South African Communists Can be Trusted to be Communists–Always!

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When the Dutch arrived in South Africa in 1652 to found a hospital and refreshing station for their sailors passing the Cape, they found unoccupied land near the Cape of Good Hope at the very tip of Africa. There was not a railroad, highway, building, hospital, or school. French Huguenots arrived in 1688 followed by the English in 1795, so white South Africans go back more than 300 years. They were not colonialists and did not displace any Blacks. The Germans arrived in 1857. Add to the mix a huge group of Pakistanis, Indians, and Chinese known as Coloreds, and you have a boiling pot.

There is talk of how five million South African Whites kept 20 million Blacks under their thumb but the fact is that Blacks are not a homogeneous force. There were five million Zulus; about 5 million Xhosa (pronounced Koza); two million Tswana; etc. plus about three million Coloreds (from China, India, Pakistan, etc.) who have mixed blood that could be called, “mulattoes.” Blacks hate the Coloreds more than they do the whites.

The hostility among the black tribes is legendary: A white doctor who established a hospital for Blacks in Durban declared, “When a Zulu who has been in an accident is brought in, we must have a Zulu nurse for him. If we have a Xhosa nurse, she will pull off his bandages at night and let him bleed to death.”

South Africa became a British colony in 1806 and the Brits and the Dutch turned it into one of the most advanced, modern, and safest nations in the world. They built a civilization that lifted millions of Blacks from poverty to the highest standard of living (2 to 5 times greater) than anywhere in Africa.
Yes, many white men got rich but so did some Blacks. In fact, about a million Blacks from surrounding black nations try to enter South Africa each year–many illegally. No other African nation has a problem with people trying to slip across their borders to live and work. Even today with the transfer of power from white minority to the black majority, the white minority still controls most of the wealth in South Africa. Thus, the pot is simmering and the top is ready to blow. Following the funeral of Mandela, I see major bloodshed there as the jockeying goes on to replace the “hero” and “inspiring leader.” That’s about like the junior officers on the Titanic fighting for the opportunity to replace Captain Smith as the giant ship was sinking!

In Africa’s colonial nations, the Blacks threw off the yoke of the hated colonists but they could not feed themselves, a problem in much of Africa. South Africa is the murder and rape capital of the world. South African men rape very young females, even babies, thinking it will cure their AIDS! They need a cure for their stupidity and brutality. An encounter with Christ, called the New Birth, will always solve the brutality problem, but there is little hope for stupidity.

Blacks throughout Africa were much better off under colonial, white rule. Why are leftists not screaming about the crime, rape, and mistreatment of white farmers? They were sure concerned when Blacks didn’t own many farms and had little political power. It seems Liberals, black or white, have a major problem with consistency. Maybe if it were lions, tigers, and elephants that were being killed, the radical leftists might get concerned.

Mandela and the Communists in ANC and SACP also called for the nationalization of mines, banks, and other major industries in South Africa and black leaders are demanding that white farmers surrender their farms that have been in their families for 300 years! If that happens, “Katie Bar the Door.” The major civil war between Blacks and Whites that Mandela allegedly diverted has obviously only been delayed. That is exactly what has been happening in that “garden of paradise” called Zimbabwe.

Many Zimbabwean white farmers and their families have been butchered by official representatives of the Communist, totalitarian (forgive the redundancy) regime and their farms stolen. Only 300 white farmers remain of a total of 4,000! The crops are not being harvested and expensive equipment rusts in unplowed fields. The life span has plummeted with the average native expected to live in good health for 39 years. About one and a half million Zimbabweans are dying with AIDS.

South Africa is well on its way to being another black tragedy because of power, pride, position, and possessions. South Africa and Zimbabwe are rich with coal, platinum, iron, chrome, gold, diamonds, etc. And if the Communists get total control of the minerals that are crucial to the free world, then free leaders will have to go, hat in hand, to totalitarians for what is needed for their survival. So, the battle in Africa is not only a black-white issue.

Jacob Zuma was re-elected to head the corrupt ANC, the ruling party in South Africa, so he will reign as President for seven more years. Zuma has multiple wives and recently fathered a child by the daughter of a close friend. Yet, he still has “overwhelming” support. It seems that morality, decency, and character, don’t matter if you are the right color and carry the right card–Black as to color and Red as to politics.

Mandela promised all South Africans: “Under a Communist Party government, South Africa will become a land of milk and honey. …There will be enough land and houses for all. There will be no unemployment, starvation and disease. Workers will earn decent wages; transport will be cheap and education free.” Well, every person in South Africa knows that did not happen and the mendacious, murderous, malicious terrorist had no plans to keep such a promise.

Mandela and other terrorists at the ANC and the SACP got a free ride on the Gravy Train while poor black were left standing at the station covered with soot with the echoes of “We Shall Overcome” ringing in their ears.

Fools in the free world put their trust is a corrupt, cruel, contentious Communist tyrant with a pretty smile and it is too late for anyone, anywhere to do anything about the chaos that is coming.

Mandela and his cronies at the ANC and SACP are/were not fools, just Communists and you can always trust a Communist–to be a Communist. Why are even many Conservatives afraid to tell the truth?

Copyright 2013, Don Boys, Ph.D. Videos of my lecture at the University of North Dakota; “A Christian Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up!”

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