Students in Gun Control Crusade Like Children’s Crusade in Middle Ages!

The New York Post on March 14, 2018 reported, “Nearly 3,000 coordinated walkouts — at elementary schools, high schools and universities — began at 10 a.m. in local time zones and were to last 17 minutes to honor the 17 killed, according to Empower, the youth branch of the Women’s March that is behind the walkouts.”

Oh, so these 3,000 plus school walkouts did not rise spontaneously without adult leadership! It was intricately planned, preached, and promoted by radical gun haters who used the tragedy of 17 deaths at Parkland to advance a leftist agenda. The student walkout was birthed and directed by the screaming feminists of the Women’s March!

Tens of thousands of students walked out of their classrooms last Wednesday to demand action on gun violence and school safety, with some students protesting in Washington, D.C. saying adults have failed them. A major demonstration is planned for March 28. Most nonthinkers consider it a noble crusade. I do not.

The student action reminds me of the Children’s Crusade in 1212 when about 50,000 children walked across nations in inferior shoes to take the Holy Land from Muslims. That crusade ended in confusion, controversy, and catastrophe.

King Philip II of France was holding court in May of 1212 at Cloyes, a small town in the province of Orléans, when he was approached by a 12-year-old shepherd boy named Stephen. The sincere but deluded boy gave the king a letter that had allegedly been given to him by Christ ordering the boy to lead a crusade to Jerusalem to remove the infidel Muslims from the Holy Land. However, the King knew there was no postal service from Heaven to France and told the boy to go back to his sheep.

Stephen disregarded the king’s command and began to preach a children’s crusade to “take up the cross” in defense of the faith and announced that children would meet at Vendome in 30 days for their journey to Jerusalem. At the end of June, about 30,000 boys, some as young as six, with a few girls, adults, and priests gathered as ordered by a 12-year-old delusional boy!

The crowd moved south, almost all of them on foot except a few of noble birth riding horses and Stephen who demanded a decorated cart in which he could ride. It was hot and no provisions were taken. They expected to be fed and bedded by the peasants who were struggling to provide for themselves during a serious drought. Many children died and others tried to return home but the remaining ones arrived in the Mediterranean seaport city of Marseilles on the southern coast of France.

When the crusaders gathered at the northern Mediterranean port, they were disappointed that the sea did not open so they could walk to Jerusalem as Stephen had promised. More crusaders left for home; however, most of them remained believers. Two merchants, Hugh the Iron and William the Pig, made ships available to them and when the children boarded to sail toward Jerusalem to convert the Muslims and take control of the Holy City, they actually sailed to what they thought were the holy lands but actually turned out to be slave markets in Muslim nations. Thousands of innocent crusaders were sold as slaves to Muslim sultans.

At the same time, another mass of child crusaders was gathering in Germany under the leadership of a boy from Cologne named Nicholas. He is reported to have attracted about 50,000 followers including more adults than did Stephen! These crusaders traveled from Germany to Italy across the Alps, and are said to have even met the Pope in Rome. The Pope praised their dedication and sincerity and told them to go home. Many did and died on the way. Others boarded ships expecting to sail to the Holy Land but disappeared from history. Nicholas decided to go home but did not survive the second attempt across the Alps. Back in Germany, his father was arrested and hanged under pressure from angry families whose children had perished while following his son.

The Children’s Crusade was the product of superstition, ignorance, and religious fanaticism. Children are not leaders and only thoughtless fools would follow a child across a continent! While they should be heard, it must be remembered that they are immature, inexperienced, shallow children. While the Bible teaches “A child shall lead them,” that refers to the millennial Kingdom. Children are to be loved, taught, and directed but never in a leadership positon.

The Children’s Crusade was a spontaneous and sincere, yet stupid movement opposed by or at least not supported by the Pope; but this modern children’s crusade is sponsored by the most disreputable, disingenuous, and devious radicals in America—the organizers of the Women’s March. Linda Sarsour (supports Black Lives Matter, sharia law, and teaching about Muslim holidays in public schools), Carmen Perez (said she admired a Black Panther that attempted to kill multiple police officers), and Tamika Mallory (praised Fidel Castro), are co-chairs of the Women’s March. Sarsour also refused to apologize for sharing the platform with Rasmea Yousef Odeh, a convicted killer of Jews!

Mallory and Perez are big fans of Louis Farrakhan, minister of the Nation of Islam. All informed people know that Farrakhan is the poster boy for haters of Whites and Jews.

Rasmea Yousef Odeh was one of eight who organized the Day Without a Woman. She is a Palestinian who planted four bombs in Israel that killed two men! She agreed to leave the U.S. rather than spend time in prison for lying on her citizenship application. She joined with several other militants as co-authors of a manifesto for a new, more radical form of feminism. Odeh’s co-authors included Angela Davis who supported the Black Panthers, was a former leader of the Communist Party USA, and wants to abolish prisons. A real sweetheart!

Such are the people who are manipulating the modern children’s crusade to remove guns from Americans but you didn’t hear that from the mainstream media.

This student crusade is even wrong on its face. Schools are a place of learning–not for indoctrination or social experimentation. Students cannot be permitted to decide when to disrupt the educational process. If they are permitted to do so, who decides what issues will be supported? Will it be the superintendent, principal, a consensus of teachers, the teacher’s union, or parents?

Would leftist media personalities praise a crusade to promote limited government, family values, Christian education, the death penalty, traditional marriage, adoption not abortion, and other conservative and Christian issues? The answer is obvious to all honest people. School officials would not permit students to do a walkout to support such causes.

Are all leftists hypocrites or are all hypocrites leftists? For sure, they are delusional! So were Stephen and Nicholas!

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