This Baptist Fundamentalist Supports Romney for President!

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In 1960, I opposed Jack Kennedy for President because I liked Nixon’s policy positions much better and I had some concern for Kennedy’s Roman Catholicism. The media non-thinkers called us “bigots” who had that concern; but a moron knows that what a man believes will affect his actions as President. It is amazing that anyone would disagree with that. When Kennedy was elected, he did not send a telegram (remember those?) to the Pope telling him to pack for his move to America and his office in the White House would be ready for him. Of course, we did not think the pope would be coming to America but how would the new president be politically influenced by his religion? It was a very legitimate question. A deeply held religious belief will always influence a person’s actions and decisions.

President Harry Truman was a Baptist, but not a very good one; however, what he learned from his church, his grandmother, and his Bible sure affected millions of people on earth, especially Israel. When Israel declared itself a nation on May 14, 1948, Truman was the first world leader to recognize the new state (within eleven minutes of its birth!) against the advice of all his advisors except one. He did it knowing that leading Democrats and most of his close advisors and both the State and War Departments (remember that?) were against the recognition. His religion formed his decision and impacted the world. Yet fools tell us a man’s religion doesn’t matter!

Now we come to Romney. He is a Mormon and has every right to believe what he chooses. Remember that his family is and has been Mormon for generations. Of course Mormonism is a cult, and Billy Graham was way off base when he tried to “uncult” it. Neither Graham, nor anyone else, has the authority to do that. Mormonism has always been identified as a cult by even mushy Christians and I’m not sure how necessary it is to point out some of their beliefs. But I will.

Mormons believe that any human can become a god, and they teach that Adam was actually God who took on a body and this Adam-God (Michael the Archangel) had a physical sexual relationship with the Virgin Mary producing the baby Jesus (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 4, p. 218, 1857). Another bizarre doctrine of the Mormons is that Satan and Jesus are brothers. Additionally, all Mormons will have their own planets to populate with their numerous wives! While those are considered weird beliefs, they would cause no harm to our nation.

No doubt Graham’s promotion of Romney gave a clear signal for all Christians to vote for Romney. I am delighted with that result while I am dismayed that Christians would rally to a candidate simply because Graham supports him. That is the herd instinct that I have been so critical of in others. Many Christians have enormous respect for Graham’s worldwide ministry. While I respect his early preaching, clean life, and punctilious financial record, I have always disagreed with his willingness to accept support from outspoken unbelieving ministers, including Roman Catholics, in his city-wide campaigns. Most Christians will disagree with me, even questioning my motives, but I can live with that.

Christians should be informed on the issues and the Bible. No informed Christian can vote for Obama for many, many reasons. He is a compulsive liar, a man who can tell four lies in a sentence of five words–like Bill Clinton. Obama is a Muslim sympathizer (at least) who has not repudiated Sharia law. In fact, he has been unable to say, “Muslim terrorist” as if it is an untrue statement. He bows to Muslim leaders and betrays Christians, kissing our foes and kicking our friends. He is a strong advocate of abortion on demand funded by taxpayer dollars. Then he hit the bottom when he decided to publicly champion same-sex marriage.

Black Christians are fleeing Obama because of the homosexual issue. They were thrilled to have a Black in the Oval Office but cannot support him further because he climbed into bed with the perverts. Those black leaders should be congratulated for their courage. I think they should have refused to vote for him at any time under any circumstances, but that’s another matter.

It is neither fair nor accurate to compare Romney with loony Communist nuts like Jim Jones or the cultist David Koresh who was shot and incinerated along with 54 adults and 28 children by the U.S. Government for their cultic beliefs. Being weird or cultic does not justify federal murder of U.S. citizens.

Romney believes some weird things; however, he will not be our pastor, but our president. I think he is a man of character, totally honest, very intelligent, a hard worker, with unusual experiences, a strong family man, moderately conservative–all that Obama is not.

I have very close, long-time friends who refuse to vote for Romney and will cast their vote for a non-winnable candidate. They would say that their decision is based on principle but it is a flawed principle. We have always elected flawed presidents! The question is: who is less flawed and will lead America to give us a few more years of relative peace and security? I am convinced that the U.S. and the free world are going over the cliff but Obama will drive us over at 100 miles per hour. Romney may provide a respite from galloping socialism, frantic money printing, our cop-of-the-world attitude, the approaching depression followed by rampant inflation, the butchering of babies, and turning American into Sodom with Gomorrah as a major suburb.

Martin Luther declared, “I’d rather be ruled by a competent Turk than an incompetent Christian.” I would rather be “ruled” by a principled Mormon than a prevaricating Muslim.

Here is one Baptist Fundamentalist who will vote for Mitt Romney. I doubt that he will move all federal offices to Salt Lake City and make the Mormon top honcho his Secretary of State.

Come to think of it, the top honcho could do a better job than Hillary.

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