What are Signs of the End Times?

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Everyone wants to know about the end times so this should be one of my most popular columns. There is often discussion as to the indications of the final days of a languishing nation and the signs of the end times are three: anarchy in the country, apostasy in the churches, and apathy in Christians.

Anarchy in the country is obvious when any newspaper is read or any television news is watched. Anarchy is a word that comes from the Greek, and signifies, strictly speaking, without government: the state of a people without any constituted authority. That seems to be our destination.

Anarchy is obvious in our community, our cottages, our churches, our colleges, and our culture.

In our towns and cities, anarchy is obvious. When a minority group is offended, they go to the streets, protest, march, throw rocks, turn over cars, burn cars and buildings and sometimes kill others. Some racists insist that “Black Lives Matter” but all lives don’t matter and they try to justify such irrational thinking because of slavery in the 19th century! Racists come in all colors.

I’m not sure what is more irrational, irritating, and insane: the fact of the illegal protests or the shallow, vocal defense by minority spokesmen and whores in the media.

When a black teenage thug refuses to obey police, resists, and indicates he is reaching for a weapon, the officer does the thing he is trained to do: he shoots the idiot. Then the dead idiot’s friends and family try to transform him into a “gentle giant” or a “good boy” and he’s often touted to be a composite of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Oprah Winfrey. No one suggests that if the parents had properly trained him, he would still be alive. Of course, someone is sued and the parents (almost always divorced) reap a few million dollars to compensate for their loss of a brain surgeon, actor, author, community organizer, and Nobel Prize winner.

Delusion, deception, and dishonesty reign!

When the “victim” is black and the officer is white, the stage is set for a major riot with help from Rent-a-Thug, Inc. Of course, honest people know 93% of Blacks killed in the U.S. are killed by Blacks. Race should be totally irrelevant. If the teen (black or white) was a thug resisting arrest then the officer (black or white) should be praised not punished. If the shooting was not justified as determined by the evidence then the officer (black or white) should be punished as any other offender.

Weak-minded and bigoted people are encouraged in their anarchy by mayors and other officials who repeat their stupid and racist slogans! Moreover, some officials proclaim that they will not enforce the laws that they think are unfair! A few years ago, the sheriff in Chicago announced he would not foreclose on houses on which payments had not been made! Other officials refused to hand over illegal aliens to federal authorities! When elected leaders are anarchists you can be sure there will be youth with big mouths and little brains who will follow their leaders into anarchy.

Anarchy in the cottages is obvious as many fathers are missing and moms have given up trying to maintain some order out of chaos. Kids are permitted to sass parents, eat what they choose, go to school when they want, go to bed when they feel like it, watch any television shows they want and basically tell the parent where to go.

Anarchy in the churches can be observed almost any Sunday in any mainline church. Most pastors no longer preach, “thus saith the Lord” and never challenge, contradict, or confront sinning members. Moreover, pastors never want to offend anyone so abortion, perversion, same sex “marriage,” adultery, and fornication can be (if not justified) at least ignored. Such cowardly pastors are hirelings, not faithful shepherds. Those quisling church leaders give cover, not for a flock of sheep, but a pack of wolves (in sheep’s clothing) and both shepherd and flock are contributing to America’s demise.

Religious leaders are supposed to be manning the “lighthouse” for the salvation of the helpless and lost, but they have permitted the light to be extinguished. Often the light of the Gospel has become political and is only flickering. These denominational churches are almost empty (as are the offering plates): the ship is listing starboard; the sails are ripped; the mast is broken; and the captain wonders why the ship is going down! Even when the “lighthouse” is crowded, the light is very dim or already dark. Might as well tear the old lighthouse down!

The colleges where study, scholarship, and stability are supposed to reign have experienced a coup d’état by leftist professors and students. The lack of scholarship among professors is shocking and is only paralleled by the priests of the early middle ages who often could not write their own names! Not only are the professors so stupid, they are without character, civility, or comprehension. They have no knowledge that they have no knowledge! Jerks with PhDs. Sad.

What is even more shocking is that they are usually defended by school administrators and trustees.

