Television Shows that Decent People Should Shun!

Well, I did it! I thought about researching for a few months and finally forced myself to watch popular nightly television shows that Americans are watching. I considered my effort a necessary price to pay and I hope my work will be helpful to people who are not yet into modern, vile television shows. Moreover, I hope my effort will produce some guilt upon those who are now watching vile, vulgar, and violent shows that any person of civility, culture, and character would shun.

God warned us to not put any evil thing before our eyes. Wonder what He meant? Could it possibly mean that genuine Christians should be very discriminating as to the books they read, and the movies and television shows they watch? Of course, it is unnecessary to deal with pornography because no sane person, let alone Christian, would be so unprincipled. Would they?

When real Christians (but then that’s the only kind there are) get a revelation of personal sin, they first recognize that sin, then experience remorse which should be followed with repentance. After repentance, they will refuse to walk that same path. That will happen unless they have rebelled so long that they have a conscience seared as with a hot iron. The day may come when even preachers try to justify filthy speech, dirty stories, avarice, and fornication. Wait a minute, I think we are already there!

I exhausted a huge amount of time watching filth, suggestiveness, and ridicule of Christians and biblical values. Following are the shows I watched and my evaluation of them and while I am only a simple, out-of-touch Christian, I do have a right to research, recommend, and even do a little ranting especially when children are involved.

Make no mistake, the popular shows I will mention should, in my humble opinion, be watched by no one–unless vileness, violence, and vulgarity are now viable and valuable options. The few shows I do recommend should be scrutinized since I may have missed some egregious shows. It should be noted that I only watched a portion of most shows.

“Modern Family” is an incredible mixture of weirdoes doing all kinds of things as if they are normal.

“Two and a half men” contains one very vulgar sex joke after another, penis jokes, lesbianism, and toilet humor. I don’t think even nominal church people, with the decency of a warthog could watch that show all the way through. I was not able to watch it very long.

The “Crazy Ones” consists of constant sex jokes. The boss and his assistant sleep with the same whore; his daughter catches him and “it’s no big deal since they are all adults” then, the whore gets a third lover at the end of the show.

“Criminal Minds” is very explicit with mangled and tortured bodies shown in detail. Violent wounds are clearly depicted. I would be appalled if I thought my grandchildren were permitted to see something so shocking and graphic.

“Hawaii Five-O” is a far cry from the original show that aired in the 70s and 80s. It has interesting plots, attractive stars, but is explicit and violent. Both male stars are sleeping with their girlfriends and it is presented as normal and acceptable activity.

“NCIS Los Angeles” is very violent, graphic and suggestive.

“NCIS Las Vegas” is very violent and graphic. Bedroom scenes with stars are common.

“Two Waitresses” uses crude four letter words, genital humor, vulgarities, and makes fun of prostitution and death.

“Mom” ridicules mothers, advocates gay sex, and is very crude.

“The Good Wife” is an attorney/political show but they don’t do much courtroom work because they spend so much time bed-hopping. Even though it is well written and suspenseful, it is ruthless and parades quick sex anywhere.

“The Millers” is vulgar, sexual, and is scattered with flatulence jokes and masturbation jokes, and is very crude. It is not only crude, vulgar, sex laden but dull. I’ve had more interest and excitement in watching fish swimming in an aquarium or paint dry.

All of the above shows should be unplugged and while I don’t want the government to have authority to do any censoring, the viewers should do so. Christians should respond by turning off their sets or changing to something wholesome and we should respond with our checkbook: Don’t support their sponsors.

Someone says, “But surely there were some shows that were worth watching by even a prude like you!” Yes, a few but with caution. After all, the plots continue to develop. When it gets where it is shameful, stop watching.

The “Blue Bloods” has “heart,” and is not politically correct. They promote principled issues and I didn’t see any sex scenes; the large police family (Catholic) has prayer at dinner; young cop/son has new female partner and they will probably end up in bed. I hope I am wrong. It is one of the few shows that I could watch without feeling uncomfortable. Oops, a recent show proved that this show may be going the way all of them go. The young cop went to bed with his girlfriend that he was not even serious about. I expect his partner will be a future bedmate.

“Elementary” is a very good detective show that is very interesting; it is well written; however, a recent show had some sexual content.

“Mentalist” is very interesting and has some sex. It is well written.

“Person of Interest” is very interesting and has no swearing. It portrays a strong sense of justice even to the point of breaking unjust laws to achieve justice. It is very violent.

Another “NCIS” is very well done, has interesting characters and the star is very likable, also it is not overtly sexual.

Even non-Christians should consider most television shows as dangerous as a rattlesnake in a nursery and should trash their television or watch it very selectively. They will do that unless they are unconcerned about their children being exposed to squalid, shameful, shameless, and sordid programs.

John Chrysostom, the “Golden Mouth” (born about 345 A.D.) denounced the theater in his day as an exhibition of lewd women, and as a school of profanity, seduction, and intrigue. He threatened the rich with Hell for entertaining guests with dancing girls! I wonder what John would say about the most popular television shows that most Christians watch every night?

Just wondering. Watch these 8 minute videos of my lecture at the University of North Dakota: “A Christian Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up!”

Copyright 2014, Don Boys, Ph.D.


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