Transgenders, Like Homosexuals, Do Not Exist!

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Before leftists’ knees across the fruited plain begin to jerk incessantly and advance to apocalyptic spasms, let me make clear– that saying something (neither me nor thee) does not make it true. Abraham Lincoln asked “How many legs would a dog have if you called its tail a leg?” He replied “four” since calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg. That simple truism has eluded most moderns who boast of their enlightenment.

Most modern Americans are so shallow and media-struck, they can’t think normally. Homosexuals don’t exist, only heterosexuals who do awkward, abnormal, even abominable things with the same sex. Likewise, transgenders do not exist, only uncertain, unstable, and unwise people who mutilate their bodies in search of an elusive dream–that always becomes a nightmare.

Look, it’s rather simple. A child is born. His or her attending physician holds up the new-born, slaps his or her rear, lays the child on his or her back (don’t get hasty; we’ll get to the gender soon) and after a quick glance writes “male” on the birth certificate. That settles it and he will be called “Bob,” “Bill,” or maybe even “Bruce.”

His parents think they have a boy but he later decides he is a she. Much later in life he enjoys wearing female clothing and identifying with females. He looks down at himself and appears to be a man but “feels” like a woman. The trouble is you can’t trust your feelings. Your eyes are telling you the truth while your feelings are lying to you and will end up making a fool of you and destroying your life.

A former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Paul R. McHugh is a very courageous professional who has the integrity and compassion to tell people the truth. He is now the Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins and he declared that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that requires medical help! He added that sex change is “biologically impossible.” Moreover, he accused medical personnel who aid and abet such medical malfeasance of promoting a mental malady!

Dr. McHugh’s comment on the sex-change operations is scathing: “We have wasted scientific and technical resources and damaged our professional credibility by collaborating with madness rather than trying to study, cure, and ultimately prevent it.” He is saying that the first duty of a physician is to do no harm and promoters of transgenderism are doing irreparable harm.

It seems transgendered persons are suffering from a “disorder of assumption.” Such people think they have the opposite gendered person within but they are deceived. Maybe nuts? Dr. McHugh reported on studies at Vanderbilt University and Portman Clinic in London that 70% to 80% of children who conveyed such feelings “spontaneously lost those feelings.” Can we say that they “self-corrected?”

Where has the good doctor been? Maybe living in a cave? Is he out of touch with Hollywood and what the “beautiful people of the media” are supporting? Doesn’t he know what’s in vogue? Doesn’t he know that he is not politically correct? Doesn’t he care that CNN or the other networks may be offended at his crassness, crudeness, or even cruelty? Doesn’t he care about offending the hes/shes out there? Surely he failed his Bedside Manner Class. Is his medical degree even legitimate? If so, should he be permitted to keep it?

Maybe living in a cave hinders his awareness of the media. He must have missed Time’s cover photo of a former male, now female with the title, “The Transgender Tipping Point: America’s Next Civil Rights Frontier!” Of course, Time presented the issue as totally normal and deserving every sensitive person’s support. Dr. McHugh declared, these “policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.”

Doesn’t Dr. McHugh know that the Obama Administration will now pay for transgender makeovers? Well, the Administration will pay for nothing: taxpayers are now paying for such surgical mutilations via Medicare. Even prisoners are getting free transformation if they discover an opposite sex person inside them!

Dr. McHugh’s professional opinion is that there are two disorders involved in transgender cases: their idea of sex misalignment is wrong and does not correspond with physical reality and the second is that “it can lead to grim psychological outcomes.” He says it is similar to a very thin girl who looks in a mirror and thinks she is grotesquely overweight!

He noted that Johns Hopkins has stopped doing transgender surgery since the results could not justify chopping off “normal organs.”

The courageous physician declared authoritatively that sex change is biologically impossible and “People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is a civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.” Wow!

The highly respected (I predict that will change quickly) psychiatrist also reported on a new study that sadly proves the suicide rate among transgendered people who had sex-change surgery is “20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people.”

I suggest that each person keep his or her parts that they were born with and not listen to the “voice within them” since it is their body parts that will be removed, not those of the voice within.

No, transgenders do not exist. Watch these 8 minute videos of my lecture at the University of North Dakota: “A Christian Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up!”

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