The Ark Encounter in Kentucky is a Shocking Rebuke to Evolutionists!

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The “ark encounter” in Northern Kentucky is just that—an encounter. It is almost breath-taking in size and engineering. It is seven stories high and a football field-and-a-half long making it the largest wood frame structure in the world. It tells the biblical and historical story of a global flood in the days of Noah.

The stunning, world-class exhibits provide detailed explanations of how Noah and his family survived the global flood that destroyed the rest of the world. Moreover, there are explanations of how Noah could have handled the problem of feeding all the animals, removing animal waste, procuring water, and other daily chores that were required. Obviously, Noah and family did not sit around and sing religious songs day and night.

The human figures representing Noah and his family are more professional than anything I have seen in other museums. It seemed most visitors made comments to that effect.

It has a petting zoo and the Ararat Ridge Zoo that has exotic animals from all over the world—yaks, kangaroos, emus, and ostriches.

Critics tell us that such a massive job could not have been done during the early days of civilization because of the lack of tools, but they can’t know that for sure. No doubt, Noah hired local workers since it was a huge job. The ark was a “floater,” not one that sailed. It was about 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and had three decks with a window around the top, and one door. That window provided the necessary oxygen and light for its inhabitants which is one of the trivial criticisms by modern critics of creationism.

The ark was equivalent to 522 standard stock cars as used by railroads! “Well, all right, so it was a big boat; but it wasn’t big enough to hold every variety of animals in the world, about 50 million species,” says an honest critic. Well, no one says it did! What Noah did was take two of every species of land-dwelling, air-breathing creatures. He did not take every variety of dog, cat, etc.; but two cats, two horses, two dogs, etc., in the boat. Only one of the 200 plus varieties of dogs went along! That does make more room, doesn’t it?

On major talk shows, I have had evolutionists snicker about the ark and world Flood saying, “Wait a minute, are you telling me that more than 200 varieties of dogs came from one pair of dogs?” My reply is, “Yes, that is what I’m saying.” They continue to snicker and then I reply, “After all, you expect sane people to believe that everything on earth came from rocks and dirt!” My position is far more sensible, scientific, and scriptural than theirs!

Furthermore, Noah took with him very young animals; after all, there was no reason to take full grown elephants, bears, or apes. The smaller animals would be easier to handle, would take less space, would require less food and water, etc. The average size of animal in the ark was smaller than a sheep, so there was plenty of room in the ark with room to spare for living quarters, storage, etc. The size of the ark is not a legitimate criticism, but Flood critics continue to use it. It is interesting to note that in A.D. 1858, the largest vessel of her type in the world was the P & O liner Himalaya, which was 240 feet by 35 feet. The ark was much larger and had the proper proportions for seaworthy vessels. How did Noah know that thousands of years before shipbuilders developed the art of shipbuilding?

Flood critics have objected to the Genesis story of the ark and Flood because it is a perfect framework for what appears in the geological record. The world Flood is a much more reasonable explanation for the present condition of the earth than the fairytale of evolution, so the critics must protect their untenable positions by seeking to discredit the ark and the universal Flood. A world flood account, where only a few people survived usually after obedience to some “god,” is found in more than 200 different cultures. Of course, those stories were corrupted versions of the original Flood.

I have been told on talk shows that Noah could never have chased down all the animals and herded them into the ark, and they ridicule Noah chasing down vicious animals to capture them and to determine whether they were male or female. But of course, the Bible does not say that he did. Only uninformed Bible critics make that accusation. Genesis 7:9 records, “There went in two and two unto Noah into the ark, the male and the female, as God had commanded Noah.”

Genesis 6:20 promised, “two of every sort shall come unto thee.” So, the silly idea that Noah spent years searching for all the animals to place in the Ark is not supported by Scripture. Why is it so unusual for the animals to make their way to the ark at the proper time? After all, the salmon swim upstream to spawn even if they have never been there; birds fly south for the winter and back again in the spring; and there are numerous other incredible automatic responses from God’s creatures, which cannot be explained by the experts!

