South African President Tainted with Corruption Charges!

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South Africa has been bleeding money in recent years, but they’ve also lost professionals and the wealthy Whites that have kept the nation running. The fleeing Whites have been running to the safety of other nations because of poor working conditions in South Africa including legal affirmative action making jobs and job advancement impossible for Whites. The South African Fin 24 reported, “About 3,000 super-rich have left SA in the past 10 years.”

Sensible Whites are fleeing the nation because of multiple problems with race relations, banking, crime, unemployment, health problems with 19% of the population infected with HIV, educational problems with inadequate buildings and dangerous latrines where kids have fallen in and drowned, and political corruption. It is a seething volcano about to explode.

Rape is common in the major cities with one man in three admitting to having raped at least one woman, and over 25% of women have been victims. A woman is more likely to be raped than to learn to read. The crimes are seldom investigated and litigated. If litigated, seldom are there any serious consequences.

Thievery abounds in all areas of society and every person looks out for himself. Everyone in any place of authority seems to have his or her hand out not for a shake but for a shekel. There seems to be a mania to get the bribe before someone else does as recent hearings have proved.

The government is finally looking into corruption charges against one of the major corporations. Corruption charges have even reached the sitting President and the top six leaders of the ruling African National Congress (ANC). ANC leaders admit that the Zondo Commission corruption hearings will have a major impact on the national election in May.

South Africa is about to become South Zimbabwe in my humble opinion. It seems what we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history and Zimbabwe, a northern neighbor of South Africa, is in death throes as I write. However, South African officials—which means the Communist-controlled ANC that has misruled since the fall of apartheid—have refused to look reality in the face. Their motto seems to be “continue to loot while there is anything available to loot.”

The world’s media seems to be oblivious to the death of a great nation; the media coverage in Britain, Canada, and the U.S. is insignificant. The New York Times finally published an article, “Hit Men and Power” highlighting that “corruption and divisions have flourished within the A.N.C. in recent years.”

But the corruption is not only in the ANC but also in every facet of the nation: the schools, local governments, the utilities, the mines, the police, the unions, South African Airlines, the rail service, and the banks. Plus, the political corruption in the ANC bleeds into all areas of national and local governments.

Jacob Zuma was forced to resign as President after eight years of corruption that shocked everyone in its extent and its audacity, charges that still have not been litigated. His trial has been postponed until after the election in May. Zuma was replaced by Cyril Ramaphosa (one of the leading candidates for president in May) who as noted by the New York Times, is “a veteran A.N.C. insider, and early signs have not been encouraging.” The article admitted that Ramaphosa has “amassed extraordinary wealth” since the presidency of Nelson Mandela.

Two basic necessities of life are a place to live and food to eat and black and white South Africans are having a major struggle to attain both. Mandela and the ANC promised jobs to everyone and to build one million new homes; however, the unemployment rate is over 27% and only 40,000 houses were built between 1994 to 1999 when Mandela left office. People have been waiting in line for many years for a home with few results. Blacks have priority over Whites in jobs, housing, welfare, etc. Blacks don’t envy starving Whites, but they cast lustful eyes toward successful white farmers. I have seen posters warning white land owners, “Everything you have is ours. We’re coming for it.”

Black thugs are encouraged by black politicians to take land from Whites thereby providing the ingredients for a bloody uprising.

The official “legal” decision of the government to take land from white farmers and give it to Blacks, who often know nothing about farming, has something to do with the slowdown at least in agricultural production and the alienation, anger, and antagonism between the races. Aidan Hartley, a London Times journalist wrote, “Once-productive maize fields now grow only weeds. Citrus orchards are dying, their valuable fruit rotting on the branches. Machinery lies about rusting. Irrigation pipes have been looted and farm sheds are derelict and stripped of roofing.”

But enough is enough and the government is being forced to try to control the corruption since it seems to be like a noxious fog that has permeated every part of the nation.

Bosasa was a company that provided services (and bribes) for the government primarily in the prison industry; however, recent testimony, if true, suggests that some of the company’s officials may end up in one of their facilities along with top ANC leaders. Angelo Agrizzi was the company’s chief operating officer (COO) who recently spent nine days giving testimony that implicated the top six officers in the ANC of corruption.

Agrizzi admitted that the corruption started long before Zuma’s administration but that Zuma received monthly payments of R300,000 from the former chairwoman of the South African Airways, Duduzile Cynthia Myeni, known as Dudu. She was a very good friend of Zuma and has been charged with corruption after almost bankrupting South African Airways according to Forensics for Justice.

Agrizzi admitted he stuffed bags of cash that amounted to between $300,000 to $440,000 a month in bribes to senior ANC officials to secure lucrative government contracts. Agrizzi also testified to the Zondo Commission of a R500,000 “donation” to Cyril Ramaphosa during his 2017 campaign for president of the ANC. Ramaphosa said the money went to his son as consultant but later admitted it was a contribution to his election 2917 campaign. Ramaphosa had pledged to clean up the nation’s corruption problem but appears to have benefited along the way.

Campaigning in Cape Town on February 28, 2019, Ramaphosa blamed the nation’s many problems on apartheid, the mantra of most black politicians—blame Whitey. Of course, there is plenty of blame for everyone involved. The President, aspiring to being reelected in a few weeks, declared, “Land in cities and towns must be identified for seizure without compensation upon which high-density housing can be developed so that ordinary South Africans can live close to their places of work.” So, the much touted plan to take farms from white farmers (without compensation that has resulted in thousands of white deaths by black thugs) has been expanded to the cities.

According to ANC officials, all of South Africa’s problems are because of apartheid even though the ANC has ruled for 25 years. It is believed that the Whites are the reason the economy is dying, rape and murder are commonplace, and the nation can no longer feed its people, consequently any corruption is acceptable as payment for past mistreatment.

News24 reported that it is estimated that over R40 million was “donated” by Bosasa over the years to the ANC representing a significant source of revenue for the party. The Communists in the ANC have proved that they are as dishonest as highway robbers. The Communist slogan, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is a slogan to justify taking from the haves and giving it to the have-nots; but in South Africa, it is the powerful taking even more away from the poor—white and black.

The voters will decide on May 8 if President Ramaphosa and his cronies at the ANC will be standing in the employment line or continue to snort, scuffle, and struggle at the public trough for their share of the public loot.

Greek philosopher Diogenes with his lighted lantern in broad daylight, looking for an honest man in the streets of Athens, would have little success walking the streets of South African cities.


Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for eight years. Boys’ book, Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is available here. Follow Dr. Boys on Facebook at Don Boys, Ph.D. and TheGodHaters, Twitter, and visit his blog.

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