Stop Immigration: We Don’t Need the Poorest of the Poor!

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Radical leftists want the U.S. to open its borders to anyone–the poorest of the poor, the dumbest of the dumb, and the weakest of the weak! Sane people realize that such a policy will only make us poorer, dumber, and weaker. Who said that leftists are good thinkers?

The Mexican Republic wants to solve one of its major problems by sending its poorest of the poor to the U.S. to work plus those poor (who work) usually send money back to Mexico. Mexico can’t lose, but you can.

Mexican politicians have an affinity toward open borders that permits its citizens to work and travel wherever they desire. Wonder how many Canadians and Americans would rush to Mexico to live and work? Mexican officials and their lackeys are playing the part of the hypocrite regarding immigration. They don’t practice what they preach!

Mexico requires people who emigrate to their country to have useful skills and a pension plan from their nation of origin! They also forcefully impose border control at their southern border while they promote illegal crossing into the U.S. at their northern border! If America enforced similar laws, the Mexican authorities would scream like a stuck pig! In the event you want to know, hypocrite in Spanish is el hipocritea.

Compare a person who is caught slipping into Mexico with one doing so in America. For sure, Mexico would not give such a person a survival pack and point him in a northerly direction? Gatecrashers into Mexico get years in a stinking prison and gain freedom only after enormous bribes to the proper officials.

It is reckless and false to suggest that an enormous invasion of under educated, low-skilled, often hostile gatecrashers will not have a long term, adverse effect on America. America is being transformed as you slumber and sleep, and if you don’t mind that and your bleating heart demands that we open our borders to permit anyone access, then so be it. However, you will have no right to weep, whimper, and whine when you can’t get a job or when your taxes are doubled, and when your kids can’t be educated in an overcrowded public school. So get accustomed to seeing signs in Spanish everywhere, and workers who are supposed to serve you don’t speak clear English.

It is true that people are suffering all over the world, and many of the gatecrashers only want a better life; however, that is true but does that mean that America should be the social welfare system for the world, as well as the world’s policeman? After all, there is a limit to what one country can do and most Americans don’t know that we have been taking in over half of the immigrants of the world! Here’s a shattering thought: If immigration is good for America, then it would be good for other countries, so let’s spread it around so that all 196 countries can benefit! We should not be selfish so let every nation do its part and reap the benefits!

I recommend that U.S. officials make a rigorous attempt to detain all illegal immigrants; imprison those who are known criminals and expel all others who are simply gatecrashers? If we apprehended only one terrorist in the group, it would be advantageous. Remember that he (or she) could be planning to drop a bomb over your city or poison your water supply! I am asked, how could we remove all of them; however, we don’t need to get of all of them. We can get rid of most of them.

All Mexican and Central American illegals could be loaded in a ship off the coast of California, sail to the Mexican Coast, and dump them for Mexican officials to deal with. We could then give each of the remaining illegal aliens a one way ticket to the country of their origin or the desert if their choice.

I suggest that we:

*Pull up the ladder and permit no more immigration for at least five years with only a few exceptions.

*Close all the holes in our northern and southern borders even using the military, drones, helicopters, and any new technology to get the job done.

*Assess huge penalties to any business that hires an illegal alien. Double the fine for a second offense. Jail for the third. That won’t make me popular with the Chamber of Commerce but then I’m not in a popularity contest.

*Realize that people who are not U.S. citizens do not have the same rights that Americans have; therefore expel all who are here illegally. As a precaution, fingerprint and photograph them and imprison them if they return.

*We should fingerprint and photograph all emigrants who come to America from any nation, but especially Islamic nations, and fine them heavily if they overstay their visas. Then, send them back to the desert.

*Repudiate multiculturalism (the outrageous suggestion that all religions and cultures have equal value) as anti-American and anti-common sense. Furthermore, we will no longer feel guilty for being Americans.

*Put America first in every way since it is national suicide to do otherwise.

Good people can honestly disagree about wars in the Middle East but when it comes to protecting America’s borders, it is clear: If U. S. politicians don’t protect America from cultural suicide and terrorist activities, what good will a tax cut and deficit reduction do us? If President Trump fails to keep this promise then his legacy will be a president who failed to keep his oath to uphold the Constitution.

We don’t need any nation’s uneducated, unskilled, and unmotivated people. It is not selfish, but sane and sensible to permit only those who will contribute to our nation.

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