The Muslim Invasion: Interesting, Informative, Infuriating!

My new book Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is an interesting, informative, and, for the politically correct, an infuriating read. My publisher wrote, “Islam, Muslims, immigration, Jihad, Sharia, and the war against our civilization, culture, and creed is a present reality. Gutless public officials are selling us short either by complicity with the enemy or due to a doctrinaire commitment to idiotic tolerance ideology. Whatever the case, citizens must stand up against the invasion now, before it is too late. The author suggests that the fuse is burning and the results will end in a complete upheaval of America and every free nation, unless we act now. Forget the lame stream media. Forget Obama. Common sense mandates, our very survival demands that we act NOW to keep America from going off the cliff.”

Well, I couldn’t have said it better!

In my book, I look at the big picture going back to the early days of Islam and tracing the inculcation of terror as a way of life. Muslims don’t love death; they hate life. They are reared in a culture of terror. They are pathetic individuals without hope in this world or the world to come, and need to hear and accept the message of the grace of God through Christ.

Immigration is the most pressing issue facing most nations on earth. But why not have open borders and unlimited immigration? What about amnesty, after all, shouldn’t everyone be interested in forgiveness and redemption? How can sanctuary cities be bad if God provided six Cities of Refugee in ancient Israel? What are the costs of unlimited immigration to average Americans? How will it change every-day life in America?

What is the truth about Mohammed? I provide information from Middle East experts not from alleged haters of all things Muslim. I also analyze the Koran and many hadiths to reveal the prophet of Allah as he was–a thief, a killer, and a child molester. Why are there so many mistakes in the Koran if it is a perfect book sent from Allah and why is it filled with mistakes, mishmash, and madness?

The US is in a Hundred Years’ War with Islam and your life will never be the same. I predict numerous terror attacks across America to where everyone will be fearful of leaving their homes for work, school, church, or shopping.

Sharia law is examined in detail and a study has revealed that 51% of Muslim Americans want to live under sharia, not local laws! I think those people should live under sharia if they desire, only that means they must move to Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. Well, I suppose they could try London, Paris, or Brussels if they like cosmopolitan living with a Middle East ambiance.

Jihad is clearly and forcefully taught in the Koran as an obligation for every Muslim and it is defined in koranic footnotes as “holy fighting in the cause of Islam.” A footnote on page 39 of my official Koran warns Muslims that “he who tries to escape from this duty, or does not in his innermost heart wish to fulfil this duty, dies with one of the qualities of a hypocrite.” So, it is not enough to literally fight and die for Islam, each Muslim must do so with gusto!

Every Muslim must participate in producing a world caliphate where sharia is universally observed. They envision a greater empire than the Ottoman Empire (made up of Turkish tribes) that began in 1299 and gasped its last breath following WW I after more than a 600-year rule. The modern terrorist attacks are designed to destroy the non-Muslim world to make way for a new Muslim order.

Muslim Invasion not only reveals the tangled, troubled, and terrorist world of Islam and the horror it produces but the book also provides some answers how to disentangle ourselves from this plague. We might use the neutral, placid Swiss as an example since they have taken steps to disengage from the acceleration of Islam by banning the full-body covering burqa; the refusal by the capital city of Bern to permit the building of a large Islamic center; and they further banned minarets from which the call to prayer is sounded.

Recently, two Muslim boys refused to shake the hand of their Swiss female teacher thereby causing a national uproar. Shaking hands with the teacher at the beginning and end of each school day is part of their culture and the Swiss were not willing to change it. One politician asked, “Today it’s the handshake, and what will it be tomorrow?” Great question. After a royal battle it was decided that all Muslim boys must shake hands with their teachers just as Swiss boys must do. After all, the Swiss have a right to maintain their culture and if Muslims (or Baptists) don’t like it, they can move back to Cairo or Nashville!

Everyone living in America, including Muslims, should proclaim, “America–first, last, and always!” Radical leftists will scream, “bigotry” but will not discuss the issue. Most sane, sensitive, and sincere Americans believe that we don’t have to apologize for putting our national interests first and wanting to keep America, America! It does not mean that we are, by nature, superior to everyone else, nor does it mean that we wish ill of anyone. We just believe we have a superior Constitution and Bill of Rights and want to keep it that way. We like what we have here although we would like to remove the crime, hatred, perversion, abortion, etc.; but it would be abnormal if we did not want America to continue to be America. No one suggests that we are perfect or close to it, but I prefer America to any place I have been. What is wrong with that? Let me prompt your answer: nothing is wrong with it.

We identify with America as we identify with our family. I don’t identify with your family but with mine. I don’t wish you ill will or failure. I just identify with my family. Because, well, because it is my family. As with a family, so with a nation. If that were not true, then there would be no nations. But then, maybe that’s exactly what the globalists want: one massive “family” in one big world with no boundaries where all cultures would be equal.

That is a horror story for the world and Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! seeks to discuss, debate, and defeat that possibility.


Boys’ new book Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! was published recently by Barbwire Books; to get your copy of Muslim Invasion, click here. An eBook edition is also available.


Fact, Fraud or Faith?

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