What is the Root of Radical, Repulsive Racism?

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It seems racism is the most overused word in the English language; moreover, it has lost its sting and effectiveness because it has been hurled at anyone who has strong opinions even if those opinions are based on fact. It is not uncommon for intellectually challenged people to use the term when race is not involved in any way.

Often a person is accused of racism when he appears to be winning an argument with a Liberal or Progressive. A false accusation is easier to make than a factual argument.

A definition of racism is “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.” Note that one is not a racist because one does not like particular music or movies or humor, or politics. One is not necessarily a racist because he believes forced bussing to other neighborhoods, affirmative action, welfare, and other demonstrative fiascos are a farce, a fallacy, and a failure.

Of course, everyone knows the term is often used by deceived, always desperate, and usually duplicitous people when they are confronted with the truth. However, racism is real and is common for every race and group in the world and for some to declare that only Whites can be racists is surely a joke. No sane person would take such a position since it can be disproved by watching television or reading a newspaper any day. Racists have their own television shows and racist journalists (of all hues) gather around the talking tables all over the channels.

Unpleasant, unnatural, ubiquitous racism is very real and a plague upon the world but what is the basis for racism?

The Scientific American (April 5, 2011) reported on a study that purports to prove that prejudice comes from our evolutionary past based on a study done on Cayo Santiago known as Monkey Island. Well, I’d rather blame bigotry and racism on monkeys than white men; however, the evolutionists must first support their myth of molecules-to-monkeys-to-men (or goo-to-you) evolution before trying to prove the basis of racism.

They have failed to do this.

Racism is not simply disagreeing with a person of another race or even not liking that person, after all, all groups have some unlikeable people. Can I not dislike someone without hating him or thinking he is inferior to me? If people believe that everyone is created in the image of God and is greatly loved by God, then there are no “inferior races” and can be no racism.

Some races appear to have more specific abilities than others as Asians seen to have a natural ability with math and science or could it be they usually work harder at it? Does the overwhelming preponderance of Blacks in professional sports have anything to do with natural ability? With Blacks comprising about 13% of our population, black athletes account for about 75% of players in the National Basketball Association and more than 70% of professional football players. What is the explanation?

Most of the sprinters who run less than 10 seconds are of West African descent. Moreover, it is known that people of West African descent have ACTN3 protein or “speed gene” that is almost always necessary for top level sprinting. Why don’t Whites have that gene?

Some will conclude that minorities excel in physical activities but fail when mental acumen is required. In 2007, Nobel Prize-winning geneticist James Watson ignited controversy when he suggested that Blacks were less intelligent than Whites. I am not qualified to speak on that subject in depth but Watson is not necessarily a racist because of his scientific conclusions. He might be a racist but it is not supported by his scientific deductions.

But, it does take mental ability to learn the game rules and know the plays so lack of mental ability is not reasonable. Moreover, Derek R. Smart’s Physician Characteristics and Distribution in the US 2014, a publication of the American Medical Association revealed there were more black neurologists (411) and black cardiologists (690) than Blacks playing in the NBA which was 350 in 2012. However, while that is good to know, it does not change the fact that far more Blacks than Whites hold lucrative positions in professional sports.

The numbers tell an incredible story proving that there are few Whites in the NBA according to The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport. That group reported that the NBA had 81.7% people of color (while being only 13% of our population) during the 2015-2016 season.

Is the huge disproportion in the number of Whites to Blacks in the NBA because of racism or do the minorities work harder at the game? We know it isn’t racism because basketball is a business and the basis of business demands you have the most competent players—whatever race or color. So, if the reason for the few Whites in professional sports is not racism, is it possible it is because some minorities have natural abilities not possessed by most Whites?

If Blacks have a natural ability to be very successful in physical and athletic events is it racist to suggest they have more natural ability to sing and dance?

Is it racist to ask that question?

Theologians of all kinds have taught the Fall of Man as the beginning of all the problems common to all races. Racism is normal, but abhorrent, to the human race. Psychology Today (January 19, 2018) reported that “some evolutionary psychologists” believe that to be true. While most psychologists don’t believe the biblical account, they seem to support the consequences of that account.

The results are about the same: theologians say men are fallen creatures therefore do appalling things but evolutionists and other humanists say men have inherited bad genes therefore do terrible things. Same results but different roots.

Science (Feb. 7, 2012) reports on a study that suggests that prejudice is programmed into our genes and that racism is essentially a holdover from ancient history “when humans lived in tribes and it made sense to view outsiders with hostility and fear.”

We are told that early in man’s history there were groups living in the same area that had to compete for limited resources so they resented other races or groups that posed a threat to their existence. After all, man’s main driving impulse is his will to survive. Evolutionary psychologist, Steven Pinker, has suggested that “chronic raiding and feuding characterize life in a state of nature.”

Some psychologists teach that early man’s genes adapted to protect their future. Of course, the theologians have a much better argument than the psychologists—man is naturally evil and will do evil things, i.e., racial hatred because he is evil. Men are not evil because they do evil things; they do evil things because they are evil. It’s a part of their nature as humans.

This is declaring that people are born defective (not by genes but by inherited sin) therefore there is a need to correct the flawed birth by a second birth. Theologians point to John 3 where Jesus said, “Yet must be born again.” He said that because the normal, first birth is always defective.

Racism, like all undesirable human characteristics, is innate to every person on earth and must be mitigated by biblical teaching such as treating others the way we want to be treated. That would eliminate all racism, all sexual aggression, and all wars.

Modern racism comes from the devotees of evolution—pseudo-scientists and fanatical religious followers of Charles Darwin—an apostate preacher with no scientific education. He failed medical school and ended up in the ministry which was the standard operating procedure for dull or unmotivated middle and upper class English males in the 19th century.

But that’s another column for another day.

The origin of racism goes back to the Garden of Eden when mankind chose to disobey God and that rebellion has been passed to every human heart. That is why redemption is required of everyone.

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