however, for white farmers, the murder rate is 99 per 100,000! The murder rate is more than 100 times worse than in London. Just released stats reveal that 57 people are killed each day in South Africa!

According to new figures released by the AgriSA Agricultural Union in Pretoria and reported in The European Union Times, “Black criminal gangs have killed one white South African farmer every five days so far this year.”

No white person in South Africa feels secure. One woman said, “I don’t feel safe in my own home.” Many have fled the nation leaving their farms that have been in their family for generations.

Many white farmers and complete families have been brutally tortured and murdered and females of all ages have been raped with victims burned with electric irons and blow torches or had boiling water poured down their throats. Others have been disemboweled or dragged to death behind vehicles, forced to drink bleach, mothers raped in front of their children, and babies boiled to death. An elderly white woman was tortured with an electric drill and died after her attackers drilled holes in her body. Often, an open Bible is placed on their bloody bodies.

“Necklacing,” has made a comeback especially in the black villages. This form of murder was made infamous by Minnie Mandela (yes, that Mandela) where killers placed a gasoline-soaked automobile tire around a person’s neck, cut him under his arms, and set fire to the tire. They jeer as they watch him burn. This is getting more frequent as frustrated black villagers catch accused criminals, try, and execute him on public streets. Vigilante justice is what happens when law and order do not prevail and political leaders encourage violence.

Such uncontrolled violence has chased one million South Africans to the United Kingdom and other nations between 1995 and 2005. While lack of employment for Whites is one reason for the emigration, the main reason given is the black on white crime. A straw poll conducted by the Afrikaans online news service News24 which serves the Afrikaans-speaking community in South Africa revealed, “over 85 percent of whites would leave the country immediately if the opportunity presented itself.”

Transparency International found that 74 percent of people think all public officials and civil servants are corrupt or extremely corrupt, while 70 percent believe the whole political system is corrupt. During the hated white government that ended in 1994, they were racist in some policies but there was stability, safety, and a soaring economy.

No one feels safe in their own homes anymore.

The British newspaper The Telegraph asserts that up to 40% of women experience rape in their lifetimes. This includes “corrective rape” performed by allegedly concerned men to “cure” lesbian women of their homosexuality. “Blow the Whistle,” a non-government group, reports that almost one in three girls will be raped before she turns 18.

Other savages rape babies as young as three thinking it will cure their AIDS as they were told by their local witchdoctors (holders of Wi.D., I suppose). The World Health Organization reported on HIV infection in South Africa in 2017, “1 in every 25 adults (4.1%) [is] living with HIV and accounting for nearly two-thirds of the people living with HIV worldwide.”

About 37 million people in South Africa have HIV and 30% don’t know it! About 18% of the adult population is infected with HIV, the cause of about half of all deaths in South Africa. Almost 35 million South Africans have died of AIDS.

AVERT reported in 2016, “Men who have sex with men, transgender women, sex workers and people who inject drugs experience even higher HIV prevalence rates.”

Interpol says South Africa is “the rape capital of the world.” The Telegraph for Sept. 3, 2018 reported “For every 25 men brought to trial for rape, 24 will walk free.” Moreover, in a related survey, “a quarter of Soweto schoolboys described ‘jackrolling’—a local term for gang rape—as ‘fun.’” The attackers said that they were making the women feel like “real women.”

A 2010 Medical Research Foundation survey found that more than 37 percent of South African men admitted to raping at least one woman.

The BBC alleges that more South African women are likely to be raped than will learn to read.

Much of the rape and the killings involve vicious torture by roving black thugs. A 3-year-old-girl was raped by four men who wrapped her in newspapers, doused her in gasoline, then set her on fire. A 4-year-old-girl was gang raped and crucified on the kitchen table while her parents died on the kitchen floor.

The oppressed Blacks have become the oppressors of Whites and no one in the West seems to care.

Why has the United States not offered asylum to these desperate South Africans? Russia and Australia have already done so.

America is silent. Well, there was one tweet but nothing about accepting harassed and endangered white people, many who profess to be Christians.

Could the reason no one seems to care be because they are white and Christian?

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