What if President Cruz Appoints Only Conservatives?

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Senator Ted Cruz took on the Grand Old Progressives (GOP) establishment and a billionaire in Iowa and won. If he doesn’t stumble and keeps good advisors he may get elected and out-Reagan, Ronald Reagan. He has a long way to go and many will try to discourage, denigrate, and defeat him but he may be the next President of the United States!

Every U.S. President has the authority, after winning a national election, to appoint people of his choosing to various positions in his administration. That is only fair and proof of the adage, “to the victor go the spoils.” Obama has taken that principle and run with it far into left field. All his main appointees have been to the left of Harry Reed, yet no Democrat or media person (but then I repeat myself) has screamed about balance and fairness. No one has lectured Obama about “reaching out” to conservatives and Christians. But the lectures and interviews, and columns about “reaching out” to Democrats come fast and furious (oops) when a conservative gets elected.

Let’s say that Ted Cruz becomes President Cruz and did the same thing but only appointed conservatives and Christians–you know, normal, competent people. Maybe he could find a place for a couple of professors or graduates of Liberty University and Bob Jones University, Hillsdale, or from one of the smaller schools. I will get to what his administration might look like in a minute.

What does Obama’s list of progressive appointees look like?

Cass Sunstein is a far leftist who was appointed the Regulatory Czar who said, “We ought to ban hunting.” Rushing farther into left field he said, “Animals should be permitted to bring suit…” and he thinks government should regulate the airwaves. But Cass does not stand alone in left field.

John Holdren was appointed Science Czar and recommends compulsory abortion in event of an overpopulation crisis. He advocated government taking of newborn babies, and suggested adding a sterilant to the drinking water! Oh, yes, he wants the government to dictate the size of families! I believe that has been tried before.

Mark Lloyd as Chief Diversity Officer, FCC worked for far leftist George Soros. Lloyd has praised the late Venezuelan Communist dictator Hugo Chavez’s revolution as “incredible…democratic revolution.” He opines that there are too many white people in the media. He wants to “balance” the media by fining conservative radio stations up to $250 million and give the proceeds to National Public Radio. I suggest Mark spend his time, effort, and capital getting rid of all subsidized public communications. Left field is getting crowded.

Eric Holder as Attorney General chose not to prosecute black thugs who intimidated whites at a polling place. During his stint in office, he did what he could to promote Black extremists and denigrate white police officers. He always came to the defense of blacks who resisted police and condemned police officers who did their jobs and protected themselves.

Jeh Johnson, chief of DHS has Communist connections through his grandfather who testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1949 to deny being a member of the Communist Party. Jeh compared the alleged discrimination Muslims are facing today to the 1940s and 1950s when Senator Joseph McCarthy and others charged that communists had infiltrated the U.S. government during the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

I hope Jeh doesn’t mind if I remind all my readers that Joe McCarthy was right! There were Communists in the Federal Government at the time. American Soviet spies were FDR’s closest aid, Harry Hopkins, another aid, Laughlin Currie, and top Treasury official Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, (both executed for providing atom bomb secrets to Russia), David Greenglass, Harry Gold and other traitors.

Elena Kagan was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court even though she had no judicial experience. As Dean of Harvard Law School her job was to raise money and make students comfortable. The Boston Globe wrote of her: “Some of her initial acts as dean were small-scale improvements, like offering free coffee in classroom buildings and free tampons in women’s bathrooms.” No, not sterling qualifications for a seat on the Supreme Court.

CBS News first reported that Elena Kagan would be the “first openly gay justice” which would please Obama’s liberal base. BAM! The network heard from the White House then CBS officials amended the report: “I have to correct my text here to say that Kagan is apparently still closeted–odd, because her female partner is rather well known in Harvard circles.” That was even worse and CBS finally pulled the report entirely! She is very comfortable in left field with or without her black robe.

Kevin Jennings was appointed Assistant Deputy Secretary at the Department of Education. Jennings founded the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) that is dedicated to making homosexuality acceptable to children as young as five years old! The news reported that Jennings told a boy who confessed to having sex with an older man that he should use a condom!

Susan Rice was appointed Ambassador to the United Nations and is known for her infamous appearance on five network shows explaining that the terrorist attack on Benghazi was really a reaction to a video critical of Mohammed. The crowd in left field is getting larger.

Samantha Power was appointed to the National Security Council and is outspokenly anti-Israel. She ridiculed the possibility of Iran having nuclear weapons! She also favored sending U.S. troops to Israel to force a Palestinian state on them. She is now Ambassador to the UN and married to Cass Sunstein.

Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Inter-governmental Affairs and is responsible for vetting all the extremists Obama has appointed! She recruited Van Jones as Green Czar knowing his longtime love affair with the Communist Party. That didn’t bother Valerie since her father “had extensive ties to Communist associations and individuals” according to FBI files. Her father-in-law “was also another big-time Chicago Communist.” All in the family.

David Axelrod, political advisor to Obama, has been a leftist all his life promoting socialism at every opportunity.

Admittedly, Obama had legal authority to appoint every leftist above and he was being consistent since he promised us that he was going to fundamentally change America. In that, he has kept his promise. Note that he has accomplished his goal without a peep from the mainstream media. No one pointed out that his appointees were far leftists, abortionists, Muslims, and Muslim sympathizers. No one suggested that he should have a few conservatives, even Christians (gasp), on his team. By Christians I don’t mean simply church members.

Now, transfer yourself into the next administration. Suppose, no let’s pray, that it is a very conservative President, maybe Ted Cruz with Mike Huckabee as Vice President. Moreover, his every appointee supports his basic positions! Do you think the media would remain silent? They would scream about reflecting the real America and he is supposed to be “president of all the people.” But he refuses to listen and appoints the following:

Surgeon General is Ben Carson; Secretary of Defense is Allen West; Attorney General is Trey Gowdy; White House Spokesman is Donald Trump; National Security Advisor is Marco Rubio, Secretary of Treasury is Rand Paul; Head of the Federal Reserve is Ron Paul; Secretary of Interior is Sarah Palin; Secretary of State is Mark Levin; Secretary of Homeland Security, David A. Clarke, Democrat Sheriff of Milwaukee; Secretary of Health and Human Services, Michele Bachmann; Secretary of Agriculture, Senator Rick Santorum; and maybe throw in a few of the conservatives from Bush’s administration.

You get the idea–a great idea! Such appointees would guarantee intelligent counsel, common sense, wisdom, and diversity. Ah, yes, the much demanded diversity. Let’s see, we have a Democrat; two Blacks; two women; a Jew; a Southern Baptist; two evangelical Catholics; at least two non-denominationalists; a lapsed Presbyterian, sometime Episcopalian (at least at Christmas and Easter); and now we need a Fundamentalist to really prove diversity.

I would suggest that he appoint me as Secretary of Education at $1.00 per year and I would dismantle that department in 30 days. Ditto the Department of Energy; ditto the Department of Commerce. I’ll look for more dittos!

After taking care of those matters, back home to Ringgold.

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