U.S. Should Stay Out of Syria: Let Muslims Clean Up the Mess!

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This week the media reported that U.S. Marines have been deployed on the ground in Syria at Raqqa, the hub of ISIS. That was a mistake in my opinion. President Trump should pull all U.S. troops out of Syria and let Muslims and any European do-gooders do whatever they want. However, he has called for additional troops to be added, “maybe 20,000 to 30,000”! Such a number would be required to defeat ISIS “soundly and quickly.” Hopefully, saner heads will prevail. Syria, while an international tragedy, is not a threat to the U.S. We should permit Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc., to solve the problem. America is not the paladin of peace.

Damascus was first mentioned in Gen. 14 when Abraham pursued Arab kings who had captured his nephew Lot and others. Abraham chased them nearly to Damascus to rescue them. After 1000 B.C., King David took Damascus and subdued Syria, driving out the war chief Rezon keeping a large garrison there; however, after King Solomon ascended the throne and defected from God, Rezon harassed Solomon as long as Solomon ruled. Rezon founded the Kingdom of Damascus.

The Apostle Paul was born in Tarsus, Syria and was saved on the road to Damascus, escaped his enemies by being let down from the wall in a basket, and organized the first Christian church in Antioch.

Damascus is home to the Great Mosque, a massive mosque that boasts of possessing the head of John the Baptist, a shrine I have visited. The city has been dubbed the “pearl of the East” but that was not my experience. My major memory of Damascus is masses of people in packed streets, shoulder to shoulder. In my visits to their mosques and shopping areas the people were cordial; however, they did not learn much from the French (who controlled the area for 25 years ending in 1945) because the food and accommodations in the best hotels were atrocious.

Today, Syria is a mangled mess caused by tyrants, thugs, and terrorists and many Americans think the U.S. has a moral obligation to ride in, bugles blowing, and flags waving to clean up the mess providing a democracy (if not a republic) where freedom is the rule. But who put that heavy obligation on us? Is any other nation so obligated? Are we obligated to guarantee freedom everywhere in the world? Did Americans, who pay the bills, have any input into this moral appointment? If not, why not?

Just because President Woodrow Wilson took us into WW I to “make the world safe for democracy” does not obligate this generation to do the same, and may I remind you that we did not make the world safe for democracy. We only slowed tyranny for a while and the flawed and uneven Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919 was the cause célèbre for WW II that killed 60 million people! Twenty million more died of war-related disease and famine.

The question must be asked, “Should the U.S. spend its blood and money to do the job–even if it has been determined that we can be successful in doing so?” I am not convinced that we have a moral responsibility to distribute “democracies” around the world nor am I convinced that we can do so, especially in Muslim nations. Not only do I think we should not get involved in every national beerhall brawl, I don’t think we can solve the world’s problems militarily, financially, socially, or religiously. No one made us the world’s savior. We are struggling to save ourselves! That is not isolationism but independence.

Is it not reasonable that the nations in the area have the obligation to clean up the mess? After all, they are all Muslims and have the same heritage. While the surrounding Muslim nations want an end to the Syrian carnage, none are demanding the establishment of a democracy, let alone, a republic. The fact is that both are the antithesis to sharia. We are on a fool’s journey.

It is a major tragedy that about 500,000 people have died in Syria and 11,000,000 have been displaced (including internal displacement) causing major problems for European nations as they have been overrun with refugees. A corollary is the influx of terrorists mixed with innocent refugees that are attacking free people in France, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, etc. And yes, in the U.S.

Moreover, the United Nations is supposed to be the peacekeeping entity, not the United States. What has the UN done to ensure peace or at least safety in Syria? I should think UN personnel with character would resign in disgrace and return home on the next plane to their sending nations. They could get a job at customs, the post office, or manning complaint offices and live with dignity–not disappointment and disgrace.

Of course, the UN will not close down voluntarily since the officials have such cushy jobs and are from nations that cannot compare with the “good life” in America. The UN might be more productive if they moved their headquarters to the desert south of Amman or the empty space in the Saudi Arabia desert. Don’t hold your breath.

The 47 Muslim nations of the world could announce to all parties in the Middle East that they have carved out a safe zone in Syria and any incursion by tanks, personnel carriers, or planes will be destroyed. That way Syrians can at least flee to safety in their own nation without risking their lives during a trek to Europe. However, the Muslim leaders don’t have the spine to make the decision. After all, why should they when the U.S. always seems to be eager to ride to the rescue with flags waving and bugles blowing.

Syria is a maniacal, murderous, malodorous mess that should alarm the U.S. but not activate us. It calls for our attention but not our action. Proud, patriotic, even pious people have demanded we jump into that snake pit; however, we must be very wary of sincere patriots who want to kill people only because they feel a perceived or real threat to us or someone else!

Stay out of Syria. Let the Muslims take care of their own problems. After all, they made them.

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Muslim Invasion

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Muslim Invasion

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