Why Do Evolutionists Refuse to Answer me?

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Each Wednesday I publish one of my earlier columns that I hope will be instructive, informative, inspiring and sometimes infuriating. The following column was first published in 2008:

I often hear from evolutionists/atheists who read my book, Evolution: Fact, Fraud, or Faith? or my website, cstnews.com. Their emails are usually filled with hate, anger, bad grammar, misspelled words, and insipid thought.

One critic charged me of denying the “facts based on evidence” but did not provide any evidence. Like most evolutionists, he worships at the altar of “scholarship” although it is pseudo-scholarship. By evidence, I suppose he was thinking of all the bogus evidence evolutionists have pitched that informed people now use to mock false scientists. Like maybe the horse series, Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, Haeckel’s fake drawings to support the now discredited recapitulation theory, vestigial organs, the hopeful monster theory, peppered moths, etc.

I could go on and on but evolutionists/atheists do not respond to what I have provided. Many of them are probably so uninformed that they don’t even know what I referred to. If they keep searching they will find the information they need. Many evolutionists have not kept up with recent research or read anything critical of their religion, so they keep repeating worthless arguments not realizing how foolish they are.

It is time for honest scientists do what makes them as uncomfortable as a dog in hot ashes and look at the evidence and evaluate it without any presumption about the truth of the theory they are testing. One honest scientist, evolutionist R.D. Alexander, Professor of Zoology at the University of Michigan said, “No teacher should be dismayed at efforts to present creation as an alternative to evolution in biology courses; indeed, at this moment creation is the only alterative to evolution.”

What my critics don’t understand is that evolutionists and creationists seldom disagree on the “facts” but disagree on the interpretation of the facts. Moreover, everyone makes evaluations based upon his own worldview. The evolutionist has a materialist view and the creationist has a biblical worldview. We don’t deny any facts as is often charged.

One critic refused to answer my objections to the myth of evolution because “it will not change your mind.” He declared that my answers do not require a “cited response.” But that is a ploy of a weak and feeble mind. “I don’t respond to my critics” so he does not have to respond to his critics. Such fools cannot see why they prove themselves to be fools and creationists smile at their simplicity and silly refusals.

While my critics refuse to answer me they charge me with being “evil and choose[ing] to promote dishonesty for your own selfish reasons.” I discovered that I am “morally bankrupt.” Rather than take time for such ad hominid attacks, why not correct me, make me look foolish?

Then I was charged with needing a “lesson in humility” but a fanatical evolutionist charging a Christian creationist with lack of humility is like a skunk accusing a rabbit of having bad breath!

Another critic in the Canadian Free Press charged, “You have offered NO proof that the theory of evolution is wrong.” However, he doesn’t understand that the scientists are the ones making the case for molecules, to moles, to monkeys to man and the burden of proof is upon them. After all, they are the “experts.” (That’s anyone with a briefcase, slicked down hair, a goatee, and tenure.)

He charged, “It is people like you who help to inspire hate and division between man by spewing out half truths, misleading statements, and stating faith as fact.” Well, faith is a fact if it is supported by Scripture, and my critic did not explain how being a creationist inspires hate and division. I think that reading evolutionary literature has a tendency to rot the brain.

He continued, “Why don’t you simply state what you believe and why, and explain why an [sic] proof on evolution is either wrong or misinterpreted. [sic] Just my 2.78 cents worth.” I did exactly that and challenged evolutionists to correct me if they can. As to his 2.78 cents worth, maybe with inflation, that might be what it was worth.

Another critic was critical that “all” the highly reputable scientists who are critical of evolution (as cited in one of my columns) were dead. Well, what does that have to do with anything? People do die! He mentioned that “all” were dead which is a falsehood. Many evolutionists are “truth deficient.”

Still another critic asserted, “Being willing to fight, no quarter asked or given! Accepting a challenge to WAR! Can you picture the Prince of Peace running this gamut of emotions? Amazing!” Sure can. Obviously, the critic knows little of the Scripture. There is a time to fight. Can the weak, whinny wimps see Christ made a whip then whipping the money changers out of the Temple? He did. Maybe I should add a whip to my arsenal and try to drive the evolutionists from their cushy jobs at various universities.

I was accused of not standing up for “logic”; however, my primary commitment is to Truth. Logic must have a foundation, and political correctness, popular consensus, or personal convictions don’t qualify. Nor do warm, fuzzy feelings.

He further adds, “Your STUPID statement about brain washing children is amazing. You can brain wash in your home and church at any time you please, but NOT the schools. Finally he accused me of being a hypocrite and ignorant. Well, I might be a hypocrite and ignorant but obviously, he does not know the basic pitch of modern atheists is to forbid anyone anywhere from teaching children, any children that Christ is the only Way of salvation or to teach them the reality of Hell. Whatever happened to toleration? How about religious freedom?

Another critic wrote about the statement signed by over 12,000 Christian CLERGY in the Butler College Clergy Letter that declared that the Bible and evolution can “comfortably coexist.” Would anyone like to declare that those preachers really believed the Bible to be the inerrant Word of the Living God? But then, it doesn’t really matter how many or how prestigious they are because if all the preachers in America teach a lie as the truth, it is still a lie.

The critic accused me of confusing evolution with atheism; however, can anyone name three atheists who are not evolutionists? How about one? Even Richard Dawkins admitted the connection between his atheism and his belief in evolution.

Furthermore, I was accused of confusing evolution with cosmology; but this is an old charge since evolutionists would much rather talk about Darwin’s warm, little pond (of which there is not a scintilla of evidence) rather than tell me how the universe got here. However, astute creationists will not permit them to frame the argument that way.

Then I was charged with confusing evolution with the origin of life. Again, similar to the above. Confused evolutionists want to assume that life got here somehow, someway, then move on to discussing the alleged evolution over a few million years from man to moles to monkeys to man. Let’s use arguments not assumptions.

Still another critic asserted that DNA is not code, but that is so silly it does not require an answer but I don’t want to let that ride since that’s what evolutionists do. I challenge him to provide one qualified scientist who agrees with his statement. Another critic disagreed with the previous critic declaring, “The fact that DNA contains encoded information is evidence that supports evolution, not the other way around.”

One critic suggested that I “stick to peer reviewed articles from reputable journals.” Evidently, he does not know that articles by qualified creationist scientists are refused since one cannot discuss whether evolution took place, only how it happened.

A critic admitted, “The most thrilling thing to me about science is that I know 50 years from now everything I hold true today could quite possibly be completely wrong. The beauty of science is the constant desire to seek the truth through observation. You’re missing out on a wonderful world of science education.” That is thrilling! I am thrilled to know that my decisions, beliefs, and aspirations are based upon the Word of the Living God that never changes!

Moreover, he is missing out on a wonderful life here and an eternal life in Heaven. I think I’ll stand by my position.

Copyright 2013, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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