We are told that the Flood was not universal, that it was only a local flood along the Tigris River, because unbelieving scientists must never permit anything supernatural since then they would have to give an account to a personal God whom they have rejected, resisted, and refused for a lifetime. However, you don’t have to be too bright to realize that if it were only a local flood, there would be no need to build an ark! People could have simply climbed the nearest hill until the waters receded! Furthermore, it was God’s purpose to destroy a degenerate race, and His purpose could not have been realized by a local flood that carried off only a few thousand people. The local flood theory doesn’t hold water just as evolutionary mythology does not hold water.

World geology clearly supports a global flood. What happens when a fish or sea creature dies today? We have all seen the results: the body floats on the surface of the water or sinks to the bottom where it is devoured quickly by other fish. But the fossil fish are often found very well preserved in sedimentary rocks. Over large areas of the world, billions of specimens are found in a state of agony, but with no mark of a scavenger’s attack. Fossils of dinosaurs and other creatures have been unearthed in positions that suggest violent and sudden death. In fact, many entire skeletons of duckbilled dinosaurs have been excavated in a swimming position with the head thrown back as if in death throes. Evolutionists have had to scramble madly to explain why so many land animals died violently and suddenly in water, but the answer is simple: They were buried quickly in sediment of the waters during the universal Flood.

Remember that all creationists recognize the billions of fossils that have been uncovered; however, fossils do not come stamped with their birthday! Three questions arise: How old are the fossils? How did they die? Were they covered quickly or slowly? There are remnants of a worldwide Flood all over the Earth. Marine crustaceans have been found in the Alps, twelve thousand feet above sea level; hippopotami have been unearthed in England; and about twenty mammoths were dug up near the Neckar River in Germany. Hordes of dinosaurs, mixed with other creatures have been found buried together, all dying the same way. Evolutionists cannot explain that very unusual phenomenon.

Huge fossil beds have been discovered where billions of creatures’ remains were buried together. One such place is the Karoo Formation of South Africa that contains 800 billion vertebrates such as reptiles. And many of those creatures, when alive, did not share the same environment, yet they were buried together! Evidently, they had one thing in common: escape the Flood.

The world was covered with water; earthquakes rumbled from pole to pole; seaquakes disturbed the oceans and seas; violent storms whipped across the face of the globe and massive waves churned up violent whirlpools as lightning streaked across the heavens. (Noah and his family were safe inside the ark, built according to God’s plan.) During the year of flood, the churning water laid down sediment over three-fourths of the Earth. Only one-fourth of the world’s rock is volcanic rock. Proof that the Flood covered our highest mountains is seen in the sedimentary rock that covers those mountains. Sea fossils are found on all the mountains of the world! Furthermore, geologists have found a field of pillow lava on Mt. Ararat at the 14,000-15,000 foot level. Pillow lava is formed only under water! Any evolutionist can call me collect when he has a convincing non-flood explanation.

Evolutionists tell us that the sedimentary stratum were not laid in a short period of time, but over long ages lasting billions of years! However, geological evidence suggests otherwise. It is obvious to the unbiased person that massive amounts of vegetation were carried by swirling waters and dumped in various locations. Then, layers of dirt and mud washed over those lower layers of vegetation and were deposited followed later by another layer of vegetation. All this took place in a very short period of time.

The vegetation was pressed by the various layers of dirt and more vegetation, producing the coal seams in the eastern part of America and other parts of the Earth. Evolutionists deny the Flood (since it supports the Bible, and the Bible reveals God), but they can’t refute the evidence of the Flood.

Creationists and evolutionists don’t disagree on geology, but on the interpretation of geology. The critics of Flood Geology have a massive problem with the fossils found in the rock and coal strata. Often, upright trees are found through different seams of coal (that took millions of years to form according to evolutionists). A good example of this is found in the Craigllieth Quarry in England where an eighty foot tree was discovered that intersected up to twelve different stratum of limestone! How could a tree live millions of years so that the stratum could be very slowly laid around it? Why didn’t it rot as trees do today? Evolutionists are strangely silent.

The Flood in Noah’s day answers the major problems as to the geological condition of the Earth, but unbelieving scientists’ knees begin to jerk incessantly when an ark and a universal Flood are discussed. They would say the ark and universal Flood are too preposterous to be accepted as fact even by the ignorant folk of Noah’s day.

But, of course, the “ignorant folk” in Noah’s day missed the boat—just as the evolutionists today!

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