South Africa’s ANC Attempts to Oust President Ramaphosa!

South Africa’s National Assembly chose Cyril Ramaphosa as their new president on February 15, 2018 after the forced resignation of President Zuma for corruption. Ramaphosa will face the voters in the General Election next year; however, former President Zuma is making a play for a return to office even though he faces numerous fraud charges.

South Africa’s Sunday Times’ headline on September 9, 2018 screamed, “Exposed: Jacob Zuma plot to oust Cyril” [Ramaphosa], the president of South Africa’s largest political party, the African National Congress (ANC).” The article revealed an ANC “secret meeting” involving the Secretary-General Ace Magashule. The paper alleged that former president Jacob Zuma held a clandestine meeting in Durban recently with major ANC leaders including the Secretary-General. At that meeting were three members of the ANC—North West chairperson Supra Mahumapelo, ANC Women’s League Secretary General Meokgo Matuba and ANC Youth League KwaZulu-Natal Secretary Thanduxolo Sabelo.

The ANC denied that the meeting took place and any plans to dump President Ramaphosa and return Zuma to office in the 1919 General Election. Of course not, they love each other like brothers. Maybe like Cain loved Abel. Bloomberg quoted an ANC email statement on September 9 that the ANC “will not dignify these blatant lies and fabrications with a detailed response.” With that, the ANC, pretending to take a principled position, has simply given itself an excuse not to answer the charges.

Reuters reported on September 10, “The ruling African National Congress (ANC) on Sunday labelled reports that top ANC officials, including former President Jacob Zuma and the party’s secretary-general, were plotting in secret to unseat Cyril Ramaphosa as party leader as ‘Shameless gossip.’”

However, the Sunday Times published a photograph of the three above alleged conspirators at the Maharani Hotel in Durban on Thursday with Zuma. Two of the alleged conspirators declared that they “just happened” to be at the hotel at the same time. Sure. Sabelo said he was driving by and stopped to chat at the hotel because he saw Magashule there.

Ramaphosa consolidated his power after becoming President of South Africa, but it seems his political opponents, led by former President Zuma, are pushing him toward the exit. Zuma has a strong following in the ANC and wants to push President Ramaphosa (with very powerful business connections) off a cliff to provide a clear path back to the presidency next year in the General Election. The Sunday Times reported that a new political party had been formed by Zuma’s close ally Caesar Nongqunga, with Zuma’s blessing. Nongqunga is president of the Twelve Apostles Church in Christ.

The Sunday Times Sept. 17, 2018 issue reported that President Ramaphosa took a swipe at ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule over persistent rumors that Magashule was involved in the clandestine meeting to plot the president’s removal. He suggested such action was “counter-revolutionary” as Magashule was sitting directly in front of him with other ANC leaders.

The President suggested such secret action was not wise since they were in a “war” and with the General Election approaching in 2019, they all need to work together.

There are many players in this sordid, dangerous story. Many are stirring the pot and many people are getting rich and many are getting dead. The ANC, now fractured into many factions, has been hip deep in intrigue for many years. Some have been ousted from the party, some from the provinces have been promoted to top positions, and others have been killed—by former friends and compatriots. Since 2016, more than 90 politicians have been killed according to researchers at the University of Cape Town.

The New York Times published an article “Hit Men and Power” on September 30, 2018 highlighting that “corruption and divisions have flourished within the A.N.C. in recent years.” It admits that too many have lost the vision of earlier years and are struggling for “influential positions and the spoils that go with them.”

The Times reported on April 16 that “graft has engulfed the country” and “Corruption has enriched A.N.C. leaders and their business allies—black and white South Africans, as well as foreigners.”

President Cyril Ramaphosa has promised to work on the corruption and political murders but refused to provide police protection for whistle-blowers who are in fear for their lives and are in hiding. Ramaphosa himself has been tainted because some of his allies he appointed to office have been accused of corruption. He is trying to hang on to power until the General Election next year. The political murders are not simply taking place in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, and Pretoria but in rural areas. Ramaphosa simply can’t contain all the various, warring factions.

Some new leaders in the nation are more extreme than Ramaphosa appears to be and they are giving him perpetual heartburn.

According to The Citizen, September 17, 2018, Lindsay Maasdorp , the Black Land First (BLF) spokesperson has stated his views reflecting his party’s belief that all white people in South Africa are criminals by virtue of their existence! He also repeated his party’s slogan, “land or death.” The founder of BLF Andile Mngxitama is so far to the left that far left Julius Malema couldn’t get along with him and Mngxitama was booted from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

In its “Revolutionary Call” published on April 27, 2016, BLF asserted, “We want all the land with all of its endowments on its surface together with all the fortunes underground as well as the sky. All of it belongs to us! We are a people crying for our stolen land! Now we have decided to get it back by any means necessary.”
The black racists made clear that “by any means necessary” means without concern for horrific results such as famine, bloodshed, or another Zimbabwe nightmare.

Obviously, Ramaphosa is being pulled and pushed from many sides, many of them more radical than he. He is busy enough trying to stay in power and get reelected next year, but he has so many warring factions inside and outside the ANC, plus the murder for hire of wayward members and multiple acts of sabotage in many major cities. Everyone seems to carry guns or has bodyguards—even low-level provincial (state) leaders. If one complains about the shoddy work done on a government project or publicly complains about political corruption, he ends up dead in a few days. Of course, the culpable politicians often attend his funeral and may even weep copious tears. I suppose such people are in the Department of Hypocrisy.

The Communist dominated ANC is infamous for sabotage in earlier years and now that there are many factions within, it has returned to sabotage plus assassinations—of longtime comrades.

Surely, Hollywood and well-meaning leftist politicians from the west will organize boycotts and protests (as they did in the late 1980s) in support of white farmers who are being murdered by Blacks, and some black ANC politicians who are living under death threats from black hitmen.

Don’t count on it since far leftists—black and white—are the most inconsistent, insensitive, and incorrigible people in the world.


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