Moreover, the students are snowflakes who demand safe places where they will not be offended by a challenge from someone who disagrees with them! It would be helpful to America if about half of the students would drop out of school and pursue the work of a carpenter, plumber, roofer, etc. That way, many of the leftist professors could be fired and they too could seek a useful trade where they make a positive contribution to our nation. Maybe then, college and university status would rise to the level of the Jerry Springer Show.

The anarchy in our culture can be seen and heard any hour of the day by turning on the television. Watch the sitcoms where immorality is accepted as normal, decency is sneered at, fathers are idiots, and moms are the heroines. Listen to the wild music that glorifies sex, drugs, violence, theft, and rebellion. Of course, anarchy in our culture is a given when the community, the cottages, the churches, and the colleges are controlled by mob mentality.

Anarchy in our country is a clear indication of the last days. Outside our walls are hordes of enemy that have vowed to take our country down. They are colluding and planning our destruction as you read these words.

Apostasy of the churches, another sign of the last days, has been obvious for two generations. Apostasy is a departure from clearly defined biblical truth. Dr. Charles Woodbridge spoke about the four M’s: mood, methods, message, and morals. A new generation wants to put its stamp on the day using the four M’s as a vehicle of deliverance.

Their mood for change is an attitude of wanting something new because it is not old; however, something should not be discarded because it is old nor should it be accepted because it is new.

Next change is a change in methods. We are told if we want to win the world, reach the youth, impact society, engage the culture, etc., we must meet people where they are, and realizing the old ways are obsolete, we must seek new approaches. After all, methods are not sacrosanct, are they? The end justifies the means, doesn’t it? God is only interested in the end results, isn’t He? Consequently, church leaders have dispensed with door-to-door visitation, revival meetings, church discipline, and verse-by-verse preaching/teaching. However, those methods are not working today only because they are not being worked.

Then comes the change in message. After all, we must rid ourselves of the nonessentials–those things that date us and hold us back. We must not offend people with a hard sell of the Gospel. Slip it in. Preaching about sin is offensive so we must get up to date and never confront people with personal sin. The modern approach is conversation and compromise, not confrontation.

The next change is in morals. Since we are only interested in the end result, we must make our message and morals comport. Abortion, while not desirable, is now acceptable. And for sure, homosexuality is accepted because we know so many “nice” people who are perverts. We are told that we can’t expect people of our day to live according to a book written thousands of years ago. However, the Author of that Book demands just that.

Therefore, church leaders have adjusted their mood, methods, message, and morals and the churches are more like social clubs rather than lighthouses.

It is not melodramatic to say that American streets will become dark, deserted, and dangerous places as anarchy reigns.

Apathy of Christians is the final indication of the last days. Ask the average church member what his responsibilities are about living godly and reaching a world for Christ and he replies, “I don’t know and I don’t care.” I just discovered there is a song with that title and while it does not achieve the level of mediocrity, it does highlight the attitude of millions of Americans.

Most Christians are concerned with non-essentials such as appearance, achievement, approval, and affluence!

They care about their appearance, yet often look like hobos, asking, “How do I look?” But how can one be more self-centered than that? Of course, after the basics are taken care of such as bathing, shaving, and reasonable dress, surely there are far more things more important than how one looks.

The second concern is achievement or what I have done. While that is more important than appearance, it is still about self.

The next concern is with approval or how people like me. This is probably one of the most time-wasting, nonsensical thoughts in the human brain. For generations this has been a major drive in the lives of people, especially young people. This is the reason teens pierce their bodies with silver, have silly tattoos, wear outrageous hair, wear skimpy clothes, talk nonsense, and frequent “the” places to be seen. It screams “insecurity” because they want approval.

The fourth concern of modern church-going Americans is affluence or what I own. But then, most Americans are so far in debt and spending more than they earn, they don’t really own much. The average family would be in disaster if they had to have a thousand dollars this week. They “owe their souls to the company store.”

If younger people have the latest gadget or phone or computer or a “cool” pair of shoes then they think they are affluent. And it helps to have mom and dad’s credit card. Mom and dad are fools and are destroying their children whom they profess to love.

Final days are approaching like an out-of-control juggernaut in a crowded street in Calcutta. Someone will get hurt. Get ready.

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