STOP: Stop Transgender Obnoxious Practices!

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Transgenders, like homosexuals, don’t exist! They are simply confused, contentious, and carnal people rebelling against God’s divine order for mankind. These are troubled people who need help not encouragement. It is child abuse to pretend that a boy dressing as a girl is anything but a boy. His physical equipment proves it and it is sexual mutilation for a surgeon to try to undo what God ordained. In fact, it is astounding that we are having these deliberations, discussions, and debates in our day. Future generations, if they come to their senses, will be shocked at the extent of our madness.

Dr. Paul R. McHugh is a highly respected psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University who has studied transgender people for 40 years. He said it was a scientific fact that, “Transgendered men do not become women, nor can women become men!” Johns Hopkins pioneered sex-change surgeries but stopped doing them when they realized it was impossible to change one’s birth sex. The famed doctor said for kids to believe that their sex is a “matter of choice” is extremely damaging and they have a mental condition that needs treatment, not a problem with their genitalia!

That means President Obama, Loretta Lynch, the LGBT crowd, the lapdog media, the media misfits, and academia sluggards are promoters, preachers, and participants of child abuse.

North Carolina has tried to stop this madness with their restroom law but has been warned by the Federal Government that the state will lose massive amounts of money (the state’s own money) if they continue in their policy of each person using the restroom of their birth sex. Since I don’t trust politicians (God warned about putting our hope in them), I’m afraid that North Carolina, after a vigorous, valiant, and vicious conflict will capitulate. Most citizens don’t understand the pressure that the business people bring upon state officials to be concerned about money–not principle. Additional pressure will come of the state’s universities who major in sports, not academics.

No doubt, this issue will end up in the U.S. Supreme Court where they will kowtow toward the media moguls and nutcases in academia with a decision pleasing to the lowlifes of society. It will no doubt be illegal for any restroom, locker room, etc., in America to offer protection and privacy to innocent children and women. Now, what happens? It always comes down to how individuals respond.

After all the court cases, marches, talk shows, speeches, debates, etc., what should a principled person do? That’s a no brainer. A husband, brother, and father will do what they have done for millennia: they will protect the females in the family. Absent a male present then a woman can rely, if necessary, on pepper spray; or three or four ladies can go inside as a group while one “guards the door” for predators.

I have made my decision that is already in effect. We will be traveling next month and I will stand outside the women’s restrooms until my wife has finished. I will carry a walking stick or cane and keep any male from entering the restroom. Period. It doesn’t matter what you think, or anyone else thinks or what courts decide: it is simple. I will forcefully keep any obvious male from entering a restroom being used by my wife. If I must get physical, then so be it. There are some things worth fighting for.

It might be wise for each female to carry a can of pepper spray or similar item and use it to Stop Transgender Obnoxious Practices.

My critics, members of Wimps Incorporated, will suggest that no Christian would harm people but I maintain that no informed Christian would do anything else! It will be said that Christ would never do anything like that, actually get physical; however, I’m not Christ. Moreover, Christ was angry at times. He is seen at the Temple in John 2 as turning over tables and whipping people and animals out of the Temple court that was crowded with oxen, sheep, doves, manure, offensive odors, din of traffic, and loud arguments about the exchange rate.

At that time, Judea was subject to the Romans and Roman money was used throughout the Empire; however, Jewish law required that every man should pay half a shekel as tribute to the service of the sanctuary. This was a Jewish coin; therefore, the money changers provided the exchange of the Roman coins for the required Jewish half-shekel. However, the greedy priests and money changers charged exorbitant fees to exchange the money and selling of the animals for sacrifice. Thus, Christ called them “thieves.”

Most readers overlook the fact that Christ did not pick up an abandoned whip, but He made one purposefully to use on the culprits. John 2:15 says, “And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables.” This incident is so important it is recorded in all four Gospels and it probably refers to two incidents. If Christ can use a whip to drive money changers from the Temple, I can use a cane or walking stick to keep men from a woman’s restroom.

No doubt, the police will come to the altercation and they will point out that it is illegal for me to keep men from a woman’s restroom and to use force against female impersonators. After all, the law is clear. However, I will remind them that an unconstitutional law is no law and we are not obligated to obey it. They will tell me that they are “only enforcing the law” but I will remind them that that defense did not work at Nuremburg and will not work in this situation. I will be arrested.

At my trial, I will have a hundred preachers and hundreds of laymen in the streets protesting the insanity. During my trial, I will ask the jurors to reject the judge’s instruction and find me not guilty since the jury has more authority than the judge or the governor. The jury has the authority to say, “This is a bad law and while the defendant did as he was charged, he is not guilty. We strike down this insane law.” The judge will go bananas and tell me to stop but I will continue and be held in contempt of Court. Of course, could any normal, honest person have anything but contempt for such a court?

Furthermore, it is time for Christians to realize that we are full citizens and have the right to sue for discrimination, etc., so we should sue many local and state officials and take our case to the jury. Clog the system until the insanity is stopped.

I will go to jail and upon my release will do the same thing again! It’s time to Stop Transgender Obnoxious Practices.

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