Target is the Target: Boycott!

The LGBT pressure group is a scab on the face of society. It has bullied, badgered, and blackmailed non-thinking, docile Americans and Canadians into accepting, approving, and even applauding their perverted lifestyle. Or is that death style? The Bible says “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil…” That is where we are today because of the successful con job by homosexuals in collusion with the media and academia.

Much of America has developed an infatuation with the rude, the crude, and the lewd in music, movies, literature, art, and television; however, average citizens are waking up and speaking out in defense of centuries of common sense and Bible teaching. We are striking back and hitting pro-homosexual firms in their cash register. As Christians, we will turn the other cheek but not pay another check. It is not very smart to fund your own demise or to feed a buzzard that is determined to peck out your eyes.

Target has decided to continue its slide into further support of degeneracy by taking the side of cross-dressing men who are so confused that they think they are women. Or are so stupid as to think sane people will permit them to enter restrooms and changing rooms with little girls and women.

Target’s April 19th corporate announcement declared that “inclusivity is a core belief at Target,” and that the retailer stands “for equality and equity, and strive[s] to make our guests and team members feel accepted, respected and welcomed in our stores and workplaces every day.” However, they totally dismissed, denigrated, and denied the right to privacy and protection of innocent and often helpless females. Hypocrites control Target.

Target also made an insane business decision: they will capitulate to less than 2% of Americans and anger, antagonize, and alienate 98% of potential customers. The dummies deserve to go belly up.

Americans have responded overwhelming with a boycott of Target. The word “boycott” comes from an 1873 incident in Ireland when retired British army Captain Charles Boycott became agent for a large estate in Ireland. It was bad timing because the farmers were being gouged with low wages and high taxes. They had formed the Land League to seek relief from their financial burdens but received no help from the new agent. Boycott refused to lower land rents causing the residents and farmers to refuse to speak to him, provide him laundry service, sell him supplies, or work his fields. Even his mail carrier threatened him. The ploy spread across Ireland and newspapers referred to the tactic by his last name: boycott.

All Americans still have the right to boycott and freedom to take their business anywhere. You can decide that you will only patronize an atheist if you want. Or, you may choose to only purchase from a Baptist or Buddhist or Baháist if you want, or from any religionist from Anglicanism to Zoroastrianism. You have that right. However, it would be no surprise if the amateur golfer, acting as our sitting president, might be convinced by his buddies down at the Down Low Club to force us to switch to homosexual-friendly businesses. As for me, I will fight rather than switch!

The day may soon arrive when we are told what kind of automobile to purchase or what kind of cereal or milk to purchase. After all, some Californians are now told that they cannot smoke in their own homes. New York City outlawed large drinks, while all Americans are told what kind of light bulb to purchase and even how much water can be in our toilet! And you thought this was still a free America! You are dreaming. But generally, we can still spend our money the way we choose. I choose to not support pro-homosexual businesses; however, those who scream the loudest about tolerance will not tolerate my taking that position! After all, toleration has its limits. The LGBT crowd and their acolytes are the biggest hypocrites in America. But to tell that truth is “hate.”

Principled people should not need someone to organize a boycott of businesses that choose to support vile causes. We should be so sensitive that we decide on our own to be selective in where we spend our money. But it seems most Christian Americans are too busy or lazy to think for themselves so this boycott will prompt them into action.

We stopped shopping at Target, Sears, and J.C. Penney many years ago because those businesses climbed into bed with the LGBT crowd. I stopped drinking Coke, Pepsi, and similar drinks fifty years ago because I am convinced they are poison; but, if that were not the case, I would really not drink Coke after a Super Bowl ad flaunting their support for perversion or drink Pepsi because of their LGBT support. I am suggesting that all sane people boycott firms that grovel at the feet of homosexual lobbyists. That includes the Girl Scouts that now pander to feminists and lesbians; so I will sit down and NOT drink a Coke and NOT eat Girl Scout cookies. Ahh, yes, we still have some freedoms left (for now) and boycott is one of them.

A boycott is usually considered threatening to a business so can any Christian legitimately participate in such action that results in that kind of pressure? One must first prove to himself whether a boycott amounts to force and if it is to be allowed. Most people realize that if they don’t go to work tomorrow, they will be fired or at least not be paid. That is a mild form of force; however, it is legitimate. It is not wrong for your employer to tell you that you will be fired if you do it again.

In a commercial exchange, the buyer is almost always in control. He decides whether he will purchase the item or service and how much he is willing to pay for it. That is coercion (force, compulsion, pressure) that tends to produce a lower price.

Not only are Christians to prod people to do right, we are to pressure them when they do wrong. The Bible commands us to “shun” some (II Tim. 2:16); and to “turn away” from others (II Tim. 3:5); then “mark them . . . avoid” those who are not doctrinally correct (Rom. 16:17); furthermore, we are to “receive them not into your house neither bid them Godspeed…who do not hold to the doctrine of Christ (II John 10). We are even told to not be involved with and to separate from Christians who walk in disobedience (II Thes. 3:6). At times, we are to “come out from among” compromisers and evil doers (II Cor. 6:17). That would require all who are members of an unbiblical church or denomination to leave that group. That means leaving family and friends and joining a fellowship that teaches truth. That is coercion and it means boycott activities are scriptural.

While all businesses have the right to choose depravity over decency even though they present a very pro-family image, sane people can see through their duplicity. After all, it is not illegal to be a hypocrite! If so, Washington, D.C. would be a ghost town! Such businesses may also go bankrupt but that too is their right.

Going bankrupt is still, at this moment, legal although that could change too.

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