Water—Great for Showers but not for Swallowing!

I have plans to live beyond a hundred and be active all that time although I may get hit by a truck today! Following is some of the best information to take care of your health and live a long life. (Of course, I must add that my training is not in the health field. You might want to check with your doctor. That statement will keep the Federal thugs off my back.)

What goes into the body has an incredible effect on it, so we must be careful what we permit in the body. Since the body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, it is a sin for a Christian to mistreat it. Most educated people know the danger of sugar, some meats, chemicals, dyes, preservatives, etc., that are detrimental to the human body. However, the most essential ingredient (except for oxygen) that goes into the body is water.

The Earth’s surface is covered with 70% water which is necessary for all forms of life so maybe the Earth should be called “Ocean.” About 96% is salt water found in the oceans and seas and only about 3% is fresh water and about 70% of that is used by farms and ranches. Of the remainder of fresh water less than 1% is available to satisfy every plant, animal, and person on Earth! Without water, there is no life.

From its beginning thousands of years ago, civilization has thrived around rivers, lakes, and major harbors. Mesopotamia is known as the cradle of civilization and was located between the major rivers, Tigris and Euphrates. Egypt depended entirely upon the Nile and the regular flooding of its banks. The World’s largest and oldest cities are located on major rivers, lakes, and ocean harbors. Without water, the world dries up. I believe the next big battle will be over water, not oil or land.

Water is the most necessary item on Earth. No living thing can exist without it; yet it is increasingly more difficult to find pure water. The reasons are the population growth, the expanding cities, and massive farms which are all producing a shortage of water and often resulting in contaminated water. (No, I am not an environmentalist nut.)

Since the human body consists of 70% water which is the most necessary element in our lives except air, I think our drinking water should be pure to help us function at our optimum level and provide a long life. However, it is difficult to get pure water.

The Feb. 18, 2014 issue of the journal Environmental Science & Technology reported that nearly half of water faucets sampled across the United States tested positive for the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease! It went on to add that Legionnaires’ disease is a severe form of pneumonia that causes chills, fever, headache, a cough and more. It can be deadly. Don’t offer me a glass of water.

The fact is that most of our water may be safe for showers (and that is debatable) but not safe to swallow—and drinking is more important than showers! (This is not a defense for dirt.)

Most towns and cities in the U.S. have impure water. Even rainwater isn’t pure since it falls through the polluted atmosphere. Moreover, most city water has been recycled and used at least 5 times! Water used in Pittsburgh flows down the Ohio River to Huntington, WV and is used by them until it passes on to Cincinnati then to Louisville and into the Mississippi on the Illinois and Missouri border, a distance of 980 miles. The Mississippi then flows south dumping its much-used water into the Gulf of Mexico after “refreshing” millions of hapless citizens along its path. Of course, the used, polluted water is “cleaned up” for repeated use; but West Africans say that filthy water cannot be washed. I tend to agree with them.

“But,” you say, “Chlorination cleans up the water.” No, it adds more problems. Author Joseph Price, M.D. says that before 1900 when chlorination started, heart attacks were unknown! He wrote, “The basic cause of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and most forms of strokes is chlorine. The chlorine contained in processed water.” People tell us that it is modern stress that produces heart attacks but early Americans lived with incredible stress–often dangerous Indians, bad weather, poor harvests, etc.,– without heart attacks.

Water is not only polluted, it is often poisoned! The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency discovered cancer-causing substances in every water supply it tested—79 different cities!

Some water systems even have transparent worms! William Witzke of the Witzke Laboratories in Modesto, CA said that 95% of the water analyzed was not fit for human or animal consumption. The U.S. Public Service said, “One out of every two Americans—over one hundred million people—are drinking processed sewer water.” Say what? That’s why we drink distilled or purified water.

It is time to take control of our lives, without becoming fanatics, and treat our bodies the way God expects us to treat them. Then you can plan on living to be a hundred–unless you step in front of a Greyhound!

Next column: “Fluoridated Water Makes Dirty Water, Poisonous!”

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