Trump Needs His Mouth Washed Out With Soap!

President Trump was not my first choice as president since he is a very flawed person in many ways; however, he was far superior to the other choice so I voted for him knowing I would often disagree. While I approve of many of his decisions, I have been embarrassed by his crude, rude, and lewd talk and actions. Moreover, I wish he would stop telling people that he is a Christian. Christians are not perfect people but we are supposed to be changed people.

The followers of Christ in Antioch (Turkey) were first called Christians because they reminded people of Christ. In essence, they were “little Christs” not in the sense of any kind of divinity but in the way they lived, spoke, and treated others, especially the poor, elderly, and outcast.

This week President Trump embarrassed himself, his family, and the nation when he reportedly used a vulgar word in conversation with other politicians in the Oval Office. While his emphatic decision to correct the flawed immigration policy and his desire to “put America first” are sane positions, they do not justify his potty-mouth talk. Furthermore, his opponents are accusing him of racism because he suggested that new immigrants should come from Norway rather than Nigeria. No sane person can deny that people from Norway would more easily acclimate to the U.S. than the backward nations of Nigeria and Haiti. In our non-thinking society, I suppose my making that obviously true statement makes me a racist! Only Trump knows what motivated his controversial comments.

What Trump and almost all media personalities don’t understand is that vulgar words should never be used by civilized people. Christians should never speak that way and should confess it as sin if they do. A lame apology will not do. Trump claims to be a Christian but only he and God know for sure. The fact is the President used a foul word that is used by uncouth, unthinking, uncaring, and uneducated people. And it doesn’t seem to bother him. It bothers me.

Even non-Christians should not use that and other vulgar words. A few years ago, even the most low-life men did not use such words in decent company, especially in the presence of women. Now, even women are using such terms. Yes, the times they are a-changin’! For the worst.

Listen to teens and you will hear the S word and F word and many other vulgar words used repeatedly in a few sentences! Of course, they hear it at school, home, on recordings, and on television. Even some Christian preteens use cr*p, fa*t, frik*n’, etc., as if they are acceptable. Parents and pastors are failing, and some evangelical pastors are even known for their cursing! A famous megachurch pastor was characterized by The New York Times as having “the coolest style and foulest mouth of any preacher you’ve ever seen.”

My critics will accuse me of living in a religious bubble and that has been generally true for most of my adult life. However, that does not mean that I have no exposure to the real world with all its corruption. After all, I have traveled worldwide, shopped, dealt with businessmen, was a life insurance salesman, served in the Indiana House of Representatives (where I reprimanded the cursing wife of a judge in front of him and their legislative friends), and appeared on hundreds of television and radio talk shows where I was called many vulgar names that I did not even understand! So my “bubble” has not meant total seclusion.

All my close friends and associates are very kind, educated, cultured, refined, urbane, sensitive people who even eschew “gosh,” “heck,” “darn,” although we do lose control at times and utter “cool” or “neat.” Gasp! Maybe we say “cool” to appear cool in the eyes of others!

I am not suggesting that people who use four letter words are living in the depths of depravity, although I am saying that such words are unnecessary, untoward, uncouth, and a poor example to others, particularly the young. Especially coming from our President.

Christ told us to say what we mean when He said, “But let your communications be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.” That command could call into question the use of innocent words such as “hip,” “cool,” and “neat.” Someone will ask, “Then what are we expected to say?” Well, how about saying, “That is excellent,” or “I like that,” or the like.

Most people, who use the F word, don’t know what it stands for. Yes, they know what it means but not the etymology. While there are differences of opinion in the background of the word, couples guilty of fornication during colonial times were placed in public stocks with the F word written on the wood stocks. The word stood for “For Unnatural Carnal Knowledge” and the acronym was used because there was not space on the stocks to spell out their offense.

Others tell us it meant Fornication Under Consent of the King, whereby he gave permission for married people to participate in sex. Still others suggest that it stood for the king’s permission to diplomats traveling on long journeys so they could stop at any home and have sex with the eldest unmarried woman.

Obviously, whatever the actual historical derivation, the foundation was sex and it has usually been considered a vulgar word. As such, it should never be part of anyone’s speech, especially that of a Christian. Whatever we say should be unambiguous and not be embarrassing or an insult to others who believe their yea should be yea and their nay should be nay. Vulgar (ever non-vulgar) curse words are never acceptable by civilized, cultured, and Christian people.

The Apostle Paul commanded us in Colossians 3:8 “Put off all these: anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communications out of your mouth.” He also said, “Evil communications corrupt good manners.” Swearing results in a coarsening of society. Are you listening, Mr. President?

After hearing dirty, four-letter words for a while, they nest in the mind and come rather easily to the lips. In your innocent days, you would have been horrified, but now, it is acceptable. After all, everyone you know has adjusted. First, you find the vileness appalling, then acceptable, then approving. Then comes anger when someone confronts you for your coarseness and crassness.

We were with some folks when something traumatic happened that momentarily shocked all of us, and a lady responded with a loud expletive. It seemed so natural. A second after we realized that we were not in any danger, she embarrassingly said she was sorry for her vulgarity. I said that it was probably because of watching movies and raunchy television shows. Her reply was interesting and telling: “Well, that happens when you are around people who talk that way.” But my response is, “Why would they be around people who express themselves by cursing?” I thought about sending her a bar of soap. That worked in my generation.

If Trump’s momma were alive, she could help make him acceptable to civil company by washing out his mouth with soap! My momma used Ivory. Worked for me–and thousands of others.

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